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Your Local News, and Someone Else’s Too

Thought you might enjoy this little spot from Conan O’Brien. I just found it, but it looks like it ran right before the election.

According to the Washington Post, CNN runs some kind of news service that provides a packaged video news report for local stations around the country – even down to the introduction provided by the local anchors.

Reminds me of a fellow, I can’t recall his name, who used to stand out in the White House area for TV reporters and repeat the same bracing report one time after another.

Except each time, he’d sign off for a different local station – “This is Murray McShmurry reporting for Action News Philadelphia,” followed by the same story and “This is Murray McShmurry reporting for Nine News Now in Los Angeles,” and so forth.

I assume he collected a nice little pot of change for it.

6 thoughts on “Your Local News, and Someone Else’s Too”

  1. Makes you wonder how DUMB you have to be to be a local “TV News Journalist” nowadays…
    You just have to be a hottie/pin-up or somewhat handsome and know how to read a teleprompter & the propaganda talking points from above.

  2. Collusion comes to mind that local news organizations must fill the air time with national news and they are just too lazy to thinks of a new dimension so roll what the national feeds are running, even if that is an opinion and not objective.
    That said, there is a market for having a conservative take to the news, local as well as national. Fox and the Blaze come to mind, as does some of your links down the left column of the WHD. With 94%+ of the population internet connected, it’s only a matter of time people will seek these other news resources out.

  3. Pretty funny. Honestly, it’s been at least 5 years since I’ve watched more than 5 minutes of the local news here in Atlanta. I read probably a half dozen internet sites and get infinitely more (and better) news in the same half hour of time I would have wasted watching the local yokels read from their teleprompters.

    First newspapers, then magazines, now it’s time for local news to go.

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