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Biden Makes Off with Ann Romney

Vice President Joe Biden today snatched Ann Romney from her husband Mitt and the two eloped to Mexico.

Biden, who attempted to disguise himself in dark glasses, and Mrs. Romney can be seen below boarding Air Force Two for the trip.

Okay, actually that’s Dr. Jill Biden, the vice president’s wife. But when I looked at this, I thought for just a moment, what is going on here? It looked like one of those single-color outfits Ann Romney sometimes wears.

Ann Romney is actually safely in the arms of her husband, as far as White House Dossier knows.

21 thoughts on “Biden Makes Off with Ann Romney”

  1. Sorry – didn’t think this was that funny. Ann Romney has more class than all the Obama people combined – Biden isn’t worthy to step into her shadow.

    Say what you want about Mitt, Ann is one of the best – Michelle is insufferably self-righteous and the exact opposite of Ann Romney – make fun of the wookie, if you must.

    1. I guess folks are still hungover with crabbiness post election…depressing to think it’s 47 months until next Presidential election….and 23 months to mid-terms…

    2. Offensive to compare the two women but not your fault, Keith,
      Joe and Doctor B are not in the class with the Romneys.
      And the Obamas have no class other than low.

  2. ENOUGH of this “Dr.” Biden crap.
    We get, she has an ego and thinks she is ‘smarter’ than everyone else and because she teaches some seminar once a week at some coummunity college in NOVA.

    1. You never heard Lynn Cheney insist on being called “DR.” Cheney, despite having a PhD. I work with college people all the time ~ the best of the best are the most down to earth. It’s the ones who insist that you bow down as they walk through the hallways that are major PITA’s to work with. I had to deal with one of them yesterday ~ it was not fun!

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