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Obama’s Top White House Aides are Almost All Men

As President Obama moves to revamp his senior White House staff in the weeks leading up to Inauguration Day, he may want to consider adding something distinctly lacking from the highest echelons of the West Wing: Diversity.

Incredibly, nearly all the most senior advisors to the nation’s first black president – whose appeal to minorities and women won him reelection – are white males. Democrats made much during the campaign of an alleged GOP “war on women.” But Obama’s own battalions include relatively few of the distaff variety.

Of what are arguably the ten top most important White House advisers, only one – Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett – is a woman. Jarrett is also African American.

But the other nine are each white men: Vice President Joe Biden; Senior Advisor David Plouffe; Chief of Staff Jack Lew; National Security Advisor Tom Donilon; Counselor to the President Pete Rouse; National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling; Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer; Acting OMB Director Jeffrey Zients; and Press Secretary Jay Carney.

Krueger, Sperling, Lew, and Geithner
Photo by Keith Koffler

White House officials are particularly powerful because, unlike members of the Cabinet, they have constant, direct access to the president.

Even if one expands the list to a broader basket of powerful players, including a few outside the White House, Obama isn’t doing very well on the diversity scale.

Only one of a group that now includes 24 advisers, Domestic Policy Director Cecelia Munoz, is Hispanic. Just seven – Munoz, Jarrett, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the White House Counsel and two deputy Chiefs of Staff – are women, less than a third of the total.

The rest are men: Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, Attorney General Eric Holder, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Counterterrorism Adviser John Brennan, Legislative Affairs Director Rob Nabors, chief speechwriter Jon Favreau, a third deputy chief of staff, and the Council of Economic Advisers Chair. Of these, only two are minorities – Holder and Nabors, who are each African American.

One chit in Obama’s favor is that Jarrett may be Obama’s closest aide. It’s also worth noting that he has another African American woman close to him who provides important advice, although she is not exactly an appointed official: Michelle Obama.

108 thoughts on “Obama’s Top White House Aides are Almost All Men”

  1. It’s not so much the whiteness–to me anyhow–as the oldness. I saw Reid and some others ambling out of a meeting and thought–tired, over. I am having my personal problems with handing the torch to the next gen–but Obama REALLY is. He is the older generation now–50ish–not the youth gen. As for the lack of females–it is just another hypocritical highlight–sure, he’s all about women. He cares so much. Meh.

  2. Mr, Revenge is the front man, the campaigner, the giver of gifts courtesy of other people’s money. Jarrett is the operational CEO. Most likely who gets hired and fired is her decision.

  3. Out of 10 positions there is only one woman on Obama’s personal team, Valery Jerrett. BUT, she’s working on it. The gonads are formed.

  4. Looks like any other dysfunctional, small town, liberal arts college Board of Trustees who traded their Tie-dyes for Brooks Brothers.

  5. I wonder why you are including cabinet officials in your definition of “aides”. For example, Vice President, Treasury Secretary, Secretary of Defense, Attorney General are actually Cabinet positions. Also, I wonder, when you expanded your “broader basket” why you didn’t include the following Cabinet members:

    Department of Commerce Secretary: Rebecca Blank
    Department of Labor: Hilda Solis
    Department of Health and Human Services Secretary: Kathleen Sebelius
    Department of Homeland Security: Janet Napolitano
    EPA Administrator: Lisa Jackson
    United Nations Ambassador: Susan Rice (also possibly being considered as Secretary of State)
    and Small Business Administrator: Karen Mills

  6. Obama’s administration has been loaded with women. Why is this even an issue? Personally, I
    want whoever is the most qualified regardless of race or gender. The notion that every microcosm
    of the universe must be mathematically “diverse” is lunacy. When they are ready to impose
    “diversity” mandates on the NBA, I’ll worry about how many women are in charge in DC.

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  8. Dumb report. There’s nothing ironic, other than his blatant hypocracy — about Obama choosing the most qualified people to serve him. But you meant to be politically correct in calling it ironic, which is pitiful. Why does Drudge even link to your page?

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  11. The headline should read “…..all ALMOST men” because real men don’t lie and cheat their way to victory. BHO, Rahman and Axelrod are lowlife scum who believe the end justifies the means, wasn’t that Hitlers mantra?

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  15. When I saw the headline for this article, the first thing that crossed my mind is that the word “All” is out of sequence. The word “All” should be removed from its position as next to last in the headline, and reinserted as “All of ” as the first word of the headline.

  16. The reason he only hires men is because he is a gay and Muslim and Muslims don’t let women participate except in sex acts or slave acts, oh but they are allowed to have children but they have to have their genitalia mutilated. Communist pig terrorist in our WH, he should have his genitals removed and hung from the WH flag pole. He and the bitch he is supposedly married to is a disgrace to our country, our way of life and the American people who understand what freedom is.

  17. I would think the King of the World would be be feeling so arrogant in looking down on those who serve him especially since he detest Whites according to his books; finally he has white servants but only by cheating, lying and stealing from the working people in this country.

  18. It’s those Damn Republicans and their WAR ON WOMEN!
    Is this “Breaking News” or did the “PRESS” know about this for years?

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