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Bill Whittle: Be a Conservative and Like It

As Republicans and even some “conservative” leaders around the nation melt into a slurry of mushy moderatism and propose jettisoning the philosophy that twice elected Ronald Reagan – by landslides – along comes Bill Whittle of PJTV to remind them and everyone else the power of unflinching conservative ideology.

It’s a theme I’ve been striking around here, that the problem for Republicans in the last presidential election, as in the one before that and in 1992 and 1996, was not that the candidates were too conservative. It’s that they didn’t sell the philosophy they supposedly believed.

Bush the Elder, Dole, McCain, and Romney all came out of the moderate wing of the Party without a serious commitment to conservative ideas. Unable to smell the watery soup they were offering, voters sent them home.

What Whittle suggests here is that Republicans today, and even many conservatives, either don’t really believe conservative ideas or have been cowed by a frowning media and pop culture into hiding it.

So sit back and watch Whittle, and imagine a world in which a candidate does not try to pretend he’s something he’s not. One who celebrates rich people – the most successful in our society, defends the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, says he’s worried about Americans growing lazy and dependent, declares our culture imperfect but superior to all others, suggests that people should save for their own education and retirement – though we’ll help you a bit if you’re down on your luck or screwed it up – and BEFORE ELECTION DAY charges his opponent with trying to pay off various demographic groups.

Or says something like Calvin Coolidge – Reagan’s presidential model – once said: “The business of America is business.”

Because what could be more compassionate than a nation of successful businesses that provides decent jobs for Americans?

10 Responses to Bill Whittle: Be a Conservative and Like It

  1. If we had a conservative candidate who could speak as eloquently, as passionately, as logically, about conservatism as Whittle does, we’d be winners. No question. Gingrich comes close, but has made too many stupid, stupid, missteps.

    I saw this Whittle video the other day on PJTV & was struck by his passion and commitment to the conservative political philosophy. Reagan was this fluent, and he could respond instantly, either seriously or with humorous quips, because he had studied and thought and revised and distilled his thinking about economics and philosophy.

    Where do we find that man or woman today?

  2. I’ve been following Whittle for a while now (he can be followed on the BillWhittleChannel on youtube) – I think he’s an articulate voice for conservatism but I think the more fundamental question is this:

    Can even a very articulate spokesman (spokesperson…) sell the conservative message to people who have their lips around the government teat and convince them to forgo someone else funding their life of perpetual adolescence for a life of self-sacrifice, hard work, and personal responsibility?

    I’m not saying it’s not a fight worth having or that it’s not the only thing to save the America that we were given. I’m asking whether or not people will buy it. In my view, WAY TOO MANY people are thinking the problem is the candidate (I’ll readily agree that we haven’t always put up the best) but a great product depends on people recognizing and placing value in that product. I’ve worked at high tech companies for nearly 20 years and can tell you the best product (technically) isn’t always the one that makes it through the marketing. A great product is only great if it finds enough consumers.

    I agree, and have agreed, with the conservative message my entire adult life. However, I think our country is increasingly populated with people who are well aware of the message, but still not buying it, irrespective of the messenger.

  3. How refreshing to hear conservatism defined with such passion and fluency. Bravo Bill Whittle. The Republican party needs to tap into his energy to spread the conservative message.

    Coincidentally, tonight Mark Levin suggested the Republican party buy a spot on national prime time television and get one of our constitutional conservatives (Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz) to tell the country the truth about what the country is facing with this “fiscal cliff” debate. Going around the media gatekeepers to get the truth out is the only way to inform the public. We sure can’t depend on the press to get our message out.

  4. Thanks Keith!

    Whittle tells it like it is, I’m always struck that he’s able to do so with profanity! I’m cheering and cursing at least every other sentence!

  5. That was freaking awesome! I don’t know much about economics, but I do know common sense when I hear it, and his explanation of how to deal with the questions of how to relate to the “common man” were fantastic.

    As far as how a conservative would respond to the problems we face internationally, I have been saying the same for the past four years. Bullies, thugs, and tyrants only understand one thing, and that is strength or force. I was trained for years in the use of what is called the force continuum ( The same philosophy should be applied when it comes to anyone that wishes to harm America. Unfortunately, we have too many in leadership positions, and they have been there too damned long, that think John Lennon was right.

    Perhaps it’s time to pass an amendment that says anyone wanting to run for office must meet the following criteria:

    1. They can never have been a lawyer – then laws would be at most 10 pages long, not 2500
    2. They must have run a business at some point in their lives, either as an owner or manager
    3. They must have some form of service to the community and country either in the military, or in law enforcement or as a first responder – people that have been in any of these fields have had to make life or death decisions, and generally are not afraid to do so. They understand the realities of acting or not acting, and also understand the trepidation people feel when being placed into a hot situation.

    Thanks for posting the video, I hope everyone who connects here will pass it on to their friends and families.