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Obama Travels to Pennsylvania to Speak for 18 Minutes

Here we go. The second term carelessness with the taxpayers’ money begins.

President Obama flew Air Force One to Philadelphia and then hopped aboard Marine One for another 15-minute flight north to Hatfield, Pa., just to spend 18 minutes haranguing Republicans about the fiscal cliff.

He spoke at the K’NEX toy manufacturing company. Hmm, visiting a toymaker before Christmas. Very suspicious.

Wait a second. From the pool report filed upon Obama’s return:

POTUS touched down at about 2.35pm on Marine One and proceeded to the West Wing without incident.

Trailing behind was Marvin Nicholson, carrying a number of bags marked with the word. K’Nex, the toy factory Mr Obama visited earlier in Philadelphia.

Okay, now this is making sense . . .

25 thoughts on “Obama Travels to Pennsylvania to Speak for 18 Minutes”

  1. I hear he announced a Naughty and Nice list of congressional members today.
    I hope he put that Idiot from Georgia who wants a constitutional amenment to limit free speech on the list.
    You know the one…he said Guam would tip over.

    1. Hank Johnson. He is an idiot, but he still keeps getting elected. Just goes to show the intellectual capacity of his constituents. Must be lots of Obamaphone ladies in his district…

      1. I live in Georgia, north Atlanta suburbs. This man is an embarrassment to this state. And you are exactly correct in your assumption of the Obamaphone ladies!

    1. “Your child will have lots of fun building Elmo and sailing the high seas to hunt for buried treasure! Plus – Elmo talks! Gently push on his head and hear him say 2 fun phrases about his nautical adventures! Includes a pirate themed “Play & Learn” activity sheet filled with educational and collaborative fun for you and your child. With 16 pieces to build Elmo and additional building ideas, your little one will enjoy hours of building fun. Standard KID K’NEX parts made in the U.S.A. Special components made in China. Packaged in China.”

    2. Hmmm, what’s in those bags ?

      In a word “tricks”. The company manufactures for Sesame Street, Nintendo, Hasbro and it’s not all on done on site as some parts and labor are in China.

  2. C’mon and see the lighter side of this: Was he carrying a sign that said, “Will speak for children’s toys”? Was there a red carpet put out for the “Panhandler-in-Chief”?

  3. Just goes to show how stupid the Thief-in-Chef is….If you’re going to pull a heist, why not go to Tiffany’s or Van Cleef and Arpels? The MOOCH must be fuming!

    Hope some enterprising reporter will question the Carney-barker about this little expedition and the mysterious bags from KNEX. It probably cost us a million bucks for the Spender-in-Chief to run his skinny butt off to PA to accuse the R’s of being Grinches. He really is the Demonizer-in-Chief.

    Congress should make no deal with Obama unless it includes very limited use of AF1. Who would ever have thunk it – a POTUS who plays with his toys every day instead of work! Can Impeachment be far away?

    1. Yes! How does this work, Keith? Do you reporters give your questions to BO and then he trots out and answers only the ones that serve his interests? Why do the rest of you sit there?

    1. What I couldn’t fathom, on the K’Nex FaceBook page, photos posted Thurday prior to the visit, “The White House choppers did a test run yesterday in preparation for the President’s visit”.

      The Obama speech touted “Made in America” though the packaging on many of the toys ( ironic also, the Lincoln Logs) reads “Made in China”.

  4. Oh come on, you guys. Barry will be donating all the gifts given to him by K’NEX to poor little black kids. No way would Barry ever keep free stuff for himself.

  5. What’s next? Hopping on AF1 and fly down to Florida for a tallboy Arizona Tea and a packet of Skittles? Oh right, that would be racist.
    (Actually the purchase of a K’Nex toy is interesting. It is not a girl’s toy)

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  7. This is beyond making any sense! Why doesn’t the President STAY in the oval office and actually WORK…you know….the job he was elected to do. He can always video chat or conferences via the internet. It wouldn’t cost as much! I’d say more, but the government is reading these and wouldn’t let it go through.

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