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Live Stream || Carney Briefing – November 27, 2012

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. Keith,
    Was it just me, or did Carney seem a bit more testy today than usual?

    He kept getting hammered on Benghazi, and the Pres. leaving town vs. staying and working out things with the GOP, and it seemed that Jay was just starting to lose it towards the end.

    Do you know if he is going to keep selling his soul during the next Obama term, or will he bail after Jan 21, and try and find something on K Street?

      • Langley,

        Not to be a conspiracy freak, but I did read that there was a movement by some top military brass to boot Obama in the event that he won reelection. Some chatter was that the D/CI, AFRICA-COM and CGS3 commander were all involved. Don’t know the veracity of the info, but there was also talk that the explosion that hit the south side of Indianapolis, and blew up half a neighborhood was actually a Hellfire that was targeted at DFAS in Lawrence, IN. Supposedly the Hellfire was from a CIA drone, and got intercepted by Wright-Pat. DFAS is the pay master for the USArmy, and also where PPBES is at.

        One of the 1st responders on the scene (lives a block away from G-0) said he heard what sounded like an engine roar, then the explosion. NTSB was in Indy for several days and INDHS was responsible for securing the scene until a few days ago, then local LEOs took over. The city ordered the demo of something like 30 house due to “unsafe conditions” and the demo is to be done by mid-December. The insurance people haven’t even had a chance to go through things, and the residents that were affected had one hour to retrieve belongs before the area was shut down again.

        Things that make you go Hmmm!

        • Interesting input Shofar…

          I was just curious about AFRICA-COM because I read a story that Gen. Ham had units ready to go for Benghazi (Spec Ops in N.Africa that could have been there in 4+hrs & air support) But the WH told Gen. Ham to stand down, Ham hesitated, and his #2 was ordered by the WH (the NSC staff that “never meet”-no pics from the Situation Room) to relieve Gen. Ham the spot