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On the Ground in Philly: Dems Out-Hustled the GOP

I have been making the point since the election that conservatives need to intensify their outreach and organization efforts, not water down their message.

Writing for FreedomWorks, Aaron Goldenberg has offered up a compelling case study about the sorry state of Republican and Romney campaign grassroots efforts during the 2012 campaign.

Goldenberg, an election lawyer in Philadelphia, was on the ground in the city on Election Day and says he’s not particularly surprised that Gov. Mitt Romney failed to receive a single vote in 59 Philadelphia voting divisions.

Goldenberg writes:

From the moment (polls) opened until well into the afternoon, I observed long lines of voters snaking through polling locations in heavily Democrat neighborhoods of Philadelphia where every voter was handed a card instructing them how to vote. These are similar to the cards that were handed out in heavily Democrat neighborhoods in Bridgeport, CT in 2010. No such lines existed in Republican neighborhoods and similar cards were not handed out to voters asking them to vote for Republican or conservative candidates.

Incredible. If you merely gave Democratic voters a GOP card with some brief explanations about why conservative policies would benefit them, at least some percentage would vote GOP.

From the time that (polls) opened until the moment they closed, there was a concerted effort by Philadelphia voting officials to weigh their thumbs on the scale of the election. Democrats fought efforts to seat Republican voting inspectors despite being presented with court orders to do so . . . I observed multiple instances of electioneering inside polling locations and had to return to the same polling locations on multiple occasions to chase electioneers away. I was even forced to instruct an election judge not to ‘pull the lever’ for a voter.

Goldenberg suggests that conservative groups need to step up. I think, though, that if Republicans want to win a presidential election, the Republican Party itself must also lead a national effort to organize at the grass roots, so that a ready-made apparatus is in place to be used by the eventual GOP nominee.

Obama’s vast army of volunteers will immediately be at the disposal of whoever Democrats nominate. If Republicans don’t have a competing network, in 2016 they will suffer the same fate they did two weeks ago.

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  1. Wonder what those cards said ?

    If they could reform the Electoral College votes to be awarded by Congressional District won, rather than winner take all, Romney would have won PA. Even giving Obama the two EC Senator votes for popular vote in each state he won, Romney would have still won the election.

    1. What a great idea. Unfortunately, it would never pass the 2/3s ammendment recommendation in the Congress. If it ever made it to the states, however, the people would go for it.

        1. If Christie gets the GOP nomination in 2016, we’re going to end up with a DEM… either way. He made his first campaign appearance on SNL Saturday nite.

    2. “Wonder what those cards said ?”

      Vote for Obama or we’ll kill your dog.
      Vote for Obama or we’ll kidnap your kids.
      Vote for Obama or we’ll violate your wife.
      Vote for Obama or we’ll call you a racist!

  2. Great point, Keith. The League of Women Voters usted to provide a pamphlet free to inform voters on the issues and candidates. The Democrats apparently filled the void.

  3. I am stuck in Delaware, and NO ONE from the “Delaware Republican Party” EVER contacted me… (and I was a UD “College Republican” Officer who has been to CPAC many, many times…)
    All the time upto NOV 2012, I NEVER heard from the ‘local Republican Party’.

    1. Yuu didn’t need to be contacted – correct me with I’m wrong but Delaware was always a gimme state to Obama. I live in California – never contacted here either. It would have been a waste of money. All we got were hundreds of mailers from all candidates (we now have an open primary which resulted in some seats having candidates of the same party) and a few calls for the most hotly contested seats.

      1. I only got 3 mailers here in Delaware: 1 from the Rep. Lt.Gov candidate (nothing from the state GOP party) 1 from a Republican pac & 1 from some Democrat pac

  4. I listen to Larry Elder in Los Angeles. He is a black radio host and is incredibly bright. He talks about when his Mom worked the polls. She told him that people would come to the polls in their neighborhoods and they would have a page from a local newspaper that told the voter who to vote for or how to vote on a particular issue. Some of the positions were not on their particular ballots and they had no clue why. Obviously this has been going on for years. I think it is very sad that people allow themselves to be coerced that way. As hard as it is to admit, this likely was a significant factor as well as the gifts bestowed (see Keith’s earlier post). Doesn’t make it right and sad to think responsible voters have to get a card telling them how to vote – ironically we get hundreds of those in the mail prior to an election so what’s the difference. Being in line handing them out raises all kinds of ethical issues about how close one can be to a polling place to politic for their candidate or issue. This is not an issue that could have been resolved just by Romney. To undercut more than 4 years of community organizing by any Republican would have been virtually impossible. What about Voter Phamplets that come in the mail (at least in California). The phamphets have information about the various candidates (who choose to be included) and propositions (for and against). We are doing nothing more than furthering the dumbing down of the electorate because people don’t want to take the time to educate themselves. Republicans or fiscal conservatives of all persuasions have major obstacles ahead of them – not the least of which is a media that generally makes no effort to report the “news” and protects politicians beyond belief.

  5. Yep keep blaming “ground efforts” for not receiving enough votes. Heaven forbid the GOP actually turn into the center/right coalition it was a few decades ago and it is supposed tobe. Nope, got to be the hardcore right party that will be non-existent within a few election cycles.

  6. Let’s put it this way…If I was handed a card that said I would get Double XP points for Call of Duty 4 if I voted Democrat, I would still have voted Repub…
    I know people (my middle son) who would have at least considered voting for the “Ds” with this offer.

    1. Not for COD 4 so much, but if you’re talking Halo 4…

      Nope, As addicted as my son is to that one, I’m pretty sure he’d not be that easily bought. He gets to go to school with failed Obama policies every day, so it helps him keep his mind right.

  7. “Obama’s vast army of volunteers will immediately be at the disposal of whoever Democrats nominate.” _Keith Koffler

    Only if he (or she) is Black, Keith. That’s why the mid-terms didn’t work for Democrats and this one did. A Black man was running!

    And we all know how Reverend Lowery feels about that…

    “I don’t know what kind of a ni&&er wouldn’t vote with a Black man running,” said Lowery. “All that [Obama] did with the stimulus was genius. Nobody intelligent would risk this country with Romney.” – Joseph Lowery

    Do you think this is why Herman Cain was pilloried with such enthusiasm? Or was it just for stepping off the liberal plantation?

  8. Based on what I’m hearing from the new crop of GOP “leaders,” I’m not sure that’s what I signed up for – some of that certainly doesn’t represent my point of view. Good luck, America – you’re going to need it.

    1. Have to agree with you on that, Rod. Hopefully their views aren’t being influenced by the Republican consultant class. Those vultures get rich no matter who wins, and they are all millionaires after the last billion dollar election cycle.

  9. I think one reason the Republicans failed in this election is their refusal to discuss “social issues.” This may have been defensive on Romney’s part due to his religion, but any future candidates must face the fact that we can’t solve our economic problems without solving our social problems. Take the decline of marriage: nearly or actually half of all births in the US now are out of wedlock. Often there are multiple births by multiple fathers.

    The left began attacking the only biologically sound marriage arrangement decades ago by redefining a “family” as basically any group of people that chooses to live together. This has been a disaster. Even the New York Times acknowledged in an article this year that as much as 40% of poverty in the US is due to single parenthood – that means largely women as heads of households.

    The Democrats provide incentives for this through direct financial support that enables groups of related women to live together without working. Indirect support is provided by their allies in the media who invent “alternative lifestyles” and push their acceptance. Conservatives are exercised by the advance of genderless marriage, but it is only an additional nail in the coffin.

    A family headed by a mother and a father is the acknowledged best environment for raising children. Within such a family children learn trust, how to relate to others, and to accept limits. Fathers are particularly important in the process to both boys and girls. Why can’t we point out that undermining the nuclear family (for lack of a better word) is bad social policy and has consequences that will iterate through generations?

    I hope that Republicans do not decide that the way to win elections is to become a carbon copy of the Democrats. First of all they would not be convincing and second of all we know appeasement doesn’t work. Churchill spent many years in the political wilderness and that is what Republicans must do. They must refuse to dilute the message and find candidates who can better articulate conservative principles and how they apply to life and work.

  10. Worth a try, but I doubt we’re going to put a dent in the Democrat plantation politics. The masses at the polls were probably coordinated by a multitude of non-profit organizations who feed off government grants and make a living out of community organizing for the left.

    My suggestion would be to preach our message now, not just at election time. Offer seminars on Constitution 101. Hillsdale College has an excellent online program they offer for free. Hand out copies of the classics – “The Road to Serfdom” or “The 5000 Year Leap”. We have to rekindle the imagination and yearning for knowledge we are all born with. I doubt we’re going to change any hearts or minds by handing out voting guides at the polls on election day…

    1. Susan, I agree with your suggestions. Another way to send the message is going to You Tube. I believe the current generation is more in tune with visual instead of reading. I would start with “Milton Friedman on Hayek’s ‘Road to Serfdom’ 1994 Interview”.. It is a powerful 30 minute video which includes excellent background information about Friedman. One thing I learned is the TV series “Free to Choose” was done before he and his wife wrote the book.

      Then go on to Milton Friedman PBS Free to Choose 1980 series. Please note that this series is also done in Spanish.

  11. Betsy McCaughey was on Cavuto today discussing Obamacare. The projected administrative costs of $28B/year are now up to $71B/year! Also, the 2000 page document neglected to include anything about govt. subsidies of the exchanges! State subsidies, but no govt. subsidies – imagine that!

    The R’s just have to sit back and let Obama self-destruct. It’s his mess now.

    1. All that ignorance, with the Alamo and the White House in the background of a few shots. Our forefathers would be so ashamed of what we have become…

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  13. this must be the voter suppression michelle was talking about. The problem, is ma’am, i am not as stupid, dependent and ignorant as the groups of voters that support you. You keep them in poverty, on foodstamps, mistrusting “rich” people (which you are one, of course). Yet they still are happy to smile and vote for you, another four years added on to the 50 years that they have the largest percetage of people in poverty, unemployed, and dependent on a government that promises the world, but delivers a measley monthly stipen. Fools,

  14. the democratic machine did what was necessary in their world, to win the election. barrack obama is the most divisive president, ever, who is willing to say anything about anyone to further his cause. remember, when he was confronted by 60 minutes about the political ad that featured a man who basically said that romney was the cause of him losing his job and killing his wife was a complete lie, he said to the reporter “the stakes are high”. What he was telling us was that if he had to lie his way to the presidency, then he was perfectly comfortable and willing to do just that. Later, we found out that the man had lost his job before romeny’s investment firm was asked to help save the company, and that his wife died 9 years later. harry reid announces that “someone” who had worked at bain capital told him that romney had not paid taxes for 10 years. Then, after romney released his taxes we know that was a lie. When you have national politicians willing to flat out lie about their opponent, along w/ a press that not only ignores everything bad about obama, then you have a combination that can’t be beat. Especially when your voter base is comprised of the ignorant masses that have been educated by teachers who care more about beneifts than teaching the children. A beyond compliant media, ignorant, generational government dependent fools and suckers is, in many ways, unbeatable.

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