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Obama and Romney to Have Lunch Thursday

President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney will have lunch at the White House Thursday.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said he was not aware of “an agenda for the lunch.”┬áThe lunch will be private, Carney said.

Carney mumbled – as the president did during his recent press conference – something about Romney having done a good job with the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics, which is apparently the only thing the Obama campaign didn’t rip Romney for.

The idea is, maybe he can use these skills to help Obama out.

But why would Obama want a lying, rich folks-loving, outsourcing, tax-cheating, dog-hating jerk like Romney to do anything?

If Romney takes any kind of offer from the people who tried to paint him as Satan, he’s a fool. He’s nice just to drop by the White House, but that should be it.

45 thoughts on “Obama and Romney to Have Lunch Thursday”

  1. In our opinion, Romney shouldn’t have even accepted the luncheon invite–why give BHO the opportunity to “lord” over you (see where I live/you don’t)? He should take his son Tagg with him in case BHO gets too cocky and keeps telling lies about his father?

    1. I agree, Melvin – and it’s a very obvious, in-your-face-type, marketing ploy. Well, I, for one, have never been fooled by the pretender-in-chief.

  2. Truth is a good dog; but always beware of barking too close to the heels of an error, lest you get your brains kicked out.
    Francis Bacon

  3. Obama probably only invited Romney to the White House to remind him that he lost the election – remember, he did it to John Distain, too. Obama’s classnessness knows few bounds. Sorry for being cynical but I think I’ve seen this movie before.

  4. The three million Republicans who sat this election out must be gloating at this news. After the dirtiest campaign in history, I consider Romney’s actions a betrayal of all his donors and staunch supporters. No other candidate in my lifetime has been so demonized on such a personal basis. In fact, the Obots over at MSNBC are still ridiculing Romney, along with Obama’s late night talk show cronies. This election was personal – filled with hate.

    As far as Mitt Romney is conerned, he just flip-flopped out of my life. I won’t spend another day bemoaning the fact that he lost. Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas. So long, Mitt.

        1. Comments about as hateful as the awful Obama people. Gov. Romney is a gentleman – he was asked and because he does care about this country – he is continuing to act like a gentleman. I detest how Mr. Obama has run this country and I’m not one of those who like him. I was also a very small donor to Gov. Romney and was stauchly in his camp long before the primaries and I don’t consider it the least bit a betrayal. I certainly don’t want him to take any position in the administration but I doubt very seriously that anything “serious” would be offered any way.

          1. Romney is a man of rare character and quiet dignity. He has shown all along that he is the bigger man who never took cheap shots at Obama despite Obama’s taking one cheap shot after another at him. In my humble opinion, his accepting the invitation is a commendable gesture that makes Obama’s treatment of him during the campaign seem unprincipled and petty.

          2. personally i’d tell obama to stick it where the sun don’t shine or to eat $*** and die but romney has a lot more class than i do. if obama stands up and says “elections have consequences and i won”, i’d get up and leave. but then again that’s me and not romney.

  5. The Snake in Chief gets to gloat and have a “bipartisan” photo op.

    Will Romney be offered the title Scapegoat, I mean, Secretary of Business?

    1. Hope he’s a smart enough and business minded enough to turn it down–why would anyone want to be associated with the most corrupt administration in the history of our country.

      If he does offer Romney this position. . .it will only be because if the economy fails, Barack Hussein Obama can blame Romney and not himself. . .it’s a set up IMO and we hope Romney is smart enough to not fall for it!

      1. Have you noticed that the community organizer has been mulling over Romney’s tax plan of not raising rates on the rich but eliminating certain loopholes? Funny, after the election most investors I’ve heard are saying they prefer the tax hike rather than parting with their loopholes. They’ll be money ahead. Obama must have gotten wind of this. I have a suspicion he’s going to pick Romney’s brain on this concept – Romney never laid out which loopholes he would eliminate.. Too bad Romney didn’t tell him to jump off the cliff! life,

  6. I look at this in a different way. Gov Romney has always stated his love for America and lets get America back on it’s feet. If he were to do anything, it would be for the love of his country. If it meant him pointing the current administration in the right direction to avert the cliff, then we all benefit. If that were to happen I think we all would know who did it (but you never know how Blarney and the MSM will spin it). It would also show he is a bigger man that the current person in the WH.

    However, as other have stated, this could just be a “rub you nose in it” lunch and that would be business as usual.

    Maybe he will be offered the “Secretary of Business” cabinet post?? haha

    I’m really on the fence with this one and reserving a “wait and see” attitude.

      1. Back in the day, when I was on the Hill, the biggest indignant, butter-sounding legislative enemies would shake hands after a spat and go off to one of their private offices for a drink. It was all good fun. I think that atmosphere has deteriorated with the, to me at least, genuine contempt coming from this president, but sometimes I think we take this more seriously than they do.

        1. I remember those days also, back when there was respect for your representatives. I grew up outside of DC, so nothing surprises me.

      2. John McCain distained conservatives, hence the name. He takes great pleasure, and has for years, in poking conservatives in the eye, all for some stroking by the media, whose approval he continually clamors for. He proudly wore that “Maverick” label until he needed those despised conservatives. And to his shock and amazement, the MSM threw him under the bus as soon as Barry was anointed by the media.

        For all the talk about conservatives NOT standing up proudly for what they believed in, the poster-child for that view is John “Distain” McCain.

    1. You point to one of the central tenents of liberalism = use conservatives love of country (and hard work, and personal responsibility) against them. Of course Romney loves his country and Obama probably figures that, even though he lost, he’s willing to do some of the work that Obama’s supposed to do. Besides that, if it doesn’t work, Obama can blame Romney ‘cus the “blame Bush” has passed the expiration date for use.

      Again, sorry for the cynical view, but after 4 years of the petulant adolescent, I’m surprised by nothing anymore. They’ll take credit for things they didn’t really have any personal involvement in (Osama taking a slug in the forehead) but will go to extreme lengths to lie about those things they are personally involved in (Fast & Furious, Benghazi, “greeen energy” money laundering) that are disasters and scandals by any reasonable standard.

      The beauty of the human experience is that we are able to learn to build predictive models – most people who did not vote for the “letter O and the number 16 trillion” have figured out the pattern by now.

      1. Romney tried to contact the WH several times when Pelosi and Reid were conjuring up Obamacare. He wanted to help out by explaining the do’s and don’ts of healthcare as he experienced in MA. He never got a call back. If he is offered a job with these vultures, he needs to have his head examined.

        1. heck I would want to go if asked for lunch just to see what they want and then answer – “Are you S**ting me?” and then laugh all the way out the door.

          This could turn out rather comical.

    1. So true, Mike. Mitt Romney isn’t conservative enough in my view, but he is a good man who loves America. He will turn the other check, just hope he doesn’t bend over while he’s at it.

  7. >>But why would Obama want a lying, rich folks-loving, outsourcing, tax-cheating, dog-hating jerk like Romney to do anything?<<

    Exactly. I think Obama's too arrogant to take any advice Romney might have to offer. I'm not sure why Romney accepted the lunch invitation. As already mentioned, it might be to flaunt his win. If he wants advice from Romney, hope Romney charges him huge consultant fees.

  8. There is an excellent op-ed in the WP today written by Stuart Stevens, Romney’s chief strategist: Mitt Romney: A good man, The right fight. I’m broken-hearted about Romney’s loss, but I’m not going to bash him for going to lunch with the Creep-in-Chief. It’s customary not to refuse presidents, and Romney is a decent man who played by the rules. I just hope it’s pro forma and that Romney doesn’t give him any good tips on how to govern. Let Obama fail.

  9. I agree Romney is well mannered, loves this country and might be trying to do the right thing. But this is a Mitt Christie moment. No matter what, President Revenge and his propaganda department will use this to their advantage and against the Republicans. Mistake. Just sitting back watching the Republicans slowly commit suicide. It would be so much easier and faster to simply set aside and let President Revenge and his thugs have their way. For once in his sorry life, Barack Obama should have to take responsibility for something.

    1. I can see Obama’s smug face as he stands in the Rose Garden lecturing the press and telling lies about his conversation with Romney. And then what can Romney do? Call the president a liar? That makes him look like a sore loser. He needs to stay out of the lion’s den.

  10. I think the only reason Romney accepted is simply because when the POTUS invites you it is implied that you attend. In Romney’s case (someone with integrity, honesty and work ethic) he no doubt loathes this creep, but understands the consequences if he declines. I can’t imagine he would actually help Obummer out in any way as I doubt he could teach Obummer anything about capitalism and economics over a brief lunch.

  11. I feel that he’s being set up if he accepts any position in Dear Leaders administration.
    Obama needs a fall guy for more of his coming failures.
    I can hear him now ” see, I’ve tried Romney’s plans and they don’t work.”.
    Obama is just looking for another” Bush ” to blame.

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