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Messina: We Feared Jon Huntsman the Most

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  1. Seriously? It seems the left never runs out of stupid things to say, and yet they keep getting elected. why is that?
    Whereas the GOP, who cannot seem to figure out where they went wrong, keep making the same mistakes over and over again in a desperate attempt to hit the right note.
    I can’t even bring myself to watch Brett Baier anymore, and he has been my favorite for a very long time. It all just seems like a desperate guessing game at this point.

    • The establishment GOP did the same thing after they lost the 2008 election. They always go back to pandering to demographics and blaming constitutional conservatives for being “purists”.

    • “…the left never runs out of stupid things to say, and yet they keep getting elected. why is that?” – veritaseequitas

      Because America never runs out of stupid people to vote for them.

      It’s been wisely said that, were there no stupid people, there would be no Democrat voters – or Republican candidates. These are the two main reasons that leftist “keep getting elected”.

  2. Keith – I believe more strongly with every passing day – it would not have mattered who the candidate was. Simply put – 4+ years of organizing could not be matched in a matter of months by anyone. Right, wrong or whatever – Let’s quit guessing and move on. I’m just sick that the process has already started. That’s the problem with our electoral process – it just takes to darned long and it is simply tooooooo expensive. To be honest – I don’t think the pundits have even listened to the people. Douglas Schoen had a good article yesterday – the educated voters know what needs to be done – it is the politicians that aren’t listening.

    • Good points. If the Repubs put up a Black man, they destroyed him as a traitor to his race and Palinized him with everything the MSM would print. If the Repub was a woman, she was stupid, shrill, and out of touch with “today’s” women. A White man was just that: too White, maybe too rich, too religious.
      It wouldn’t have mattered because of the incredible bias of the MSM and the four years of organizing at every level. Who can beat a free phone, two years of unemployment, food stamps for the hungry and a promise of everything “free” for everyone with a campaign that promises self-determination, a job and independence.

    • Jesus Christ could have been running for Pres instead of Romney. The MSM, democrats, academia, unionists, race baiters, and activists of every ilk would have denigrated him from the start. I doubt He could have done any better than Romney.

      I have no faith that the Republican Party could win another presidential election with the changing demographics and media hostility. Sadly, a lot of people are not concerned with the message of liberty, self-reliance, and limited government. No matter how it is packaged, marketed, or hyped. They just don’t give a damn and want their hunk of the govt cheese. Never mind the cost and the damage.

  3. “They feared HUNTSMAN the most”? The man that had zero traction from get go? This is an example of psych ops on the Dems part. Drive the already confused GOP brain trusts (I use the term with a cringe) into more mis-direction. Obviously, I disagree with their politics but their operational/logistical plans are brilliant!

    • Time to start dropping pamphlets like the IDF has been doing in Gaza. The LEFT will be the first to cannabilize one another. Where can I “rent-a-drone”?
      ; )

  4. Looks like Huntsman is going to be returning to the Obama team officially.Of course,his job is complete.His job was to go after conservatives during the debates.Jon will now receive his agreed upon reward from his Marxist friend.China again?

  5. They probably feared Herman Cain the most. It would have been much harder to call “racist” on him, plus it may have confused some of Reverend Lowery’s freinds when TWO Black men were running. Not many, but some…

    “I don’t know what kind of a n—– wouldn’t vote with a black man running,” – Rev. Lowery

    This is why they so eagerly pilloried Mr. Cain with an endless stream of allegations of various improprieties, most of which remain unsubstatiated to this day. The left is ALWAYS more savage with Blacks who step off the plantation. Keeping their most reliable voting bloc together is the reason why.

    • I hate to say this but those charges were plenty backed up as far as I was concerned. After many yrs in the DC association culture, they rang true to me. And there were many of them!

      • Star,

        At the risk of reopening old wounds, I will say that I do not disagree with you on substance. Some of the allegations may have had some truth. Herman Cain was far from a ideal candidate or a perfect human being. As for the latter, I only know of one, and He wasn’t running.

        That said, I don’t believe the entire fusillade that was leveled at him ALL had the same veracity, nor did the timing of charges – some after 13 years – seem entirely innocent. I think they took some truth, decided it may not have been enough to destroy Cain, and then unleashed a torrent of every woman who may have once felt Herman Cain disrespected her in some way. In any organization, it is not difficult to find people who don’t like the boss, especially if you offer 15 minutes of fame AND vengance at the same time to his reports. A woman like Sharon Bialek, for example, may find this to be irresitable if all she has to do is describe something that only two people in the world would know about to a servile media with a famous liberal lawer by her side.

        The point is not whether the allegations were true, false, or even approprate, nor do I speak to Mr. Cain’s fitness as a candidate. The point is that Herman Cain was the only Black contender on the Republican side, and he was considered enough of a threat to throw women at him until he sank under their weight – and that appeared to be ALL they had to throw at him.

        This is the same media that wasn’t bothered by Bill Clinton’s “Bimbo Eruptions”, or even credible accusations of rape against him. Why, then, was whether Herman Cain hit on subordinates suddenly of paramount importantce to the Republic?

  6. Could you have told you that before the election. It’s just like how Bill Clinton’s biggest fear was Lamar Alexander during the 1996 election and just how GWB’s biggest fear was Joe Lieberman and to a lesser extent (because it became clear after 15 minutes that he was a God awful politican) General Clark. You know how many backflips Karl Rove must have done when Liberalachusetts very own John Kerry got the nod in 2004? The only thing would have been better was if Democrats had really bleep up and nominated Howard Dean! LOL!!