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The New Politics of Discrimination

There’s a new racket in town, and President Obama is running it.

After Sen. John McCain said on the morning of November 14 that UN Ambassador Susan Rice was not qualified to be Secretary of State because of her erroneous assertions that the Benghazi consulate attack was prompted by an anti-Muslim video, the discrimination police descended, unleashed by Obama himself.

The tactic was effective. Sunday, McCain backed down.

Spurred perhaps by the success of his presidential campaign’s efforts to smear Gov. Mitt Romney, Obama had launched a counteroffensive against McCain and other critics of Rice, suggesting the boys were picking on her because she’s a girl:

But when they go after the U.N. Ambassador, apparently because they think she’s an easy target, then they’ve got a problem with me.  And should I choose, if I think that she would be the best person to serve America in the capacity of the State Department, then I will nominate her.

The comments, made during a press conference the afternoon of November 14, were paternalistic and patronizing. He would not have offerred such a defense for a male adviser.

Obama’s allies in the smear racket took the hint.

Two days later, a dozen female House members, most of them African American, charged McCain had revived the Republican war on women and that he’d added blacks to the list too.

Obama November 14, 2012 press conference
Obama at his November 14 press conference.
Photo by Keith Koffler

“There is a clear sexism and racism that goes with these comments being made by unfortunately Sen. McCain and others,” said Rep. Marcia Fudge, the incoming chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Last Tuesday, Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.), an African American who is the third ranking Democrat in the House, chimed in with the analysis that Republican usage of the word “incompetent” to describe Rice was a resort to racial “code words.”

By Sunday, McCain was off Rice’s case, saying she deserved a chance “to explain herself” and adding that “she’s not the problem.” Bowing to Obama’s original demand, McCain said Obama was “the problem.”

If McCain was indeed chased away from his position by a race baiting posse, it’s a sad new day in American politics.

Obama, who once sought the mantle of post-racial president, sowed the ground for this new politics by running a campaign laden with slurs against his opponent, including one by Vice President Biden, who said Romney wanted to put blacks “back in chains.”

Now that Obama put the campaign on the lowest road he could find, he appears set to place the government there too.

223 thoughts on “The New Politics of Discrimination”

  1. Why would we expect anything less than smearing and race baiting from this president. As you noted Keith, it worked for the campaign, so lets keep this Chitown smear train rolling. This train will continue to roll over decent people trying to do the right thing and the actualy working taxpayers will continue to fund this joke.

  2. The worst thing McCain or anyone accused of this garbage can do is back down. The regime will continue to use these false smear tactics if they work. It’s shameful that race is used as a cudgel to cover up the cover ups of the Benghazi murders. Martin Luther King weeps.

    1. I do not believe McCain is backing down. I think he wants Susas Rice interrogated under oath in the Senate.
      I agree, however, with Kirsten Powers that Obama will know he is asking for trouble if he nominates her.
      This will get interesting before is is over.

    1. Very funny, nice touch
      Like that carnival ride that pinoccio hopped on to that seemed like such fun, till he arrived at the destination. Some of us can see the destination GREECE

    2. The Russian newspaper has commented again on the illiterate American electorate.
      Great conclusion to the article is the video of the “Free Phone woman who voted for Obama for her phone.”

    1. Well, they can call him whatever they want. A pig isn’t a peacock just because folks call it one. He’s not the lord & savior, either.

  3. Don’t get me started on John McCain after the 2008 campaign! The guy practically handed the election to Obama on a silver platter. McCain loves the cameras – almost as much as Obama. When he teamed up with the wishy-washy Lindsay Graham and the Ayotte woman, it was nothing more than a political stunt. The RINOS are a party of wimps – more than willing to cave to Obama on everything including higher taxes and amnesty.

    The SOS choice between Rice and Kerry is a choice between leprosy and cancer. Obama is torn between Kerry because ‘he has earned it’…and Susan Rice because she is an Obama insider. Hobson’s choice! Either way, America loses. The MB will be happy with either choice.

  4. Throughout Obama’s political career, he’s taken the low road. Funny how sealed records magically appeared to smear his opponents. This is nothing new to him … and it works.

  5. Senator McCain would have made the same criticisms of a white male who had made “erroneous assertions that the Benghazi consulate attack was prompted by an anti-Muslim video”. For McCain to criticize Ambassador RIce’s actions as he did was neither sexism nor racism.

  6. McCain always backs down to Obama. What in the world made anyone think he wouldn’t this time. Remember when Obam beat him in the Presidental election and told McCain in public “I won” and McCain looked like someone with a dunce cap on. I lost all respect for him,( McCain) after that and have never regained any since. I live in Arizona and will not cast a vote for him if he runs again, which I am sure he will.

  7. If MsRice is nominated and approved to be the next Sec of State, she will be seen as the AffirmativeAction Sec of State. By using a sexist and racist charge against those who oppose her. all of her accomplishments will be marginalized as second rate or unearned.

    The President and the members of Congress who defended her on the basis of race and sex, and not by her credentials didn’t do her any favors.
    She would be wise to decline the nomination to preserve her self-respect, dignity and her legacy.

    1. Well said. Simply put, decent people who want to solve the problems we are experiencing will be demoralized and ridiculed if they don’t follow the Obama line. If I were Gov. Romney – I would be waking up this morning with a big yawn and smile saying “Boy am I glad this man has to deal with all this mess! You get what you “pay for”!.

    2. Funny how the other Secretary of State named Rice who was also a woman of color never used race or gender for special privileges/protection. I guess some secretaries of state are more “black” than others.

    3. Exactly. But Obama was the trail blazer: he is our first affirmative action president. I sure would like to know how he was accepted by those three sterling institutions, what his grades were, and what nationality he claimed to be.

      1. so Obama is an affirmative action hire, he essentially got over by the color of his skin yet condi rice who is also black and a first in her position didn’ do you square that?

        1. Condi Rice’s records are open to the public. All we have are rumors that Obama didn’t do too well in school. If you’re a cum laude graduate and president of the Harvard Law Review, why on earth would you be hesitant to release your academic record?

        2. furthermore Obama was elected into his position by the popular vote and electoral college… Former Sec. Rice was appointed… seems like it would be easier to point to her as a case of affirmative action… thoughts?

          1. Read her first book…she was raised not to use her race as an excuse but to achieve despite growing up in segregated
            Birmingham. Ms. Rice is a case study in everything Obama isn’t.

          2. No, nthorn, the fact that Rice was appointed does not make her “easier to point to as a case of affirmative action” because her records are open to the public and it is possible to see her qualifications.

  8. I watched “Wag the Dog” over the weekend. Probably a programming mistake since this should have run before the election. Right? Point is the left has such a commanding control of the narrative. Pravda was right… Obama was reelected by a bunch of illiterates. Those that aren’t seemingly justify ignorance. Taxes are going up? Well only on the rich people. News flash: if you have a job you are/were rich. Socialism doesn’t bring anybody up. Socialism takes…and keeps taking until everyone is down. Feeling hopey changey with all this fairness setting in? Didn’t think so.

  9. The administration has to use these tactics because they have NOTHING to offer if they don’t. One can only hope that the eyes of millions of Americans will be opened as they watch what is coming down the road.

    1. Hope on, but I doubt it.

      Those stupid enough to vote for Obummer will never see it coming – until it hits.

      Then there will be great wailing and gnashing of teeth, as the new reality sets in. . . .

    1. BO’s defense of Susan Rice was not racist, it was sexist. He was defending “the poor little girl all the big men were picking on”.

      His paternalistic streak was on full display and if the women who voted for Obummer were really the independent women they portray themselves as being, that paternalistic attitude – and the condescension towards women it so clearly implies – should have sent those women onto twitter screaming their heads off.

      The fact it didn’t is the strongest indictment of any against our current culture.

      If all those women really care about is their bodies and their perceived “security” (by having “their guy” in the White House to look out for them), then this culture is doomed. I know that’s extreme rhetoric, but it is also true. Those women are creating a mindset in this country that will acquiesce to anything “their guy” wants to do. (doesn’t matter who the person in the WhiteHouse actually is, as long as they think of him as “their guy”.) Remember, its primarily the women who raise the children in this culture.

      So men, your children will be raised by these women to believe as they do – that it is the government’s job to “watch over you”.

      Dangerous to give any human that kind of power over your life.
      Very dangerous.

      1. Oh yeah, sexism too.

        Since the left painted McCain and Graham as racist for criticizing Susan Rice then why can’t the right claim Obama as a racist for defending her? These amoral leftist hacks can make any claims they want and the right has to just shutup and eat it? It’s about time the right started fighting fire with fire.

  10. one must not have an opinion in everything you read, but if you do…let it reflect your own moral values…

    i don’t care which race or gender Susan Rice is, and deeply believe that Benghazi was a leadership disaster and a state dept debacle that should be investigated…thoroughly!

    But the idea that McCain or Graham can publicly call a woman that is more educated than both combined as “Not bright or Lazy” which was a hallmark of slavery and slaves slur…is a moral disgrace.

    and that most of you here, either because of party blind or ignorant of American proud history is very bizarre.


    1. I don’t see what education has to do with your premise. To quote Forrest Gump’s mother, “Stupid is as stupid does”.

      And don’t forget, you are a racist if you call a “not bright or lazy” black person not bright or lazy; only white people can be “not bright or lazy”. Got it.

  11. Totally ridiculous. When the liberals were attacking Sarah Palin and Michjelle Bachman with unprecedented viciousness, I don’t recall Marcia Fudge complaining about a war on women.

    Susan Rice would be a horrible choice for SS. Just that simple. Liberal hypocrisy knows no limits.

  12. We get the hint, lay off the Obama inner circle. Still, I am recall the words of Ret. Gen. Chuck Yeager who once said, “If you can do it , it ain’t bragging.”
    He reminds us that regardless of titles or letters of reference, the ultimate testament of one’s abilities is quality of the work you are asked to do.
    Ms. Rice, in my humble opinion, was asked to announce without equivocation, that the Embassy attack was a one off, out of control demonstration by some folks who were upset at a video. For an less than transparent administration, she therefore, performed flawlessly.
    Unfortunately our enemies didn’t the Embassy raid that way and for that we are less safe as a nation.
    Reality has a nasty habit of getting in the way of a carefully woven set of talking points.

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  14. The trio of RINOs (McCain, Graham, and Ayotte) give Republicans a bad name. It is dispiriting to see how they flop around like a fish out of water whenever this demagogue sends out his choir of race hustlers.

    Susan Rice is nothing more than a left wing hack. She has a long history of being rewarded for her wordsmithing skills. Clinton promoted her for removing any reference to “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing” from government documentation concerning Rwanda because the murderous rampage was politically inconvenient for him. Won’t be surprised if the messiah of the left promotes her for the newspeak skills she has demonstrated with the Benghazi massacre.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke

  15. Read history of these United States of America PLEASE. Or read the latest news and despite gains in “race relations” America is still a very “racist” place in its institutions, its policies, and its “white” political leadership. Until you understand and acknowledge that fact, you’ll remain stuck in your fantasyland. “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” -MLK

    1. Unfortunately now the preponderance of racism is by blacks upon whites, reverse racism. Try explaining Obama’s 95% black vote when black unemployment is off the charts. Would Barack Obama have ever gotten elected, not once but twice, if whites were as racist as blacks? Yes, America IS still very racist, reverse racist.

        1. Typical liberal, you can’t refute the facts so you resort to name calling, and, of course, Allinsky’s favorite tactic, ridicule. Liberal tolerance just can’t tolerate their own tactics being used against them.

          I know pumpkin, only whites are racist, a big hug for you.

          1. its not a matter of degree and the fact that you think blacks voting for obama is an indication of racism shows you have no idea what real racism is.

          2. So, please explain what racism is to us know-nothing whites.

            And please explain why the blacks trash every conservative black, make or female, that comes along. And they don’t just trash their political views, they trash them personally.

          3. robin h… seems like u just explained why 95 percent of blacks voted for obama… “the blacks trash every conservative black, male or female”.. seems like they’re equal opportunity conservative opponents… not “reverse racist” whatever that may mean

          4. Jeff1000 said “the preponderance of racism is by blacks upon whites, reverse racism. ”

            Racism is racism there is no such thing as reverse racism. Also racism is an action of exclusion, denial and differing treatment based on skin color and/or ethnicity. In areas of employment, education and housing when have Blacks as a group been in the position to deny Whites any of these things?

            As far as Blacks voting 95% for Obama..Blacks have also voted 90% for Clinton and Black unemployment has always been relatively higher than Whites no what what party is in power the only difference is when its democrats in power you all say that the higher unemployment in the Black community is the fault of liberal policies but when republicans are in power higher unemployment in the Black community is the fault of their own laziness.

            Regarding Blacks trashing Black conservatives.. Lee Atwater created strategy to to garner the southern white vote. check the vid of him discussing how to use racial buzzwords and in it he specifically states:

            “You start out in 1954 by saying ni–er, ni–er, ni–er. By 1968, you can’t say ni–er. That hurts you, it backfires, so you say stuff like…uh forced-busing, states’ rights, and all that stuff, and you getting so abstract now you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all of these thing you talking about are totally economic things & the byproduct of them is blacks get hurt worse than whites.”

            This is the basic playbook republicans have been using for the last 40 years. Even conservative Blacks use it. You don’t think the Black community picks up on that?

          5. qhurt, “reverse racism” is just a minority population being racist against a majority population. It’s not a republican racial buzzword (since I’m sure you were looking for a connection).

            In 1996 Bill Clinton received 84% of the black vote, an 11% difference to Barack Obama’s 95% in 2012. And Barack Obama, unlike Bill Clinton, presided over an utterly failed presidency in every sphere, domestic and abroad, yet his failed presidency secured a higher percentage of the black vote than Bill Clinton’s tech boom assisted successful presidency heading into 1996.

            So the black voters provided fewer votes to a successful white democrat president and more votes to a failed black democrat president. Nothing to see here, huh?

          6. I’m sure he would have refuted the facts, had you bothered to present any. However, you didn’t, and never will, since facts have a well-known liberal bias.

      1. The democratic candidate still got the overwhelming majority of the black vote. 95% vs 84% means what…a small portion of the majority of blacks voted for Obama based on skin color..and your point is what that that small percentage is indicative of reverse racism..are you kidding me??

        again racism is racism period. Unless youre saying that racism from the majority to the minority is the proper way it should flow and anyway other than that is somehow worse.

        1. No, you convienently avoided my main point which is that Barack Obama was/ is no Bill Clinton and yet he received more black votes than Clinton. With a suffering economy, massive black unemployment, and amateur-hour foreign policy, Obama received more black votes than Clinton with his booming economy, and thanks to lucky factors beyond his control, a successful presidency. If Obama and Clinton had achieved comparable success then I would agree that 95% to 84% was insignificant.

          Black voters aren’t stupid, and they’re well aware that Barack Obama is laughingly incompetent and a charlatan but they voted for him anyway. How come? Gay rights? Free condoms? Obamacare? I don’t think so.

          1. whats funny is how you assume your views and opinions are in alignment with the black community.

            Economy and unemployment – mostly blamed on the previous administration and rightfully so.

            Foreign policy – Osama bin Laden nuff said. As far as middle east issues thats stuffs been going on for decades with periodic bursts of violence and war thats pockmarked every presidents tenure.

            Gay Rights – not that big a deal anymore get over it

            Obamacare – with high unemployment comes high uninsured do you really think Blacks look at Obamacare as a bad thing? Oh I forgot YOU actually do think that.

            Blacks, like most of the country don’t see Obama as a failed president. Youre just being a sore loser thats all.

          2. So you’re willing to throw black voters under the bus as stupid Kool-Aid drinking buffoons to avoid the truth of racism? I know, it’s a rock and hard place. Good luck with that.

          3. we’ve finally gotten down to how you really feel about Blacks voting for Obama. After spending most of the thread projecting your views and feelings about Obama onto Blacks in a most transparent and obvious way as if theyre in sync only to reveal what you really think when cornered with reality. And you wonder why Blacks don’t vote republican. Youve proven that this generation of the GOP has no respect for the Black vote at all.

  16. Um, no, we cannot accuse the republican party of racism or gender discrimination when they had the first black female Sec of State. In fact, they had two black sec of states in a row.

  17. RE: “But when they go after the U.N. Ambassador, apparently because they think she’s an easy target, then they’ve got a problem with me. And should I choose, if I think that she would be the best person to serve America in the capacity of the State Department, then I will nominate her.”

    Paternalistic and patronizing perhaps. However, the majority of the American public will probably also found it chivalrous and enliveningly assertive. Score on optics for the President on this one. It may be a sad day, but hardly a new one. It was also painful to Sen. McCain so peevish and querelous on this issue.
    In other words, if there was a smear, it wasn’t even necessary. The mind of public opinion tends to wander off when the execute and legislative branches get into “he said/she said” arguments. In this instance, the American public doesn’t see substantial error on the part of Rice (quite possibly because they don’t really watch the Sunday morning news cycle).

    It may be just that McCain saw that the position wasn’t doing him any favours regardless of the alleged discrimination witch hunt.

  18. So now all they have to say is, “Give me everything I want, or I will scream discrimination!” Qualifications do not matter. And the Republicans back down out of fear of being labeled as racist, sexist, etc. Sadly, the mainstream media let it all pass, rather than do their job and investigate, lest they also be branded as bigots.

    1. This is why you’ve lost. This is why you will lose. You continue cling to the hollow excuses and myths with no merit or basis in reality. Nobody’s screaming discrimination except for Republican ideologues such as yourlelf, who lack the intellectual integrity and intestinal fortitude to face and accept reality. Barack Obama won re-election because he was vastly more qualified than his opponent. You decry a lack of qualifications and then proceed to offer no evidence or support for this assertion… Pitiful. And you continue to refer to Susan Rice as “incompetent” while simultaneously offering explanation as to how you’ve reached this conclusion. While this certainly doesn’t prove that race is an issue, it makes it clear that your argument is not grounded in any way shape or form in her ability to do the job. This is childish, petty, and unamerican. The most disheartening thing isn’t your ignorance, it’s the willful nature of it. You’re utterly hopeless because you choose to be.

    2. Agree with you, Hannah. Although I believe the lamestream media is complicit with this demagogue. They are besotted with the cult of personality. Just ignore the Alinskyite gnats like Brian. Wondering if Keith got a link from some leftist site. The devil’s spawn are sure crawling on this post for some reason.

      Barackoclaus won re-election because he promised to hand out more goodies to the takers. They could care less who gets the shakedown to keep the gravy train rolling along, as long as it isn’t them. They’re gonna have to face reality sooner or later. As Margaret Thatcher said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money. ”

  19. “Obama, who once sought the mantle of post-racial president ….”

    No, he only appeared to seek this title because he knew that appearing to seek it would garner him votes. There is no evidence that being a post-racial president was ever his goal.

  20. I do not believe that McCain caved. I think he wants Susan Rice in front of the Senate for questioning.
    I agree with you completely about the shameful race baiting being done to the Republicans but McCain is smarter than Bam, Clyburn and Fudge.

  21. in your twisted world, illegal, fake birth cert and food stamp president = justified, but a statemet “…. U.N. Ambassador, apparently because they think she’s an easy target..” = race baiting

    The president used similar words to defent Hilary Clinton during the debate against your clown candidate, “make no mistake I’m responsible”, when the moderator referenced Clinton taking the blame.

    You would have more credibiity if you stated that both sides use these tactics, but then you are going to say that Obama said he wouldn’t use such tactics, blah blah,,so he broke a promise – My counter is, you clowns are suppose to be the “religious” right, washed in the blood of Christ and all that nonsense., so why use such tacticts? ,

  22. Barack Obama and his leftist flunkies are race baiters. Just call it what it is. This all will last until Obama runs out of other people’s money and ruins this country.

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  24. Did anyone really expect anything different from John Distain? I respect the guy as a war hero – at one point, he clearly fought for what he believed in. Maybe he still fights for what he believes in but I’m not sure what that is these days, or for the last 20 years or so in the Senate, other than his own job – it’s certainly not a belief in competent people running the government and representing the American people. If someone expected Distain to stand up to the school-yard bully tactics of the Chicago machine, they were sadly mistaken.

  25. Joseph Goebbels was credited with the following:
    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    Is this where we are heading? This administration is doing everything in its power to limit dissent and hide the truth from the American people.

    The embassy in Cairo has had protesters marching against it for days now, and yet we hear little about that is going on in Egypt. What happens when the US Embassy in Egypt gets over run and the staff taken hostage as happened in Iran? Will our people be kept prisoners for 444 days or four years until someone comes along and scares the crap out of the Islamist?

    FDR said we have nothing to fear but fear itself. In today’s modern age, I think that is no longer true. Now the saying should be “We have nothing to fear but our own government!”

  26. Politically, McCain has always been a chicken, so why think he would change?

    Politically, Obama has always been a statist bs-er, so why think he would change?

  27. Tis troubling that people’s self-identity buttons are treated as more important than free speech or intelligence in the conduct of national security policy. Either this person is incompetent or a liar; neither is a good characteristic in a potential cabinet officer.

  28. The GOP is indeed racist. Led by Fox News, Drudge, and Rush Limbaugh the GOP faithful are given a daily dose of racism. The denial here is laughable. Own your racism. The Southern Strategy may still yet work for you.

  29. It is no surprise that John McCain backed down. He is a RINO who has no spine whatsoever. Because the base didn’t turn out on November 6th, many people (including Obama himself) now believe that Obama can play the race card and the “gender” card and get his way.

    Those of you who didn’t vote for Romney because you thought he was a RINO, YOU are the ones responsible for this. YOU are the reason why Obama is going to run this country from the leftist fringe for the next 4 years.

    Next time around, we need to get everybody to the polls and to do that we need to nominate a real conservative whom everybody knows will drastically shrink the government. That is the only way we’re going to turn our base out and beat the Democrats. If we nominate Jeb Bush or Chris Christie (reason #2 why Obama got re-elected, so let’s hope his presidential campaign in 2016 is dead on arrival) or some other RINO, the base will stay home once again and the incompetent woman responsible for the takeover of Libya and Egypt by our enemies will be our next President.

    It is fitting that an incompetent President would choose a lunatic to be his VP and would replace one incompetent Secretary of State with another. It would also be fitting if he nominated Senator Flip Flops as the next Secretary of Defense. His Department of Justice should already be called the Department of Injustice because it is primarily focused on arming drug dealers so they can use the resulting violence as an argument for abridging the right to keep and bear arms. This administration is a gang of incompetents, lunatics, traitors and criminals. The entire executive branch is a threat to our nation’s freedom and security. This country will be in much worse shape 4 years from now, but there are 60 million morons out there that will vote for the Democrat Party no matter what. The only way we can beat them is if the real America shows up to the polls next time.

  30. It is so anti-American for democrats to call Republicans racists. The democrats have found a new trick and they are running with it. How is it that they are allowed to spew such filth and deceit and work in government?

    And McCain backed off — he should be ashamed of himself to let these dems call him such names. I thought McCain was a real man but apparently he is not.

    There should be a way to stop the democrats from such lies and deceit but nobody is doing anything about it? Just backing off like McCain?

    The truth is the democrats are the racists, every word out of their mouth is racist against white people. Disgusting bunch. I hope there is a new civil war to shut these people up. That probably is the only way to get America back.

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  33. I think if the Democrats have taught us anything recently it’s that values such as merit, integrity, and character no longer matter. What’s important now is that you are politically correct. The standard of political correctness is of course determined by which ever party is in power. In the last 10 presidential elections, this is the first time I can remember where the winner continued to try to divide the country. One has to wonder why. All I know is any answers to that question I can conjure up are not good.

  34. We’ve seen it for the past thirty years and we will see it until white people develop some commonsense and outrage against the race hustlers.

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    would best suit requirements. Once the car agent
    repays the loan, the company income the title into the car.

    Sub-tropical Mediterranean, northern Africa, the Middle East, and the continuous
    United States have been likely to perceive monthly summer temperatures rise by a good
    deal than 6C. Temperatures of the warmest July the middle 2080-2100
    in your current Mediterranean are envisioned to
    approach 35C ‘” about 9C warmer than the most important warmest July predicted for the present day. The warmest July month with the Sahara as well as the Middle Distance will see heat as high due to the fact 45C, or 6-7C above the hottest July simulated for the present single day.
    Interesting weather could in about turn lower plant yields in a 4C world'”raising is all about about future food security. Business experiments have seen that crops are really highly sensitive as a way to temperatures above unique thresholds. Only one study cited for the report commonly found that each ‘growing degree day’ paid at a temperature range of 30 degress fahrenheit decreases yields courtesy of – 1% under drought-free rain-fed conditions.

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