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Obama Goes Powergolfing with Bill Clinton

Updated at 9:57 pm ET

President Obama today played golf at Andrews Air Force Base with Bill Clinton, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk and Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, according to the White House press office.

The outing seems to be part thank you to Clinton – who campaigned heavily for the president – and part strategy session for McAuliffe, who is personally close to Clinton. McAuliffe is also a former DNC Chair and a mega-fundraiser for Democrats who could play a key role in any potential presidential campaign by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

This is the 107th time Obama has been golfing as president and the 15th time this year.

After avoiding the fairways during a reelection campaign that portrayed him as a warrior for the middle class, Obama has returned to golf with a vengeance, heading out to play three times since being reelected last month.

117 thoughts on “Obama Goes Powergolfing with Bill Clinton”

  1. Time to adjust your wording lol…
    This is the 107th time Obama has been golfing as president, (his 4th time this term,) and the 15th time this year.
    Just sayin…
    Since its the only thing we know he is guaranteed to do over the next years besides vacation, and boost Kobe beef sales while simultaneously depleting the worlds lobster supply.

    That and destroy the economy and our way of life, while continuing to surround Israel with Islamic countries run by the Muslim Brotherhood

    1. @ Jeff
      Obama is still in his first term as President.
      He won’t start his second term until Jan of 2013.
      Hence he has golfed 107 times this term.

      Agree with the rest of your comments.

  2. The sickening idea that Hillary will inherit the Presidency from Obama should alert all people to the tyranny of the Democrats. They love power more than anything and will do anything to keep it, even bankrupt the country, because they can always blame someone else. The Democrat Plantation has successfully enslaved blacks and women, whose votes are bought and paid for by entitlements and lies. Welcome to your future.

    1. A monkey could win the next election. All the Democrats have to do is keep putting this nation in deeper dept by putting more and more people on the govt. tit and providing more and more govt. programs to accomodate the non-working Americans.

    2. Single women and single moms who refer to their child’s father as ‘my baby daddy’. Want government to step in and support them. Raise their kids in poverty, who drop out of school and start the cycle all over again…

      1. if single moms want the govt to support and raise their kids, then I think it’s time to bring back orphanages, take the kids away from single moms who refuse to name their babydaddy or the babydaddy refuses to pay child support.
        If we have to pay for these kids, I’d rather spend the money where the kid will be in a drug/alcohol free atmosphere, will have to attend school everyday and can’t hang out on street corners with his pants down around his knees, pimpin’ his ho’s.
        Parents of these kids will have to be sterilized so they can’t produce anymore.
        I know, sounds harsh, but, it would solve the problem and the women wouldn’t be so fast to get knocked up knowing there wouldn’t be an extra welfare check at the end of 9 months.

        1. Sammie, I agree that we need orphanages again. There are many children WITH TWO LIVING PARENTS who are, indeed, orphans. Let’s start with the kids that eat every single meal at school — their parents can’t rustle up one meal? They aren’t parents.

          And you’re right. In an orphanage these kids would have at least an outside chance of learning some values and self-discipline.

          The anchor-babies and welfare dynasty families are destroying our future one birth at a time.

    3. Hate to say it but I wish she would have won in 2008. Hands down on her worst day it would have been better that Obama on his best day. He’s a hack golfer and a hack CIC.

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  4. Why the heck isn’t this pos doing his job hammering out a deal on the hill to avoid the fiscal cliff? This bozo is the laziest piece of garbage I’ve ever seen.

  5. Let’s hope and pray they were not discussing strategy for dragon lady clinton and 2016. She’s a phony and would be a disaster !!!!!

  6. how to describe the man foolish and very stupid people re-elected – i have so many adjectives, but the first is ARROGANT, followed by entitled, petty, vindictive, corrupt, unqualified, uninterested, self-serving, petulant, smarmy, stupid, and the list goes on. at least when he’s on the golf course he’s not hurting me by tyranically making laws to take away my freedom. it would suit me fine if that’s where he spends the next horrid 4 years until we can once and for all throw his sorry ass out of the white house!

  7. Obama hates work. This is his idea of working. The man never held a real job in his lifetime… now he golfs on your dime, gets rich from a book he didn’t even write. He is a total fraud and liar. Half the country knows it. The half that works and pays taxes. The other half doesn’t care if Hitler is in office, as long as them Govmint checks keep going out.

    1. Actually the number who work and pay taxes doesn’t even amount to half the population. We have crossed over that line, and there’s no way we’ll ever get back to the way we were. We’ve been circling the drain for two decades. Now we are going down the drain.

  8. So Obama is now using a golf course that is paid for by our servicemembers to do political fundraising with hacks like McAuliffe.. Virginia voters should be outraged that our servicemembers are providing Obama and his cronies with free golf

    Let me also note that this a gorgeous day in DC and Obama and his gang denied our servicemembers the chance to play on THEIR course.

  9. All three of these clowns are known liars. McAuliffe wants to be gov. of VA.
    Just take a look at who are so-called statesmen are. It makes me sick. Not a one of them is truthful about anything.

  10. As hard as I try…I can’t get my head around how they can get up day after day and look themselves in the mirror????? They seem truly unable to look at the future…the bigger picture…….AND THEY ARE EDUCATED?????

    1. Oh, they’re looking at the big picture, alright. It’s just not the same future we’ve envisioned. These conniving, thieving liars have their eyes on the prize, a prize only a certain select few will share.

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  12. And there goes my beloved Virginia. That must have been part of the deal Bubba made with Obama, to use Obama’s voting machine in VA to get Terry elected. Now we’ll be a blue state forever.

  13. Oh come folks. Playing golf is good for working out the stresses of life. And to thank Bubba for his help is a sign of deep friendship. I wish that they can repeal the term limits for president so we can have O for as long as possible. That way he can effectively deal with the repubs, maybe use executive powers as much as possible, maybe for everything he wants. I immigrated from a country that was a dictatorship. I was too small to experience it, so I heard alot about it from my family. So it would be nice to experience here in the good ole’ US of A. You gotta’ try something once in life. And with O it will be a great opportunity. Maybe we will end up liking it!

    1. You've got to be kidding

      Go back to your dictatorship country, our constitution was written specifically for idiots like you who want a KING. We are pissing away our forefathers rights… the same reason why we left jolly ole england for the new world..Go HOME to your old country .. we want no part of that here

  14. Its time all corrupt and filthy sodomite pedophile politicians and news anchors to give serious thought about Suicide so you may avoid the wrath of God……

    Except gay 0bama the anti-Christ God is taking him out Personally….

  15. Call the law to arrest these crooks. Interested in the “Middle Class”, my a$$. They only use American citizens to further their own self and monied interests as well as the cronies they keep around them. Time for a Revolution!!!!!

  16. My take on this guy is the culture of Mobster style management. You never negotiate with you enemy in person – always send a messenger. It is beneath him to allow someone like Boehner to be on equal footing. The fact he’s wanting full power for raising the debt is basically telling Boehner that he’s got no respect for his position or opinions and turn over your power or I’ll destroy you.
    Hold the line Boehner! Call this POS’s bluff. You have the back of hardworking Americans behind you – not the gimme group who have no idea on how to take care of themselves.

    1. You’re gonna wish he spent 24/7 on the golf course when he robs your 401K and replaces it with a government IOU. You didn’t really think he was going to stop at soaking the rich, did you? You voted for your own demise fool!

    2. seriously? you think this guy works 24/7?
      He’s supposed to, but he doesn’t, the presidency is one huge party for him and moochie, on our dime.

  17. This is exactly what the American people voted for, a playboy who has no clue how to run a country, is at best a mediocre basketball player and a worse golfer, fiddling while the country burns.

  18. Bill and Hillary Clinton should be in prison for crimes against humanity
    for what they did to their fellow citizens at Waco, TX, on April 19,
    1993. The Waco Massacre and church burning (it was not a “compound,” it
    was their church),was the most brutal, heinous violation of civil, human
    and Constitutional rights in this nation’s history. Innocent men, women
    and children were attacked with tanks, poison gas (CS gas turns to
    cyanide when heated) and burned alive. Those who ran from the church
    were machine-gunned as documented in the movie “Waco, The Rules of
    Engagement.” If you doubt how bad this was consider that you never hear
    the left stream media talk about it. They want it erased from history
    but this memorial site will remain forever: ….
    And if that weren’t bad enough, Clinton’s thugs then stuck a machine gun
    in the face of a 5 year old boy and sent him to the communist gulag
    known as Cuba:
    Let’s hope Clinton isn’t teaching President Prompter too many of his old tricks!

  19. Obama golfs while the USA burns through money and goes over the fiscal cliff. If Obama were working for a private company he would have been fired years ago for his incompetence and work ethic. My God have mercy on us.

  20. Losers playing with losers while the U.S. sinks deeper in debt. You sold the U.S. out for a free cell phone, free abortion on demand and free birth control pills. Not sure about abortion or pills since black women have their babies to gain more welfare money. Tired of supporting losers so we are retiring, going on S.S. and moving to the country. No longer donating to charities since the government has become the largest. Tax bill going way down. Good luck to all the good people out there who still believe in the American dream; I believe it died in November 2012.

  21. Laughing and yucking it up while talking about how easy it is to manipulate people while they take mulligans and do foot wedges. Whomever keeps the score is the winner, just like whomever counts the votes wins!

    Despicable sick men at best. Too many people actually believe they are honest and good men when in fact they are the worst of the worst. Evil is winning in the USA and around the world.

  22. Wow! A double-header! Monica-Gate and Benghazi-Gate face off on the links. The only person missing is Water-Gate’s Rchard Nixon, who also loved to golf. The extraordinary result of this incestuous relationship between the Clintons and Obama is that Hillary now has her own scandal, BenghaziGate. A ‘two-fer’. as Bubba was so fond of saying.

    The ‘Gates of Hell’ have been unleashed.

    1. Hill took the fall for Bengazi in exchange for Bill’s support to Obama. And come 2016, the sheeple will not only nominate the old hag but will elect her President. The destruction of the nation is in full force now.



    1. Obama working as an attorney for ACORN, sues Citi and
    other banks to force them to accept sub-prime mortgages.

    2. They won the lawsuit and used this as leverage to force
    lenders throughout the US to accept sub prime mortgages

    3. After a few years the house of cards collapsed and 50% +
    of those bad mortgages caused foreclosures.

    4. Housing and financial crisis followed, causing wide spread
    unemployment and business and bank failures.

    This all happened in a period of about 15 years, hitting a peak
    2008/2009 and continues …..

    And one person is to blame – Barack Obama. He may have meant well and his motives pure, but the results have been a
    disaster ….

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