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Palin Slams White House Press Corps for Passivity

Sarah Palin and Greta Van Susteren Friday slapped around the White House press corps for being more worried about its “inside access” than holding President Obama accountable.

Have a look:

Van Susteren is right. Part of the reason for the passivity of the press corps – and this is the most passive group I’ve seen in 15 years working there – stems from the legitimate concern that the White House will cut off access.

But Palin makes an excellent point, which Van Sustern agrees with:

So what if you lose access to Obama? You know why people don’t want to lose — I mean, the American people don’t care if a reporter isn’t going to have access to the Obama administration, because what is coming back as a result of having that privilege … is this lack of transparency, is more confusion, is more uncertainty, and it’s lies. So, why in the world would a reporter be concerned about whether they are going to get more of that fed to them, those lies, the uncertainty, the murky answers to questions being asked? I wouldn’t care about having that access when you know what the result is.

So often, when you cover the White House, the stuff you get “on background” is pretty much the same as the junk you hear on the record. And reporters have to make the calculation about whether the tidbits of inside dope they get that are new are really worth dropping the mission of tough, skeptical reporting.

Waiting for David Plouffe to call you back and chat with you on background might get you a nice little story, and technically put you ahead of your competitors, but it’s not what makes for great journalism. I don’t think Bob Woodward made his name by schmoozing H.R. Haldeman.

What really counts is finding out what the White House doesn’t want you to know, holding it accountable for its actions, and quizzing the press secretary and the president with brutal persistence. With a few exceptions, there is too little of that from the White House press corps today.

And it’s quite possible to maintain your relationships at the White House even if you are tough on them. They’re big boys and girls, they understand the game. In fact, they understand the game so well that they’ve figured out how to intimidate a lot of reporters into not playing it.

H/T to the Daily Caller.

46 thoughts on “Palin Slams White House Press Corps for Passivity”

    1. Sadly, we may not have them this time around.
      So sad…no one died in Watergate but Nixon paid.
      Obama just got re-elected.
      I personally am frightened for our future.

      1. Remember the Watergate burglary happened in June of 1972. Nixon was re-elected in a landslide in November and resigned in disgrace two years later. Nixon wasn’t forced to resign because of the burglary, but because of the coverup that he participated in afterwards.

        Of course, Nixon was a Republican and the D.C. media complex has been in the pocket of the Democrats for as long as I can remember. There will be some trepidation on their part to turn on one of their own, but there has to be a few loyal Americans among them who don’t agree with where this man is taking us.

        Our responsibility is to never forget Benghazi and the brutal murders of those four brave Americans. Their murderer can’t avoid the truth forever. Remember the Alamo was the battle cry for Texicans fighting for independence from Mexico. Remember Benghazi should be the figurative battle cry for constitutionalists fighting for independence from tyranny.

        1. Speaking of Benghazi, Libya there will be a new US Navy ship named “USS Tripoli” as in Tripoli, Libya.

          I wonder who the Obama regime will send to christen that ship…

  1. Keith, every word you wrote and what Greta and Sarah said last night is true but what to do?
    Fox is already being shut out. Who else is too?
    Something is very wrong but Obama has control as of now…spooky!

  2. Talk about beating a dead horse. Poor Greta fantasizing about Sarah who is fantasizing about President Obama growing a big stick. The cougars act is getting old.

      1. Susan, I think those photos are of a dying man. Remember, they found him alive in the building and “rushed him” to the hospital where he died. These photos are them rushing him — looks like they took plenty of time and didn’t handle him very gently. Poor dying man, will you ever get justice? You cared so much about the Libyans — they sure took care of you.

        1. I read weeks ago that it was believed Stevens was already dead in the pictures of him being “rushed to the hospital”. The experts cited the colour of his skin, muscle slackness, and his dead eyes. Those savages had their way with the poor man for hours.

          One of the pictures that haunts me the most is the one with the bloody hand prints on the wall of the building, where some poor soul struggled desperately to stay alive. Will no-one ever be held accountable for this travesty?

  3. When Woodward speaks, people listen. If there is anything left of the old Watergate investigator, this is the guy who can bring Obama down.

    Haven’t read Woodward’s latest book yet, The Price of Politics, but it is apparent from his tv interviews that he is both alarmed and aghast at Obama’s lack of leadership and, simply put, his ignorance on matters of economics, not to mention the Benghazi cover-up. Woodward hasn’t completely given up on Obama yet, but if and when this liberal insider’s insider decides he’s had enough, Obama should start running for the exit door. Impeachment is too good for this traitor!

  4. Why isn’t the WH Press Corps as outraged with the Obama administration as I am? Certainly they must be bright enough to be able to discern the difference between right and wrong. I can understand wanting to hold onto one’s job, but I can’t understand the lack of outrage.

    1. I’d be nice to BO too if I had the chance to spend 3 weeks in Hawaii for Christmas just to take photos of barricades of blocked roads, the rear end of a motorcade or a quickie photo op in front of an icee treat stand.

      I really think we should change their name to the President’s Press Corps, then we can have honesty in reporting or at least consider the source of the fluffy questions :D

      1. I honestly think the perks have a lot to do with it. I remember reading during the ’08 campaign that Obama seduced certain members of the press corps with lavish first class waterfront accommodations for TWO in the finest hotels Maybe Keith can shed some light on this. After 8 years of hot, dusty old Crawford, the press corpse was more than ready for the big-time spender to indulge them….and they certainly knew McCain and Romney were not spendthrifts.

  5. “White House Press Corps is passive”… WTF! We readers of WhiteHouseDossier have been saying that for how long?!?
    And NO ONE questions the “WH Press Corps”.

    There IS NO “WH Press Corps” today.

    Just the “WH PROPAGANDA Corps”.

  6. Well,…the ‘press corp’ is being dictated to by their ‘instructor’ Carney, and in rare instances the messiah.
    Keith, you sit in ‘the audience’ of the elite, and only selected individuals will have the nod from the podium.
    This is all wrong, 180 degrees out of phase.
    The press should be on the podium and Carney should be in the pit.
    The press has allowed itself to be consigned to an irrelevant voice governed by a government that disallows any argument against the regime.

    1. Well Said.

      Mr. Koffler, may I ask why are you in the “WH press corps”?
      Do you ever get to ask a REAL question to ‘Propaganda Sec.’ Carney?
      We, the readers-followers of WhiteHouseDossier, have SO, SO many questions to ask the Obama regime…but NO ONE in the “media” has the smarts or balls to ask the questions WE THE PEOPLE want answered by the Obama regime.

  7. The other night I was watching Jeopardy. One column was “Chicago”. Guess what? Instead of posing the questions on the board they had film clips of Michelle giving the clues. I wonder if CBS has an office in the WH.

    1. Quickest way for any program to lose our viewership is to have any of this administration on their show. Their appearance in any fashion gives that show or program the kiss of death for this family and our friends.

  8. What damned access? Boy Prez didn’t hold a press conference with the WH press corps FOR EIGHT MONTHS!!!!!!

    “Press corpse” would be the accurate pronunciation in this case.

  9. It is past time to reveal the persons, corporations companies possibly even countries that are now in control of the media. That more than anything else has resulted in the cowardice and kowtowing displayed by the media.
    It is cowardice to tuck your tail, turn your head ignore the obvious, avert your eyes and ears. Doing the right thing is becoming a rarity in journalists, the media (for the most part), and politicians. A strong moral code of honesty, decency integrity fairness and objectivity have fallen by the wayside.
    Now America appears to celebrate dishonesty, manipulation – cronyism – deceit – obfuscation – name calling – hypocrisy – promiscuity – fiscal irresponsibility – degradation – separatism – segregation by ethnic groups (exception being Caucasion – they are not allowed) -drug use – etc.
    Perhaps America is becoming Rome before Rome fell. Rome lost all its morals and corruption filled their senate and leadership — they fell – Is America on the decline or is she on her way to total annihilation?

  10. ”Again, I would say our general position is we’re for truthful, factual, accurate reporting that’s done in context.”
    -Jay Carney, June 2012

    Context: the parts of a written or spoken statement that precede or follow a specific word or passage, usually influencing its meaning or effect: Example:
    You have misinterpreted my remark because you took it out of context.

    Summary: Bullsh*t and more b.s.

  11. She’s right on!

    I never liked Palin much but she is a welcome voice in all this mess, a small light at the beginning of the tunnel

    Good for her!!!

    1. I’ve always liked Sarah, she’s got an incredible backstory of over achieving and doing a good job …. when she became the VP nom, the media became unglued and set out to destroy her, while her political opponents in AK set out to bankrupt her.

      I remember when the AP put 11 fact checkers on her first book ! BO’s books? Zero. Oh, and they found nothing out of sorts in her bio.

      1. Agree, Denise. I admire Sarah Palin tremendously. She is a patriot who stands by her core convictions no matter what. One of my biggest disappointments with the Republican party is how poorly they treated her after she was targeted for destruction by the left. Rush Limbaugh talked about how the Republicans turn on one of their own when the fifth column media makes a concerted effort to destroy them. Meanwhile the left defends their failures no matter what they do or how many heinous acts they commit…

  12. “What really counts is finding out what the White House doesn’t want you to know, holding it accountable for its actions, and quizzing the press secretary and the president with brutal persistence. With a few exceptions, there is too little of that from the White House press corps today.”

    Keith, I appreciate this site so much

    but, you are in the press corps as well, and you have a point

    -it is probably extremely complicated and this may be naive-

    but I have to ask why haven’t you said something ?

    1. Anyone see that little Geithner on MTP? Well–let me be the first to inform you that “they” have figured out the best solution to that cliff thing and all they need is for the Republicans to agree. Voila!Compromise! Even that drip Gregory was sort of shocked at the arrogance and HE wrote the pamphlet on arrogance..

      1. Someone needs to remind little Turbo Timmy and the rest of the shysters that their little dictator only ‘won’ by a margin of 1%. If it hadn’t been for the illegal Dreamer ‘amnesty’, I think we would have been looking at President Romney.

        Obama’s new autobiography should be titled; The Audacity of Voter Fraud, or How I Bought the Election’.

  13. Whoa! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a entirely different subject but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Wonderful choice of colors!

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