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The Obama Morning News || December 3, 2012

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  1. An unexpected resurgance of the decimated al Qaeda terrorist group in Iraq may well cast a cloud over MrObama’s campaign for a third term in office. The undead terrorists are being called “zombies” by the citizens of Bagdad and are responsible for creating havoc among devoted Muslims.
    Covert CIA operatives located in Iraq have been issued garlands of garlic bulbs and California oaken stakes to protect themselves from harm.

    A bi-partisan deal to confront the possible drop over a fiscal cliff is being undermined by the MSM’s refusal to place TV cameras in the room where the discussions are being held. Both sides have been given striking talking points that they feel the public should hear, but without the camera’s presence, they refuse to say anything.

    White House aides and negiotators have issued statements that MrObama has been a good boy and wants his allowance increased, but the Repubs insist that economic times are tough and he’s just going to have to get a paper route if he wants more spending money.

    MrRomney, the grand loser of last month’s election, has been in therapy for depression for the last two weeks. Family spokesperson claim that false claims of felonious activity, murder, and animal abuse directed at Romney have caused him to question his sanity for even thinking he could defeat a Chicago-run election that ran on lies, distortions, and bribery.
    MrsRomney, saddened by the prospect of liberal Dems running the economy over the cliff and down the river, has shed tears for our once great country.

    Susan Rice, the American ambassador to the UN, has been mixing Dem politics with US policy in an effort to confuse and excite her opponents in Congress. Left hanging in the wind by her programmers in the Obama WhiteHouse, MsRice has shown that her negotiating skills have been vastly overrated, and her nomination as Secretary of State is in doubt.

    SenKerry, who has hinted of his interest in becoming S o S too, has promised his fellow Senators access to the secret recipe of Heinz catsup for their support of his promotion. Assuming that the public will be too worried about their pocketbooks and their healthcare, the Senator assures his comrades that no one will remember his un-patriotic actions of the past.

    The vast swath of indigent, racial and ethnic supporters of MrObama’s reelection are clammering for upgrades to their Obamaphones to the newest version of i-Phones and other innovations of the electronic field. Claiming that angry, old, rich White guys are buying the newest electronics for their privileged White children, they insist that the DOJ issue an injunction that would prevent this blatant discrimination of poor, racial, and ethnic groups vs angry, old rich White men’s children..
    A spokesperson for the Angry Old White Men’s coalition had no comment.

  2. I like Joseph Curl’s idea of just saying “Enough” to the taxman. It would certainly have to be a mass coordinated effort, otherwise the leviathan government will send their swat teams out to extract their pound of flesh from those who refuse to render to Caesar his due.

    No matter what happens, we’ll continue our boycott on spending on non-essential items and paying off all debt so the behemoth is able to confiscate less and less of our dwindling retirement savings.

  3. “Obama gets humiliated in the Pacific” on Fox News Nation. I wish you had included this, Keith. It is a huge story of an Asian- Pacific economic alliance from which the US is being excluded. You may recall that Obama just made a trip to the region to form such an alliance under American leadership and excluding China. Well, just the opposite has happened. The new alliance of 15 nations has added on China, Japan, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand, but not the US. It seems a logical grouping to me, but the alliance gives a black eye to Obama’s and Clinton’s foreign policy efforts. Yet, except for Fox, the media has given yet another pass to an Obama/Clinton failure to go along with Benghazi.

    1. Wait a minute – didn’t Obama refer to himself as ‘America’s First Pacific President’ a couple of years ago? He cited his boyhood in Indonesia and travels in Asia as his qualifications, as I recall. Looks like he won’t be hosting any more Global Economic Summits!

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