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“Average Joe” Biden Heads to Costco

Vice President Joe Biden, who with his wife Dr. Jill Biden earned $379,000 in 2011, made a surprise visit to the discount warehouse store Costco in Washington today.

While the Bidens have been Costco members in the past, according to the White House, Biden got his card reactivated just Wednesday for today’s photo op.

Among the items Biden purchased were an apple pie, fire logs, a 32-inch Panasonic TV, and children’s books.

The books, according to Biden, were bound for a Delaware charity Biden’s wife Jill started. But the Bidens are not big givers to charity, donating only 1.5 percent of their income last year to charitable causes.

In addition to portraying the high-earning Biden as an average guy, the visit is priceless PR for Costco, which just opened a brand new Washington store that Biden visited.

According to Charlie Spiering in the Washington Examiner, Costco Co-founder Jim Sinegal, who greeted Biden at the store, has been cozying up to the White House for some time:

Sinegal, Costco’s former CEO, gave a speech praising President Obama at the Democratic National Convention in September.

Sinegal retired as CEO in January, but gradually took a greater interest in Obama’s re-election campaign.

Sinegal hosted a fundraiser for Obama in July at his Seattle area mansion at Hunt’s Point. Tickets for the event ranged from $5,000 to $35,000 and reportedly raised more than $1.4 million.

The appearance was also partly a pitch for the White House position on the “fiscal cliff” talks. The White House is demanding that republicans agree to raise taxes on higher income earners while keeping tax rates on the middle class where they are.

Biden called the shoppers “hard working folks who don’t need to see their taxes go up.”

Here’s some raw video of the event posted by the Associated Press.

28 thoughts on ““Average Joe” Biden Heads to Costco”

  1. what a tool (Biden) – democratic official advertising for their campaign supporters. welcome to the second term, where everything is political.

  2. so Biden is for hire for GRAND OPENINGS?
    Does he should into a megaphone, “Costco has BIG F*ing Deals” waiting inside.
    should we expect him to replace Ronald McDonald as the resident clown?

  3. I think what bothers me most is the fact that we taxpayers are footing the bill for these political exhibitionists. I don’t ever remember seeing Laura Bush pushing a cart at Target. or Dick Cheney greeting customers at COSTCO. And when was the last time we had a POTUS who negotiates and legislates in front of the cameras and Twitter. He hasn’t even been re-inaugurated yet and I so sick of him I could scream. And, BTW, where is that MOOCH? Shopping for Hawaii? Yuck!

  4. MT for re-redistribution

    By the time smokin’ Joe files his taxes, that 32″ tv will probably have suffered inflation to about, ohh, 1.5% of their combined income.

  5. What a phony cheapskate. He should have donated the TV to the “charity”, and read the books himself while gorging on the apple pie. When he was done reading the books, he could throw them on the logs in the fireplace.

    Every US Senator retires richer than when they were originally sworn into office. Except for this dumbo.

  6. COSTCO decided to massively increase dividend payments to shareholders this month in order to lower the amount paid out after next year’s tax increases, thus lessening the tax burden on the shareholders. Shouldn’t Biden be railing against the COSTCO “fat cats” avoiding paying their “fair share” with a move like that?

    1. “Sinegal, who retired as Costco’s CEO at the end of 2011 but remains on the board, and various related entities together own more than 2 million Costco shares, according to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). His payout from the special dividend will be about $14.4 million.”

      Mr. Sinegal ought to do his patriotic duty and send that $14.4 million straight to Uncle Sam. Evidently he believes in sharing the wealth, so fork it over pal. All that dough could keep the wheels of this leviathan government rolling for at least 15 minutes.

  7. Disgusting. There’s a reason why millions of people have simply quit watching or reading the news. My best friend who used to be a news junkie didn’t even know that Morsi had declared himself in charge of everything in Egypt. It isn’t that she doesn’t care – she simply can’t stomach the way things are going.

  8. Biden called the shoppers “hard working folks who don’t need to see their taxes go up.”, so they must all make less than $250,000/year. Which means if you make over $250,000/year, you are not hard working. And what was the Biden’s 2011 income?

  9. I recall during the campaign that more than once it was mentioned that Mr.Romney bought lots of his dress shirts at Costco and Mrs. Romney did an episore on the Rachel Ray and discussed how she cooked dinner for their large family for $130 +- shopping at Costco – guess it isn’t big news if you are “rich”.

  10. Many of the items in Costco are made overseas. Dems want to hike up takes on American companies that “ship jobs overseas”. This will do one of two things. The increased taxes will be passed on to the consumer through higher priced items. Or they will bring the jobs back to America to higher priced american employees which will raise the cost of the goods to consumers. Either way – goods will cost more.

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