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“Middle Class Joe” Takes Thanksgiving on Nantucket

Vice President Biden, who thinks of himself as middle class and self-identifies with average Americans, embarked Tuesday for the exclusive resort island of Nantucket, where he and his family spend Thanksgiving every year.

According to Nantucket’s Inquirer and Mirror, it’s the 36th straight year the Biden clan has celebrated the holiday on the island.

Biden used to journey by boat from Hyannis – the ritzy island enclave where President Obama vacations during summer – to Nantucket for Turkey Day, the newspaper reports. But as vice president he descends from the clouds at taxpayer expense aboard Air Force Two.

Biden, who along with his wife Jill earned $379,000 in 2011, proclaimed himself in a speech this past July to be a member of the middle class:

For middle class folks like me and most of you, owning a home is maybe the single most consequential element of our existence to be able to provide for our families.

Biden was employed by the Obama 2012 campaign as kind of an ambassador to the working class, presented as an “average Joe” from Scranton, Pennsylvania who says what’s on his mind.

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  1. It always amazes me that conservatives are taken to task for having wealth, but liberals are always given a pass. I know, I know, but it still amazes me and always will.

    1. “Li`mou`sine´ lib`er`al
      n. 1. a wealthy or well-to-do person of liberal political inclination. It is sometimes used as a term of contempt for those espousing the cause of poor people, without having to endure the discomfort that their policies may inflict on others, such as the lower middle class. ‘

      They’re smarter, more caring, and just plain better than you, so they deserve more. Mind your place, peasant!

    2. Evidently it is ok to be wealthy, as longs as it was through:
      a) Marrying into it (Kerry’s ketchup fortune)
      b) Inheritence of illegal proceeds (“America’s Royal Family” the Kennedys)
      c) Living off the public dole (most elected officials)
      or d) Rental income fom the Secret Service (Middle Class Joe).

      It is NEVER acceptable to earn your wealth through the private sector.

      1. Producing useful goods and services that other people want and need is the least honorable way to get rich, apparently.

        And didya notice how the Dems in Florida elected a white bar brawler whose wealthy daddy bought him a seat in Congress, ousting a black Republican who came from humbler roots and worked his way to success with discipline and courage? They’ve got their priorities straight.

    3. What amazes me is that this is news anymore.
      Would save a lot of space and precious natural resources if, everyday, in every non-Obamamedia print outlet, there was simply a side-bar box above the fold — and in bold — like, “Obama, Biden, H. Clinton and other morally adrift and vulgar members of Obama’s administration and Democrat Party lied yesterday.”

      Of course, the editor who wrote such daily side-bar would have to have the liberty to modify “lied.” For example: “maliciously,” “dangerously,” “fury-provoking,” “insultingly,” etc.

    4. Rich conservatives get taken to task for wanting to cut their own taxes at the expense of the middle class, whereas the rich liberals are trying to raise their own taxes for the benefit of the middle class. It’s really not that confusing.

      1. That’s straight up Marxism – From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.

        By the way nobody is getting their taxes cut. Doesn’t matter whether you are conservative or liberal, rich or poor, working or living off the government dole. Don’t you see? Obama wants to fall off the fiscal cliff, so he can blame on the Republicans in Congress. He wants us to come begging him to reinstitute the Bush tax cuts for the middle class (another Marxist term) that expire on December 31, 2012. He knows as well as everybody else in Washington, D.C. that Uncle Sam could confiscate all the earnings of the wealthy and it wouldn’t keep this leviathan government running for more than a few days. He’s extracting his revenge on half of America who wants nothing to do with becoming slaves of the State.

        1. So Mother Teresa was a marxist? How about Bill Gates and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation where they take that massive amount of money they earned with Microsoft and are using it to help end/cure diseases in Africa. But I guess those guys are to liberal for you, you’re probably more of a fan of Steve Jobs who gave little to nothing to charity, sent all his labor overseas and then chaged outrageos prices for equipment that looks pretty but is slightly less functional than what other manufacuturers make…

          1. Dissimilate my words to your hearts content; it doesn’t change the facts. Neither Mother Teresa, Bill/Melinda Gates, nor Steve Jobs were/are in a position of power to forcibly take from Peter to pay Paul – your messiah is. Now if you only had the cogency to see that “Paul” isn’t the pampered student of philosophy from Hoboken who believes he deserves a free ride through life. “Paul” represents our ruling class, which includes both Democrats and Republicans, who have no fealty to the Constitution or their constituents. Each day they grow fatter from skimming their “fair share” from the public treasury as they look down on us and laugh at how successful they have been at dividing Americans against each other.


      1. the article said that Hyannis is ‘the ritzy island enclave where President Obama vacations during summer.’

        1. Hyannis is not an island

        2. President Obama vacations on Martha’s Vineyard.

        3. BOTH MV and Nantucket have year-round populations that are not wealthy. (And MV has a long history as a vacation destination for middle-class to wealthy African Americans).

        But let’s not let facts or geography get in the way of a hit-piece.

    1. Not to be picky, but as a Cape Codder I have to weigh in. Hyannis is actually a village within the town of Barnstable. But in defrence to Billj, it’s a lot closer to being a town than to an island.

        1. There once was a man from Nantucket who gave a shit whether it’s a town, village, island, or location of windmills . No wonder Obama was re-elected. The American sheeple have ADD and have become popular trivia obsessed. All I can say is, they have spoken at the ballot box and now they shall suffer the consequenses.

          1. They completely ignore the POINT to obsess over the meaningless trivia. Or are they trying to divert attention from Biden’s abject hypocrisy? Kind of like how the media obsesses over Petraeus’ affair in order to divert attention from how the Obama Administration’s irresponsible and incompetent policies led to the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi. (and would have been 34 dead Americans if Woods & Doherty didn’t DEFY ORDERS TO STAND DOWN).

          2. Ya know, if people just read the whole sentence and had a little better vocaublary they would understand that the author meant that Hyannis a distinct group of a larger community (an enclave) that is on an island.
            I have to quit reading the comments,

    2. As a yokel from fly-over country, I have no idea where any of these places are or why anyone cares where MrBiden spends his holidays.

      The only reference I know about “Nantucket” is a really bad joke that starts….there once was a man from………..

      1. I think it’s the hypocrisy of using our tax dollars to travel to such a tony destination and calling himself a middle classer. Most middle of the classes are thankful just to afford a turkey dinner this year and not lose their jobs.

        I think Nantucket was the location of the old sitcom “Wings” ?

  2. Hypocrates are amazing aren’t they.You just have to wonder how these people can actually wake up in the morning and look at themselves in the mirror and believe that today they aren’t going to tell any more lies. The entire Democratic Party is devoid of any reality.

    1. Well the whole Democratic Party did believe in the reality of the election polls, now didn’t they? The GOP had to turn to the fiction of “unskewed polls” to make themselves feel better. How’d that work out for you?

        1. Slight issue there, Bush didn’t actually win, he was picked by the USSC because some people can’t figure out how to vote. But the point made is valid. Which begs the question if Liberals are so horrible and you want to be nothing like them, why are you repeating the same things liberals did?

  3. Sometimes I think that the only thing keeping some of the good folks that are left in Congress from bringing impeachment charges up against the President for his treasonous role in Fast and Furious and Benghazi are two simple words…”President Biden.” that’s enough to scare even some liberal moonbats.

      1. Bawling Boehner? He doesn’t care about Constitutional principles any more than lunch bucket Joe does. Have to admit, the flaccid RINO would be a better prospect than a president Pelosi.

  4. They spend more on dessert than he contributes to charity per year.

    He isn’t the “sucker”….
    the 51% that re-elected this brainless twit are.

  5. I’m always amazed at how selectively gullible voters are. I’m in Chicago. Both Obama and Emanuel have chosen to send their kids to private schools in Chicago where the grade school tuition rivals that of colleges. And the HS tuition is worse, it’s $25,000 per kid, per year. Yep, they’re just like you and me. Average working stiffs. Right.

    1. At least they are paying the tuition. Biden refused to pay tuition at the private Catholic school his kids attended – claiming ‘Executive Privilege’ as the esteemed Senator from Delaware. Joe is not ‘,middle class’….he is ‘no class’.

    1. Not that it matters but:

      “Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic vice-presidential nominee, received five student draft deferments during the Vietnam War, the same number of deferments received by Vice President Dick Cheney, and later was disqualified from service because of asthma as a teenager.

      Read more: Biden’s draft deferments equal Cheney’s during Vietnam War – Washington Times

  6. Obiden is classless and clueless. That c&*#*)$&#r runs around shooting off his piehole about how middle class he is and how much dems protect the middle class. Despicable terds.

    1. i can’t believe the people of pennsylvania keep electing this fool to office. is there no one else around? do they listen to him? do they hear him? he is a joke. nick name should be joe joke.

      1. Joe Biden, former Sen, is from Delaware not Pennsylvania. His son Beau is state Attorney Gen. and a JAG officer in the National Guard. He was rumored to take dad’s Senate seat, but that would look to fishy. His other son Hunter just got a commision (thanks to an easy age waiver) to be a useless PAO in the Navy Reserve. They say Hunter will ‘run’ for his dad’s old Senate next time.

  7. Good thing the patricians in the ruling class have their private jets to taxi them to their ritzy vacation destinations. The plebians traveling this holiday weekend have to pay a small fortune for air travel only to have their flights delayed by striking SEIU thugs. Then they have the lovely experience of waiting in long lines patrolled by the angry thugs, who delight in harassing them as they are irradiated, groped, and herded through security checkpoints like cattle to slaughter. Happy Thanksgiving America.

  8. And let’s not forget, invoking ‘Scranton Joe’ as a moniker is a dangerous business these days as that city, officially listed as ‘distressed’ for the past TWENTY YEARS, teeters on the verge of bankruptcy.

  9. Saw a picture of Romney pumping gas the other day the article made it sound
    like he was down out and exhausted. He must be tired but they insisted on
    showing his home in California with the elevators in garage. Now it had nothing to do with the article but they wanted to show his wealth but they always neglect to say he worked and earned every penny. Can anyone see
    Obama pumping his own gas? He couldn’t even plug in his own Volt!

    1. The very qualities that made Mitt a great man were used to demonize him, how ironic. It made his defeat all the more painful. A man who washes his own shirts in the bathroom sink, pumps his own gas, wears shirts from COSTO, has no live-in help or servants, and volunteers his time to aid his friends in need would have been the perfect person clean up Obama’s mess. We never would have worried about the Romney’s imitating the billion $$$ lifestyle of the Obama grifters and their deadbeat friends. The frugality of the Romneys would have continued on at the WH. It makes me sick thinking about what could have been. I’m still devastated.

      1. What’s even more devastating is how certain Republicans have turned on Romney. He only lost the popular vote by three million, and when you factor in the votes bought and stolen and the fools who sat at home, he probably actually won. I don’t think I’m ever going to get over this. It was such a critical election.

      2. “Thomas Paine, The Crisis, Number 1, December 23, 1776.
        These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it NOW, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: ‘Tis dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed, if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated. Britain [Washington, D.C.], with an army to enforce her tyranny, has declared that she has a right (not only to TAX) but “to BIND us in ALL CASES WHATSOEVER,” and if being bound in that manner, is not slavery, then is there not such a thing as slavery upon earth. Even the expression is impious, for so unlimited a power can belong only to GOD.”

  10. One has to look a little deeper to understand what is happening today. Envy has been around since the beginning of time, nothing new about that; that it has taken a 21st Century form of liberal and conservative ideology is the only difference. Look at the past thousand years of history. Although kings and queens were almighty they always looked over their shoulder at what the peasants were up to, does the French revolution ring a bell. Although a harsh reality, times of great wealth, whether tyranny or democracies have brought about all the ‘great wonders of the world’. Nothing wonderful or magnificent came from the Soviet Union before the collapse or England after the fall of the Empire. I’m afraid we are heading for a dark and dismal period ahead……..

  11. He’s not wealthy, but he does make more money than I do…wonder if he’d match what I give to charity on a percentage basis…I’m not a betting man but I’d bet the trip to “the Gray Lady” costs more than the help he’s given to his middle class brothers and sisters with his money, NOT MINE.

  12. President Obama does not vaca on the “ritzy island enclave” called Hyannis. He vacations on Marthas Vineyard, which actually is an island. Hyannis is not an island, you dumb putz, it’s a city.

    1. Oh, well that makes it all better then. It means that Biden and Obama aren’t really detestable hypocrites who have demagogued their way to power by vilifying people less well off than themselves as the greedy rich who aren’t paying “their fair share.”

  13. Middle class my ass!! I wish my family were this middle class. The VP is such and idiot and never thinks through what comes out of his mouth. He would do us all a favor to keep quiet and finish is time as not only VP but leave politics altogether and retire. Time for new, younger people in office instead of these lifetime politicians.

      1. Not that hard? Tell that to all the actual middle-class people who have kids and a mortgage and have seen their incomes decline or disappear in Obama’s economy.

        Apparently you’re too thick to get the point:: that Biden’s and Obama’s notion of what constitutes “middle class” vs. “greedy rich” varies quite a bit according to what serves their own personal and political wishes.

      2. Oh, quit being an idiot . . . people don’t have they ability to save a few thousand dollars. They are trying to survive. BO’s economy is killing business which means less jobs. Perhaps, Jim, you could save a few thousand dollars and purchase a clue. You seem to be missing a few.

      3. Also, most people do not get free medical care and a free pass from Amtrak to commute to work. Most people cannot rent out their property to government agencies that protect them.

  14. It’s always amusing to see polemical rants, especially those by a “veteran” reporter, that get so many of the facts wrong: Hyannis not an island, the Obamas vacation on Martha’s Vineyard NOT in Hyannis. At least you didn’t put Nantucket in Rhode Island. And BTW, you might want to check out the millions spent by Bush-Cheney traveling while campaigning and on personal trips, expenses that Cheney steadfastly refused to disclose.

      1. RIGHT! Who Cares? The Grifter-In-Chief has no-one to blame for the last 4 years…oh yeah….the evil republicans..they blocked everything, I forgot…funny how that can happen when you own both houses for 2 years then own the senate for the last 2…hmmm. The ObamaNazies jackboots are getting louder.

    1. at least the majority of Bush’s trips were home, to his own ranch – not to play wealthy celeb. At a distance far enough away to warrant use of a jumbo jet, as opposed to an suv and ferry or even helicopter for the vp and p. and oh, please, send your wife and dog on two seperate aircraft because the taxpayers got it. Guess white house carbon footprints don’t figure into the whole global warming equation – just like algores.

      If Bush didn’t show up periodically what would have given Cindy Sheehan the tenacity to keep picketing in crawfordsville. Funny how she was the darling of the left …… right til 2008 when they threw her under the bus. Have to give the woman props for going to ca and taking on the devil woman herself, Nancy Pelosi. Too bad she never had a chance with that rich old liberal base. Who will die of old age first? Nancy our her donors?

      1. Did you hear about the Pelosites actually limiting – gasp! – nudity?

        Apparently, there are enough naked people roaming around SF that even THAT city has noticed!

        San Francisco has the so-called Naked Guys to thank for this latest lesson in lax limitations. The growing group of naturists is a regular part of the scenery in the Castro, among the best known gay enclaves in the country. They particularly enjoy Jane Warner Plaza, an often sunny spot in this foggy city, carved out of an intersection and dotted with tables and chairs.

        “What began as a few guys strolling starkers through the streets has reached enough critical mass in recent years that Castro residents — and not just the increasing number of parents, gay and straight — have begun complaining to officials.”

        Don’t worry, though. You can still be naked at a Gay Pride parade, whether in it or watching it. Or at the S&M Folsom Street Fair.
        “The ban would still allow nakedness during street fairs and parades, including the city’s famous annual gay pride parade and the world’s biggest fetish festival, the Folsom Street Fair, where participants often wear a pair of black leather chaps and nothing else.”

        THIS is what Peolsi represents. Is it really any wonder she is as she is?

        Just be grateful SHE doesn’t parade nude.

    2. I am sick and tired of the libs blaming Pres. Bush for everything. BO owns this economy. It is his debacle now. Everything he has done has made it worse, and it will get even worse come Jan. 1.

      Let’s name a few miserable failures of Bo, shall we:

      1. Obamacare – #1 failure because it is now costing jobs;
      2. Fast and Furious;
      3. No budget for 3.5, going on 4 years, and then there is . . .
      4. Benhgazi.

      Those are just a few. BO fans need to wake up and smell the disaster that is growing worse day by day.

  15. I would like to be “middle class” like Middle Class Joe, but my husband is only a physician, saving lives and earning only a fraction of what a politician can confiscate from our pockets. Thank God, for the time being we are middle class. Our income will only go down as Obamacare takes effect.

  16. The Man that gives 1% in Charty contributions says he is a man of the poor what a joke and liar both Biden and Obama are and the health bill Obama put in play yesterday saysanyone making 91 thousand a year are able to get 6000 dollars to help pay for Obama care seems Romney was correct when he said Obama was giving 6000 per family away to get there vote on November 6 for Re-election

  17. He wasn’t average when he was helping all the Delaware credit card cos take down Americans. Somehow this is more ‘honest,’ if that’s the word, than those dopey token drivebys at soup kitchens. He may not know where he is anyhow.

  18. I’m a carpenter and have spent a number of vacations on Nantucket. It is very family friendly with great beaches. This class warfare must stop. I despise the Obmmumer\ Biteme team but they can go and do what ever it is they can afford. That is what we like about America. Every politician since Geo Washington played on some populist theme to game the public. Nail him for the boob he his not his vacations. I was a working stiff and still could afford two weeks at a nice vacation home. C’mon!!!!

    1. It all depends on who foots the bill. Out of his own pocket, fine. But I’d bet you there’s no “official business” in Nantucket and the taxpayers are footing the entire bill for Air Force Two.

    2. If they can go and do whatever “they” (or the taxpayers) can afford, why do they say the rest of us can’t? Remember when Obama told the masses that they shouldn’t be going on vacations to Vegas because it’s not a good way to spend their money? Haven’t you noticed that the Obamas and Bidens feel entitled to have wealth well beyond what they think is too much for others?

      The point of Keith’s comments is not class warfare. It’s gross hypocrisy.

      1. There’s no gross hypocrisy. Nobody ever said you can’t do that. Nobody ever said you can’t go to Las Vegas. Obama never said you can’t have wealth. You really need to get a grip.

        1. Lie.

          Obama explicitly said that people shouldn’t be spending their money on a trip Vegas.

          Obama says that families (and small businesses) making $250,000 a year are part of the (greedy) rich and aren’t paying “their fair share” –and then Joey Biden tries to pose as one of the middle class and pretends he’s really at one with blue-collar workers.

          Obama says, “At some point you’ve made enough money” — but the luxury he’s willing to enjoy at taxpayers’ expense is unlimited.

          The hypocrisy of rich leftists is jaw-dropping. Eight out of ten of the richest counties in America voted for Obama. Apparently the very rich know that his class warfare won’t really hurt them. It only hurts the less rich people who are working hard to support their families and build their own businesses.

          Oh, that’s right: they “didn’t built that!” Obama scorns people who strive to create their own prosperity. He favors spoiled-rich entertainers and trust-fund babies and overpaid government employees.

          I’ve got a grip. You need to get a clue.

        2. Obama also said his aim is “spreading the wealth around.” Did you forget that? But then again, there are some people he regards as more deserving of wealth than others, and he wants the government to decide who gets how much.

          If you haven’t figured that out, you’re really clueless.

  19. I went to Maui for a vacation while going to college and making ~$25k/year working full time. Does take a vacation to an expensive island somehow change me from lower middle class to wealthy? No, it doesn’t.

  20. Joe “Heartbeat” Biden charges the Secret Service $2200./month to rent a shack on his Delaware property for the privilege of guarding him.

    But, he lives rent-free in Washington.

    Now, that a leech.

  21. there was a man from from nantucket..
    with a d* so long he could suck it
    he said with a grin as he wiped off his chin
    if his face were a c* he could f* it

  22. I wonder what HE gives thanks for?
    For most Americans, and I hope I am not out of turn here, is this Thanksgiving is going to be happy and somber because…
    1. I have my health, and the health of my family.
    2. I have a roof over my head.
    3. I have a job.
    Everything else is gravy.

    Happy Thanksgiving in Obamastan!

  23. they eat their own
    he’ll be at home there
    real clannish folk
    they eat strangers
    google this: nantucket cannibal

    the administration is cannibalizing america
    taxes and regulations eating the middle class

    no surprise that they hail from nantucket
    the vulture returns to it’s nest.

  24. Middle class at 370K a year, but the POS in the White House wants to raise taxes on the “wealthy” making over 250K a year. I don’t know about anyone else, but I know what kind of logic that is.

  25. LOL! Ya Joe, most “middle-class” folks earn over 200,000$ per year and have this amount guaranteed until the day they die. I’m sure just like ol’ regular Joe most Americans have their travel and expenditures covered until the day we die… What a CLOWN!

  26. Wow, this story and the comments appended to it are the reason the Republican party is dying. Every time Drudge links to stupid crap like this we can be assured of some of the most misspelled, illiterate, ignorant comments this side of youtube.

    Since when does $379,000 a year COMBINED for a MARRIED COUPLE still working while over 60, one of whom works for the government and the other in the private sector, make you rich? That’s about 20% of what Mitt Romney himself, excluding his wife’s fortune, makes every year on carried interest without lifting a finger.

    And excuse my language but **** you for saying Nantucket is an “exclusive resort island.” There are fancy houses here, just like there are everywhere in this country, but there are plenty of modest places too. I’ve lived in Nantucket for years without being wealthy by any means. Nor is Hyannis a “ritzy island enclave,” or for that matter, even an island. You’d think the author of this post could at least check his facts on a god**** map.

    Remember when we had a real American president, George W Bush, who took his vacations in real American places like Branson and Disney World? Oh, no, wait, I mean a 1,583 acre ranch and a family mansion in New England inherited from his grandfather.

    And the idea that Biden is a hypocrite only stands if you can show me a single time he, or any Democrat for that matter, has said that people shouldn’t earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. Show me that and I’ll withdraw the comment. Despite the dross you people are fed by Limbaugh and co, Democrats celebrate success and hard work as much as their counterparts—they just think taxes should be higher on the very very rich.

      1. Well, Whaler– I don’t think anyone here can rebut your scintillating logic. This article is the height of silliness. If another site hadn’t referenced this blogger as an easy and obvious target of ridicule, I never would have heard of Keith Koffler (middle name Ken?). Well, he gets a few more page views out of it, so I’m sure he’s fine with being the butt of jokes. That, and I’m sure it’s not a new experience.

        1. So you haven’t yet noticed that this administration defines a “rich” household as one that makes $250,000 a year, and regularly demagogues against such people as not paying “their fair share” (whatever that is) and blames them for the massive debt (caused in part by Obama’s shoveling money to his bundlers and bloated government employee pension funds)? You really have to work to be that ignorant.

          The point for the clueless is: Biden is well above “middle class” by the Democrats’ talking-points definition. (He’s also notoriously stingy.)

          Democrats constantly equate “rich” with evil and greedy — except when the rich are Democrat politicians and funders. The core of their campaign against Romney was “he’s rich!!!!”

          I guess those obvious fact are difficult for some to grasp.

    1. Pay attention to the news, Greg. The sham in the White House thinks people making $379,000 a year are rich. If you recall, his plan is to raise taxes on couples earning over $250,000 annually. By the way, I don’t think earning $379,000 makes one rich, either.

    2. Pretty much every wealthy locale has it’s lower income element lest there would be no waiters or golf caddies. Why should we have to dig up a quote about Biden et al? They need rich people or they’d have no one to demonize and rile up the masses deflecting attention from their folly. America used to be about equality not pay back and redistribution. Everyone knows taxing the rich is a feint that will do little to help Americans get jobs and everything to penalize small business who are taxed as individuals. Biden is a career politician. If he’s not rich by now with his 2.8 million dollar Del. home plus rental property then he should talk to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

  27. Sweet Jesus, you people are retarded. Are you even serious? Do you take yourselves seriously? This is what you’re up in arms about? The fucking Vice President going somewhere for Thanksgiving?
    Get a fucking grip.

    1. I agree with you that many on here do take themselves too seriously and honestly could go care less where Uncle Nutty Joe has Thanksgiving but in a broader spectrum, it does speak to the typical hyprocrity that all politicans have.

  28. I believe Obama vacations on Martha’s Vineyard, not Nantucket. I’ve also been told that the Biden family gets Thanksgiving dinner catered by a very middle of the road Nantucket restaurant.

    Perhaps that qualifies him as middle class?

  29. Joe, does not represent me and I am definately middle to low income. So, I guess the self proclaimed middle class hypocrit can enjoy his very expensive vacations using taxpayers money and not feel too guilty. But then His boss is even worse!!!!!

  30. This is an outrage!

    dick cheney and all other republican VPs NEVER EVER used Air Force Two to travel and never took time off for holidays. Democrats are so terrible!

    1. Republicans don’t constantly demagogue against “the rich” and blame them for keeping “the poor” poor. That’s what Democrats do. We just call out the Dems for their glaring double standards when it comes to wealth.

        1. Who said any such thing? Not I. It’s Dems who make such claims.

          Dems ran a campaign based largely on the charge that Romney, being rich, couldn’t possibly care about those less wealthy — even though he has a long history of helping people directly and personally, with his own time and resources, when there wasn’t a camera crew around.

          Neither Obama nor Biden has any similar history of personal charity. Obama started donating significant amounts to charity only when it became politically wise to do so. Biden still hasn’t.

          For Obama and Biden, generosity means that they squeeze money out of OTHER people and “spread the wealth around.” For conservatives, generosity is something that people do voluntarily, with their OWN resources.

        2. You do know that many Catholic orders beg for their living, right? In particular, the Little Sisters of the Poor go begging for what they need in their ministry to care for the poor elderly. Similarly, Mother Teresa, founder of the Missionaries of Charity, who cared for the poorest of the poor, also begged. So really, not so bad for the Church. There are hundreds of Orders founded to help those in need.

  31. “Ole” Joe is simply another typical multimillionaire democat, lie to everyone about how you are one of them and live like a king. He’s simply a joke that won’t go away much like his boss.
    The only time the 47%er’s see him is when he needs their votes.

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