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The Obamas’ Thanksgiving Feast

The Obamas spent Thanksgiving with friends, family and staff and served lots of pie: Banana, pumpkin, apple, sweet potato, huckleberry, and cherry, according to the press pool report.

None are known to be on Michelle’s “Let’s Move” diet plan. But it is Thanksgiving, after all.

Here’s what else the Obamas ate:

•  Turkey
•  Ham
•  Cornbread Stuffing
•  Oyster Stuffing
•  Greens
•  Macaroni and cheese
•  Sweet Potatoes
•  Mashed Potatoes
•  Green Bean Casserole
•  Dinner Rolls

And “in keeping with a Thanksgiving tradition,” Obama  called 10 members of the armed forces deployed in Afghanistan – two in the Army, two in the Air Force, two in the Coast Guard, two in the Marine Corps, and two in the Navy – to thank them for their service.

24 thoughts on “The Obamas’ Thanksgiving Feast”

  1. Saw on another site that the Obamas did not hand out turkey or meat at the community food bank. Only veggies this year. And no arugula but carrots and sweet potatoes.

  2. Do the Obamas pay for their own groceries ? I see nothing wrong with enjoying Thanksgiving with family and friends, but do we pay for this?

    How about a long weekend at Camp David to give the regular staff the holiday off to spend time with their families? Afterall, that’s what the Walmart employees are protesting :)

    1. The president and his family are supposed to pay for their own groceries and food consumed except that official events, however that term is defined. According to a recent book on presidential perks, when the president does go to Camp David, a lot of military personnel are required. So it may be that by not going to Camp David, and staying at the White House, fewer people are inconvenienced.

    2. “Do the Obamas pay for their own groceries ?” – DeniseVB

      HAHAHAHAHAHA! (snort, gasp) HAHAHAHAHAH! (snort, pant for air).

      Libeals pay for something themselves? Anything? Especially the Obamas? Thanks for the Thanksgiving laugh!

  3. The “friends” were the Oregon team that Michelle’s brother coaches. I think it’s sad that they have to import friends since they have none of their own.

    1. LOL — Oprah wasn’t there. I wonder how she feels about having been ignored this election after she torpedoed her career for The One with her endorsement.

  4. Well, it’s been more than 24 hours now since their feeding-time and I haven’t heard a THING on the news about ANY of them swallowing a fork, or something happy like that, so I guess there’s always NEXT year… :'(

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