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Report: Obama to be in Hawaii as Nation Goes Over the Cliff

President Obama is reportedly scheduled to be vacationing in Hawaii on January 2, the date billions in spending cuts – and untold consequences for the economy – will kick in if a deal is not reached on the “fiscal cliff.”

According to the Hawaii Reporter, residents who live in the area of Oahu where Obama and his family vacation have been told that the usual restrictions on their movements during an Obama stay will be in place for 21 days, from December 17 through January 6.

The White House has not officially announced the vacation, and it is unclear if the travel plans are finalized or if the Obamas will be in Hawaii for the entire three-week window covered by the restrictions.

An upcoming vacation could provide subtle pressure for Obama to reach a deal, since not getting one might force him to cancel his coveted time in Hawaii. Even though the election is behind him, Obama’s advisers would probably think it too much of a public relations nightmare to have the president luxuriating in paradise while the country embarks on a season of massive pain.

In the past, Obama has made sure he got his vacation time in – even extending his scheduled Hawaii sojourn after being forced to delay its start because of negotiations with Congress.

What’s more, the Obamas skipped their traditional August trip to ritzy Martha’s Vineyard, an excursion that would have contrasted too severely with a candidate supposedly fighting for the middle class. They presumably are more than eager at this point to get away.

The Hawaii Reporter estimates that the total cost of the vacation to Hawaii and federal taxpayers, including funding for travel, staff and protection, is at least $4 million. Obama’s vacations are more expensive than those of previous presidents because of the huge costs to fly Air Foce One and an accompanying cargo plane for nine hours or so to Hawaii.

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  1. Barry Soetoro will be where he usually is: AWOL! I grant that the man can campaign but beyond that, he is an ’empty suit’, ‘big hat, no cattle’, absolutely no leadership, no CEO, No Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The answer to the headline question is simply…yes…if he can get out of town due to weather. This coward has been ‘out of town’ for the past 4 years, and see no reason to believe he will change anything now that he is lame duck.

  3. $4 million for his latest lavish vacation. Didn’t he spend over $1 billion for vacations already? I hope all the now unemployed part-time workers that voted for him are happy. My only consolation is that the fools that voted for him will suffer more than I will. Enjoy your virtual vacations in Hawaii all you part-time workers with hours cut due to Obamacare and you still unemployed Obama voters!

  4. yeah, you know, it’s not like they haven’t lived off the american taxpayer for the last four years now they get a big 20 day vacation financed by us again. Maybe the frist lady will then be so exhausted from her Hawaiian holiday that she will need to go to some foreign land for another vacation. As the US economy crumbles, taxes rise, and our debt load continues to climb, the chief exits stage left for a vacation. nothing like staying and taking on the tasks necessary to earn a presidential position, but then again, you never earned it to begin with. Disgusted at Obama, and all the liberals who care nothing for the individuals but make everything about the 2%’ers. Since they largely fall in the same category, how about taxing Buffett for $28 billion, Speilberg for $1 billion, Gates for several and take all of the profits from Google, Faceplant, groupon, etc and put it in the treasury to reduce debt. Then get rid of Federal departments that do nothing but create a welfare state!

  5. Obama owns a home in Chicago. Chicago, IL, not Hawaii. His buddy, the felon Tony Rezko helped him buy it. Why does he never go to his home for vacations? Even in the summer?
    George Bush owned a ranch in Texas and went there on vacations . LBJ went to his ranch in Texas . George HW Bush went to his home in Maine for vacations. Kennedy went to his place in MA. Why does Obama go to a state that he only lived in briefly 3 decades ago? Why does he have to choose the most expensive place to go for vacations in these economic times?

    1. Yeah, WHY?????? I wish he would at least take a nice car trip to Hawaii. Thats right, a car trip. Oh that bridge to Hawaii is missing? SSSSHHHH. Dont tell GOOGLE.

  6. Why not? He just took a nice 4 year vacation. This man Barrack Hussein Obama is dangerous to the United States of America, our families, loved ones and all members of our communities.

  7. How fitting that Obama is taking a $4 MILLION dollar vacation! He certain feels the middle class and poor’s pain, doesn’t he? Did you know that the cost of “maintaining” the lifestyle Obama has become accustomed to costs the US more than all the other Royal Families in the world?!?!? Gosh, he does set a fine example for the adage: Do as I say, not as I do!!! Disgusting waste of money!!! Well, maybe he has to meet with the builders of his,, what, $37M home being built for the democrat’s “Lord and Savior” and paid for by his “friends”. Well done, Lack of Empathy Man!

  8. Michelle must be so proud of her husband…but, not for the first time, though. She should be praising their UN Ambassador as much.

    Obama said he’s never been prouder of Susan Rice and her work as his stooge. She could be credited for having the most significant role in the President’s re-election by perpetuating the lies from the Administration so dutifully. No wonder he’s propping her up for a promotion.

    And, so…time for another Nationally Lampoon-able Hawaiian Vacation. It’s fitting with this sort. Has the President made the proclamation that “he will not rest ____”, yet?

  9. as long as my woman gets her pills for free and i get all the rubbers i need for free, the messiah can do what he wants.
    i just love santa clause!
    thanks messiah for all you’ve given us…
    have a great vacaion!


  11. He’s the President of the United States of America. He deserves a vacation. You’re a political hack motivated by extreme hatred of our President. You deserve to never ever work again. You should be ashamed.

    1. Tim, you need your head examined. Don’t hate the man; hate his policies. He is destroying America. You don’t see that? You should be ashamed. I hope you are on govt checks when they stop.

    2. He takes a vacation every day. He rarely works.

      I am sure some people hate BO, but not all of us do. Some of us do not like his actions or policies.

      Why should he have to vacation since he rarely does anything? 4 Cabinet meetings in 4 years. Never reads security briefings and rarely goes to security meetings. Rarely starts a day of work before 10:00 am and usually is done by 2:00. Takes a minimum of 3 vacations every year . . . all of which are more than 2 weeks. Surrounds himself with ideologues and never listens to the real people who build the country and jobs. He listens to union bosses and ignores the unfortunate who are stuck in unions.

      He is a waste of time in the White House. And we are stuck with him for 4 more years because of people like you Tim. I would say “thank you”, but I usually reserve that for people who deserve it.

    3. Obama is up to, I think, 106 rounds of golf at this point. Give him nigh on three weeks in Hawaii, and that number is going to necessarily skyrocket–get it?–but let’s take 106 for now.

      Two rounds of golf takes eight hours, or what, to most workers, would be an average workday. (That is, until 30 hours becomes the norm because of Obamacare–therefore, I hereby propose calling a 30-hour week “Obama time.”) But for now, let’s assume a 40-hour work week while that’s still a reasonable assumption.

      Okay. So 106 rounds of golf at 4 hours a pop is 424 hours. That’s 53 work days. Meaning the workaholic in chief has spent over 10 and a half work weeks on the links.

      Just for completion’s sake, for the 30-hour work week that will soon become the national norm, 424 hours works out to 70 2/3 working days–over FOURTEEN WORK WEEKS of Obama time hours, all spent on the golf course.

      But sure, no president has ever worked harder…if his idea of “working hard” was doing as much as he possibly could to deliberately ruin the United States.

      Oh, but you protest, that’s not what he’s trying to do! Really? Then let us assume, for discussion’s sake, that he really is genuinely trying to help. If his intended objective WERE to deliberately ruin the United States, what would he do differently from what he’s doing already?

  12. Why???? Obamas family “vacations” have cost 1.4 billion dollars to date. Its about time to cut off the funds for this extravagant lifestyle that King Barry has developed. Our Fiscal Cliff could use some Presidential support dont we think?

  13. The Democratic party is democrats first and America second. It should be America first and party second. How they can tolerate what happened in Benghazi, the poor performance for hurricane Sandy, the oil spill in the gulf, Fast and Furious, the fiscal cliff, and the list goes on and on is beyond me. The media is the problem and needs to be destroyed completely and perhaps even violently. The elitism from these folks is misguided and no I am not crazy.

  14. Sure when has he ever been around when something very demanding has come up. I’m telling you he’s a full blown addict…..he isolated and escapes because he can not cope with the demands of leadership.

    When this president hit some firsts men he went big.

    First black pres
    First Gay pres
    First Addict pres
    First Retarded pres

    The electorate that voted for him proves it.

    1. Bush would rise at the crack of dawn and go to his state of the art Comunnications room And take care of business first. Barry gets up around 10am.

  15. I am more concerned about where Boner and company will be. I am quite sure they are going to be behind the wheel as they drive us all off the fiscal cliff. Americans have mandated that the republicans compromise and come up with a solution that includes letting the Bush tax cuts expire on anyone making more that 250k a year. If they do not compromise now, they will never have the White House again. Really very simple. Do what you were told in the last election.

    1. How come idiots like you think that the only compromise should be on the right. How about the left compromise, I know it’s never been done, but really, they should try it. Hey, thanks for sucking off the government teat, I’m sure you’re one of those 50% plus 1 that will continue to vote for free sh*t instead of for the good of the Country. I say no compromise at all, let it burn, then all you freeloaders will understand when the foodstamps and the free babymaker money stops. We middle class are tired of paying for you.

      1. I’ve had a job since I was 12 years old young fella. P.S. your unemployment check is in your mailbox, so I know you need beer and cigs. At least your have us to do your thinkin for ya.

        1. This isn’t a democracy dope. You indicate you’re old enough to know better, but you Obots have zero common sense. Just a reminder – America is a Constitutional Republic. Your messiah has been shredding our Constitution for the last four years, but you’re just too selfish and amoral to see it or to care. I hope your grandchildren shun you for selling their freedom and liberty to the state for your own personal greed.

  16. I cannot believe the President gets to go on all these taxpayer funded trips. I bet no other President ever did this. He should at least stay in the United States, not wonder off to foreign lands like exotic hawaii. It just proves once again that he is nothing but an America-hating Muslin from South America.

    1. I suspect I’m missing some irony on your part.

      But in case I’m not: Hawaii is, for the record, one of the 50 states.

      And in case I am: The outrage isn’t so much that he’s going to be vacationing in paradise over Christmas, again, while some Americans haven’t had a chance to vacation AT ALL since he took power–though that certainly is outrageous enough. The outrage here is that he’s going to be vacationing in paradise on the very day that most Americans are set to be on the receiving end of the largest tax hike in American–and possibly world–history.

  17. Of course he’ll be in hawaii. He hasn’t been involved in the talks, other than wit the union thugs and of all groups, What are THEY doing discussing the fiscal cliff. Or is Obama giving them their marching orders? So, Valerie Jarrett subbed for BO with small business, Geithner with the House. Who’s next? And class warfare marches on.

  18. Where else would you expect the entitlement king to be? After all, the rest of America has to suffer and if they are lucky drive 20 miles to Grandma’s house without presents for Christmas because of the Obama-generated dreadful economy; but don’t be dismayed, as long as the Marxist in Chief can have a $4 million dollar vacation during the worst economy since the great depression, that’s all that matters. Everyone knows Camp David is beneath his level of entitlement. How date he preach to me about sacrifice. Sacrifice yourself you greedy manipulator. What is that unemployment rate again?

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  20. The saddest part of this is that half of the voters in the election voted for this incompetent would-be king and his mooching queen. They are a disgrace.

    1. When you say “they are a disgrace”, you mean the voters as well as the “king and queen” right?

      P.S. We completely agree that BHO/MO/voters are all disgraceful!

  21. A twenty day, 4 million(taxpayer funded) vacation. His useful idiots must be proud to have given him 4 more years freeloading on the taxpayers dime. I am truly sad for this country; and I wonder how the frugal chinese feel about funding his extravagance( with the fiscal cliff, he’s using his beijing express
    card) He is salivating at the prospect of us going belly up, and achieving the dreams of his father. elections truly have consequences.

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  24. No doubt they’ll be taking separate planes to HI. . .any bets that MO will stop on the Left coast to visit her brother before heading to HI (at our expense) and BHO will arrive in his own plane?

  25. What difference does it make? There will not be another recession under obama (media will gloss over it) and his main goal is to destroy the Republican Party before he leaves office. Senator “Boner” has already warned we aren’t close to a deal so either the Repubs. must fold or surrender to the King & Saviour of the Us of Kenya.

  26. This clown is bent on destroying everything we hold sacred in this country.
    Hopefully God will cleanse us of this arrogant, communist, muslim, would be dictator. Vacations and golf are his high priorities…

  27. And, the slaves sit here & suffer while he basks in his own glory. What a lazy Manchurian candidate. He doesn’t care a twit about all the poor idiots who voted for him. But their hands will be out for the freebies, but O will have spent a good deal of our $$$$ relaxing from the strains of campaigning for the last four years…and the next four years. I wish he’d resign & just stay in Hawaii.

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  29. Is there ever a time when there isn’t something important is going on in the White House? Is it that you’re against him vacationing at all or the amount that he is? If it’s the amount, be sure to put some context on it and count the number of Bush vacation days (over 1000) or other past presidents. Also understand that all presidents are never out of touch during a vacation; there is always staff there.

  30. Is there any difference between Jackson Jr. and his wife and this guy. Jr. basically played by the rules and got his job using the Rezko machine that Jarrett fronts for and Barry and wife followed the same playbook only took it up a notch and found more sheep. At the end of the day we have the same pathology in play.

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