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The Obama Morning News || November 28, 2012

7 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || November 28, 2012”

  1. Obama refuses to label China a currency manipulator despite the fact that we have the largest trade deficit in history – $29B and the yuan has gained 6% on the dollar just in the last year. Geithner still considers the yuan to be undervalued and looks forward to more progress in China.

    Meanwhile, the Chinese are buying up multi-million $$$ properties like there is no tomorrow in CA, NV, and FLA – sometimes 2-3 at a time. A two bedroom condo in Mainland China costs $2M – the U.S. is a bargain basement.

    It’s bad enough that we are being colonized by the Chinese in certain areas, but it was reported that Communist Party leaders are buying up property in CA for their families in case they have to make a quick getaway! We have a Communist in the WH and now we are in the midst of a stealth takeover by the Communist regime in China on our own soil! No wonder Obama’s kid is learning Manderin a the Sidwell school!.

  2. Senators Kyl and KBH – two old bulls trying to leave a legacy on their way out the door by legitimizing one of Obama’s power grabs – amnesty. At least Kay Bailey Hutchison doesn’t have to pretend she’s a conservative any longer. May your amnesty bill fail, just as you have failed to represent the voice of the citizens of Texas.

  3. BREAKING NEWS: Romney will have a private lunch with Obama on Thursday!!!

    This is not the man I thought I was voting for! He has no shame! This was no ordinary election – Obama eviscerated his character. I regret my campaign contributions and my vote. A RINO is a RINO is a RINO!!! Sad.

    1. Please, please, please Mr. Romney don’t accept some ceremonial position from this fraud. He will find a way to blame you when the poo hits the fan, and it will hit the fan.

  4. She’s not competent in the first place, but Susan Rice has become the fall guy in the Benghazi affair. She never had a decision making role in Benghazi and was only the PR front. I just read somewhere else this a.m. that Sen. McCain is not going after Hillary Clinton and that the two, Clinton and McCain, have a good relationship. One would hope that the Republicans view Rice as the witness who might crack and spill the beans, but it is truly that right now: a hope. Clearly the ultimate decision makers were Obama and Clinton, but Rice is being sacrificed.

    The final question is who made the decision to not send Ambassador Stevens help. Not Rice.

    1. Obama is averting questions about Benghazi and is being aided and abetted by the complicit press and the RINOs. God bless the good congressmen like Trey Gowdy who have been like bulldogs, fighting to get to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi and who is responsible for the deaths of four Americans.

      In the Bill Whittle video Keith posted last night he gave a rousing, detailed response on how he would answer questions from the press on Benghazi if he were president. Of course we all know, the infatuated press would never ask such a direct question of this phony in the WH. They care more about his favorite chili pepper – red or green?

      “President Whittle, please tell us about the events that occurred around the consulate in Benghazi over the last week. What were you doing when you heard the news and what did you do after that?”

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