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Carney: Egypt Having “Internal Deliberations”

The White House today continued to soft-pedal its reaction to the power grab by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, failing to publicly pressure the Islamist leader to back off from a move toward one-Party rule long feared by those who question to Muslim Brotherhood’s commitment to democracy.

“There’s a process underway in Egypt,” Carney blandly told reporters today.

Carney rejected suggestions that President Obama had been used as a prop in the power grab, which came directly after the administration lauded Morsi for helping broker a ceasefire between the Palestinians and Israel in Gaza.

“I think that on the issue of the role that Egypt played and Pres. Morsi played in achieving a cease fire on the one hand versus the internal deliberations that are going on … we have to separate those,” Carney said.

Carney’s said the administration has expressed to Egypt its “concerns.” But this is far short of the kind of direct statement that might send a chill up Morsi’s spine should he fail to back off from the decree seizing power from the Egyptian judiciary.

H/T to Politico.

14 thoughts on “Carney: Egypt Having “Internal Deliberations””

  1. Internal deliberations Egyptian-style include; power grab, street protests, body count begins and a call for a MB counter-demonstration for Tuesday. It’s a chaotic blend of “OWS”meets the Million Muppet March until they hit the intersection of 5th & Fatwah (a/k/a Tahir Square).

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  3. Yeah, I’m sure the slacker in chief is real distraught about Morsi seizing power; so upset he’s speechless. Besides, any entanglement with the Islamonazis right now might disrupt his Hawaiian vacation. No way he’s gonna miss his annual vacation just to defend a bunch of young dopes who truly believed that fable about the Arab Spring being a wellspring of democracy. Jokes on you chumps.

  4. The only amazing thing here is that Egypt, for 5000 years, has only been ruled by one thug after another. It doesn’t matter what you call the rulers, Egypt (and most of the world for that matter) simply has no experience or love for, Representative Government. Given the majority of Egyptians also support Islam, which promotes a single religious ruler as being the ultimate form of government, why is anyone surprised at this result?

  5. This makes my blood run cold….whatever is ahead for America?
    The Fiscal Cliff looms but so does so much more.
    Can keep one awake at night.
    My husband says, “Relax, we do what we can and we stay prepared.” I knoe he is right.
    Still interrupts my sleep!

  6. Is it just me, or does anyone else see the timing of all that has happened in the Middle East as a bit suspicious?

    The Palestinians keep launching rocket after rocket into Israel, forcing the Israelis to finally respond. Then after a short “war” Egypt, with its new leadership is suddenly able to broker a truce, and the Israelis stop responding to the attacks from Gaza, even though the Palestinians break the truce within the first hours of the truce.

    Morsi is hailed as a voice of moderation and peace, even though rockets were reportedly fired at Israel from Egypt. He gains an international reputation as being more or less a moderate, and get all kinds of pats on the back from the Islamophile media. Then, to bring order, peace and reconciliation to his own country he seizes almost total power from everyone. Yet no one really raises a stink about it. After all he did bring peace between Israel and Gaza.

    The timing of everything leads me to think that the entire Gaza uprising was done under the direction of the Brotherhood so that Morsi could do his power grab with little or no international outcry. And it looks like it is going to succeed. He will put down any and all resistance, all in the name of law and order, and for the benefit of the Egyptian people, and no one will lift a finger to stop the killing of Coptics, Christians, non-Brotherhood approved Muslims, Jews, and anyone else that even remotely disagrees with Morsi and his ilks view of the world under Islam.

    1. Shofar, your guess is as good as it gets in the pond of red herrings. Anyone who hails Morsi as a moderate is a moron and a dangerous moron to boot and the tweets from the embassy in Cairo are proof-positive. You can read the entire thread at

      “As Twitchy reported yesterday, the U.S. Embassy in Cairo somehow managed to get the keys to its Twitter account back, after being thrown under the bus for its disgraceful apologism on September 11. Yesterday, the embassy tweeted, during protests and riots in Egypt that had spread to the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, that the revolution was a “positive step.”

      Not enough fuel on the fire. Spox from admin. has been “suggesting” that Jordan needs to seek reform, too. I am sure King Abdullah is thrilled – not. Need I add that Iraq is allowing Iran to re-arm gaza.

  7. Seriously, why does anyone bother to make the effort to go all the way to the White House to hear anything Jay Carney has to say? The guy is pure motormouth horse manure.

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