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“Middle Class Joe” Takes Thanksgiving on Nantucket

Vice President Biden, who thinks of himself as middle class and self-identifies with average Americans, embarked Tuesday for the exclusive resort island of Nantucket, where he and his family spend Thanksgiving every year.

According to Nantucket’s Inquirer and Mirror, it’s the 36th straight year the Biden clan has celebrated the holiday on the island.

Biden used to journey by boat from Hyannis – the ritzy island enclave where President Obama vacations during summer – to Nantucket for Turkey Day, the newspaper reports. But as vice president he descends from the clouds at taxpayer expense aboard Air Force Two.

Biden, who along with his wife Jill earned $379,000 in 2011, proclaimed himself in a speech this past July to be a member of the middle class:

For middle class folks like me and most of you, owning a home is maybe the single most consequential element of our existence to be able to provide for our families.

Biden was employed by the Obama 2012 campaign as kind of an ambassador to the working class, presented as an “average Joe” from Scranton, Pennsylvania who says what’s on his mind.

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  1. the trouble is that 47 percent of Americans believe Middle Class Joe’s BS. This guy is nothing but rich scum making his money and port folio off the American taxpayer. Hey Joe, there are a few of us that are not stupid but not enough of us to vote your dumb*** out of office.

    1. Actually, 52% is what it looks like Obama got despite the depressed turnout in the Sandy areas. Romney, ironically, got 47%. But he must be proud because of the 20 states with the highest percentage of food stamp recipients, Romney took 18.

      1. Complete Liar:

        From the Huffington Post (hardly a Foxnews counterpart):

        States with highest percentage of food stamps:

        1. Mississippi
        2. Oregon
        4. New Mexico
        5. Michigan
        6. Louisiana
        7. Kentucky
        8. W. Virginia
        9. Maine
        10. S. Carolina

        States with highest Welfare percentage: from CNBC (again hardly foxnews)

        15. Oregon
        14. Pennsylvania
        13. Michigan
        12. Rhode Island
        11. Indiana
        10. New Mexico
        09. Washington
        8. Minnesota
        7. New York
        6. Washington DC
        5. Vermont
        4. Massachusetts
        3. Tennessee
        2. Maine
        1. California

        Yeah…lot of red states there….please keep your lies to some other board….people who read these articles are much too intelligent to believe the lies out of your mouth.

  2. Ah, America. We have been spoon fed imaginery stories all of our lives. Christopher Columbus discovered America. The Pilgrims and Indians sat down together for a peaceful meal. Wilson was going to keep us out of war. Roosevelt single handedly ended the depression. Pearl Harbor was a surprize attack. Pick your fantasy. Then came Middle Class Joe and the mystery man from Illinois who were going to jointly lead us to the promised land of Hopey Changiness. Enough idiots believed this fantasy twice to ensure we would lose America forever. Maybe the truth is that America as we knew it was nothing but a fantasy anyway. You get the government you derserve. Sadly, that includes a government that pays for Old Joe’s fun and travel too. Enjoy your Turkey Day!

    1. what happened to ending the Bush tax cuts for the “rich” i.e. those earning over $250K a year . Which is it ? I’m confused . Is $250 rich one day when you want to tax folks and then $379K is middle class when you want to Bull s*it them . Help me out here . and can’t we work Bush in to the deal somewhere ?

  3. What hasn’t this clown done that wasn’t at tax payer expense? He looks at us as serfs/slaves. Every commie-crat is a pile of rotting porcine excrement. Liars all.

  4. Well, I am finally taking a vacation next July . . . first real vacation since 2006. I am actually going to another country to help them build something that is needed so it won’t be that restful . . . but it is going to be a wonderful way to spend time!

  5. Well of course they did, and to prove it, they pandered to the “entitleist class” and illegals. Not to mention the usual tactics of smoke and mirrors, but it worked, and that’s all that matters now, right? Tell them what they want to hear….feel them snale oil…and you then WON them…

  6. Wow, the lengths some will go to paint Biden, and by extension BO, Dems and liberals, as liars and hypocrites. First off, Nantucket isn’t an exclusive island resort. It’s an island with expensive properties, lots of wealth, but also firemen, cops, teachers, home builders, small business owners, and plenty of tourists, etc. Sorry if the facts explode your image of this little whaling village.

    Moreover, Hyannis is about as straighforward a middle-class town as there is .. to call it a “ritzy island enclave” is not just an exaggeration, it’s laughable and it’s lying.

    Sir, is it too much to protect freedom by insisting on professional journalism? If not, then please try practicing it.

    Gobble, gobble !!

  7. Poor Joe – he’s got no clue who he is or what he is, and that’s because he tries to be all things to all people. That’ll get you exactly…..nowhere!

    Why he’s taken seriously at all is beyond me, except, of course, for his comedic value.

    He’s not even a good liar, and any numbscull knows he’s not middle class, no matter what he says. Total tool!

  8. There was one thing worse for the free world than re-electing Barack Hussein Obama.

    And that was re-electing Joseph Robinette Biden and knowing that he is but a heartbeat away from unseating Obama as the worst POTUS in our lifetimes.

  9. So which one is it? Is a family that makes a combined 379k rich? Or are the Bidens a family of middle class working stiffs unfairly lumped in the wealthy? I’m not asking the Democrats, I’m asking you.

    If he’s rich then you agree that Obama’s tax plan increases taxes mostly the wealthy, since it begins not far below his family’s income.

    If he’s middle class then this article is a sham and you have no “hypocrisy” to complain about.

    But you people can’t have things both ways.

    1. So you’re too dense to get the point: it’s Dems who want to have it both ways.

      Joey and Barky have been going around demagoguing against “the rich,” which THEY define as $250,000 and above. Except when that figure is inconvenient for them.

      1. The hypocrisy works both ways. Republicans on this forum assert that Biden’s a fat cat hypocrite making big bucks, but also that people who make his salary are middle class. You might accuse Democrats of one hypocrisy, but you’re automatically guilty of the converse one. If you think you aren’t, go ahead and answer my predominate question.

        There’s a simple solution to this category problem: Biden is upper middle class. He’s the textbook definition of upper middle class in America–two married working people bringing in a tiny fraction of what Mitt Romney, say, makes in carried interest every year, but still enough to live comfortably. My parents made something like that and nobody would have called them rich–they couldn’t pay off their mortgage until long after retirement.

        But here’s the reason the notionally bidirectional hypocrisy is really concentrated on your end: neither Biden not Barky (?) have been “demagoguing” against people making $250,000. They’ve been doing that (for the purposes of argument) with regard to people making tens and hundreds of millions, while simultaneously arguing that taxes should return to what they were in 1999, which would mean an increase on the rich and the upper middle class–themselves included–alike. There’s nothing hypocritical about arguing that your own taxes should be higher. You might disagree with it–I’m sure you have the requisite economic training–but it’s not hypocritical. It’s just arguing that the economy would work better if the arguer were taxed more.

        Of course, I’m aware that this level of nuance may be a bit too much for the brain of thr average reader of this blog to handle.

  10. Joe does not know what middle class is. What is Joe’s work record?
    He now calls himself a homeboy in New Jersey. Is that a racist remark?

  11. So Joe, when do your constituents return to their chains? Before or after your VIP trip to Nantucket…Something tells me that Democrat is synonymous with hypocrite!

    1. Yeah, just like throwing around scurrilous allegations that someone is a felon and a tax cheat and a de facto murderer — which is what Barky and Joey’s campaign did to Mitt Romney, who is a vastly superior human being to them in every way.

  12. He had the lowest income in the Senate for years. He grew up middle class, in working class areas His income now is substantial, but not extraordinary considering he has to maintain two residences – one in Delaware and one in DC. To believe Biden is “wealthy” and a hypocrite for identifying with the middle class you have to be either a partisan hack, or very ignorant regarding what $370,000 gets you these days.

  13. I’ve stayed on Nantucket, as the Jared Coffin House, several times, including the Veteran’s Day weekend one year. (I live near Boston). You don’t have to be rich to do so. I have also stayed in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts during the high summer season while Tanglewood is operating.

  14. Here’s the intro of a great article in the Washington Times from 2007 (can’t find a link to it):

    Democrats like to define themselves as the party of poor and middle-income Americans, but a new study says they now represent the majority of the nation’s wealthiest congressional districts.

    In a state-by-state, district-by-district comparison of wealth concentrations based on Internal Revenue Service income data, Michael Franc, vice president of government relations at the Heritage Foundation, found that the majority of the nation’s wealthiest congressional jurisdictions were represented by Democrats.

    He also found that more than half of the wealthiest households were concentrated in the 18 states where Democrats hold both Senate seats.

    “If you take the wealthiest one-third of the 435 congressional districts, we found that the Democrats represent about 58 percent of those jurisdictions,” Mr. Franc said.

  15. It always amazes me that conservatives insist that one must don sackcloth and dine on insects if they’re expected to represent the interests of the middle and lower classes.

    “Spoiled and self-centered” is not based on what you have. It’s based on how you behave and how you treat others.

    1. “Spoiled and self-centered” is not based on what you have. It’s based on how you behave and how you treat others.”

      You mean the FACT . . . that neither BO nor Biden can manage to give mut a pittance to charity. BO and MO never gave much until their tax returns had to become public. Biden and the Mrs. don’t seem to have much problem letting everyone know what skinflints they are.

    1. I don’t care about Biden being VP. I didn’t see the left being cautious about their assaults on both Pres. Bush and Vice-Pres. Cheney when they were in office.

  16. This is no big deal. Joe never called himself middle class, he was just reading a Neil Kinnock speech. He just forgot to cite him again. Oopsie!

  17. This man is one heartbeat away of the Presidency. Good work Democrats. You have declared war on half the country and are determined to pull us over the cliff with you. Or at least the few of you who pay taxes are, the rest of the Obama base are worthless drains on society.
    Just don’t get smug, you won’t hold the power for long and those of you who think so aren’t going to like how the tables are turned.

  18. Joe Buffoon can’t spell middle class, much less define it. To think this dimwit is a heartbeat away from the presidency is frightening, although he could hardly be worse than the current disgracer of the office.

  19. It is truly sad when you realize the only thing worse than having Obama as president would be to have Biden as president. How did we get here??!!

  20. Would have been nice to see an estimated dollar amount on what this type of holiday would cost the average middle class family. Also, what is the cost to taxpayers for Air Force Two and the secret service detail? I’m pretty sure most middle class families could not afford this.

  21. Biden doesn’t really think of himself as middle class, he just says he is, and some actually believe it. He has been in the Senate too long to actually have done any real work, he has palled along with Teddy, and his ilk, and we all know we middle class were never invited to Hyannis Port. In no way, has Biden ever done an honest days work. To be middle class you at least have to worry once in a while where your mortgage payment is coming from, where you will get the money to send your kids to college…and not Harvard or any of those other propaganda institutions, can you put oil in your home heating tank. Nope, Biden would freak out if he actually had to live an week as a real middle class American.

  22. Would this be “ol lunch box Joe” who has never had a job other than a political position? This man is an even a bigger embarrassment than Prez O (Zero) . A bigger Fool has never held public office, only those who vote for him are bigger fools.

  23. POS……always was…always will be. Friggin joke…..the fact we have people who voted BO and Biden’s tired, tanned, horse smiled ass into office not once, but twice proves that Democrats are morons. And four years from now, when the US governments debt has been downgraded again and China has decided to sell treasuries….guess what?? People like me will be gone…..who you going turn upside down then??

  24. Your blog sucks. I mean really sucks. You whine a bit too much- what happened to self reliant upright conservatives. Now all I hear is whining that is even worse then the democrats. Pull up your big boy pants.

  25. Biden’s wife is a school teacher.
    His net worth is on the lower scale than most people that have had his pisitions.
    You false equivalencies are getting tired.

      1. Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden, Jr. became an attorney in 1969, elected to some county council in 1970, and then elected senator for the state of Delaware in 1972. He has been a government bureaucrat for 42 years – longer than the young people who voted for him have been alive.

    1. There once was a man who had a holiday meal in Nantucket
      caused the derpers to to puke in a bucket
      While Joe ate some bird
      the Right went absurd
      And that chicken, boy did they phuck it.

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