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The Obama Morning News || November 19, 2012

10 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || November 19, 2012”

  1. He may be the first American President to visit Burma, but the blood and souls of thousands of Americans soldiers are buried there.

    Poor, wittle Susan. Instead of graciously reaching the pinnacle of her career as Secretary of State, she finds herself being defended by a bunch of amateurs who sent her out to the wolves after strapping a meat vest on her.

    Oh gee, smart investors are selling off, Wall Street is taking hit after hit, employers are squeezing their employees’ hours and jobs, and overseas investment and/or outsourcing is looking more attractive. Who could have predicted that?

    The President vs the General is really a fascinating scenerio. Guessing that the General has planned to write a tell-all book about the ups and downs of his career, he needs a lawyer to help guide him.

    1. Petraeus testified under oath to a closed session of Congress on Friday. Harry Reid won’t allow a joint commission on Benghazi and the chances of Holder appointing a special prosecutor is nothing but a pipe dream. The complicit press is more interested in telling their sordid tales of pillow talk because that sells to the bread and circus crowd. Like their messiah, they consider the murder of 4 Americans in Benghazi as “not optimal” “bumps in the road”.

      1. How’s that go? Two thousand soldiers killed in Afganistan is a statistic, but four Americans killed in Bengazi is a bump in the road.

        This whole administration and their supporters have a casual reaction to someone else’s death from abortions to dead soldiers. MrObama only showed some emotion at memorials during the campaign. Years before, the Obamas tried to make 9/11 memorial “a day of volunteering or something”. Abortions are necessary to them to allow a woman to be her best or something.
        There’s something almost un-human about them all. IMO, of course.

        1. Thanks for setting me straight, Girly1. Agree it was a waste of time if he wasn’t under oath.

          There is something sick and twisted about the left, srdem. Saw a video taped on election night and one young girl was celebrating free abortions. She went on to describe a child conceived from rape as some kind of cancer to get rid of. So sad that life holds so little value to the left, unless it is their own of course.

        2. I agree, inhuman to kill whole generations of human beings by abortion, against all human nature to do this to MILLIONS of babies??? Women can work and not kill their babies to have a career. Not so, says the democrats. This is civilized? To kill babies all the time, every day of the year. Even dogs and cats are more civilized. This is America now? Murder capital of the world. These people with their love of abortion and death will all go to hell!

  2. Isn’t Hillary Clinton there with Obama? I wonder if she will be back in the US much before her resignation. She wants to put as much space and time between herself and the Benghazi hearings as possible. She will come back when Congress is in recess, and she will go on a farewell world-wide tour when they come back. I hope they corner the rat eventually.

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