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Republicans: We Put Revenue on the Table

House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell today each said they offered to increase taxes as negotiations formally began at the White House over a deficit reduction package to avoid the Fiscal Cliff.

“To show our seriousness we put revenue on the table as long as it’s accompanied by significant spending cuts,” Boehner said following a meeting between President Obama and congressional leaders of both Parties.

“We are prepared to put revenue on the table provided we fix the real problem,” said McConnell.

Democratic leaders Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi each said they thought a deal will eventually come together.

And now that all four of them have their hands in taxpayers pockets, I’m sure it will.

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    • Yeah your right Susan. A statesman would have gotten the job done by bow using the Bowles-Simpson plan. Once again its gain a lot by giving a little.

      But then again this is the same crowd on November 5th was talking about what a great conservative President Mitt Romney was going to make and then on November 7th called him just another RINO lose
      Just another example of people wanting it both ways. Btw how come you along with hard righters think they have the right to say who is a great Republican and who isn’t? Last time I checked the GOP was supposed to be a big tent where centeralist/conservatives/libertariand can all exist under? Who died and proclaim that the Republicans were a hard right party only??

      Btw Alan West your true conservative American hero just lost.

  1. We knew they would cave —- They have put their tails bewteen their legs with this administration since day one. They care only about themselves and not their constituents. Both of them need replacing

  2. Unless their plans are to start taxing SocialSecurity payments, raising taxes on wage earners won’t hurt me directly. Any new or higher taxes that are passed along to the consumers will hurt us all, but that doesn’t seem to count in the halls of Congress. Even the poorest of us, the ones using food stamps, welfare subsidies, or even panhandlers will be hurt with rising prices of everything.

    They may think that raising taxes on the $250K+ “millionaires” won’t affect the rest of us, they’re only trying to kid themselves and hope that the rest of us are stupid.

  3. It’s shameful and degenerate for revenue to even be under consideration let alone becoming a reality. These people are gutless political hacks. If you have a spending problem you cut spending, not rob the taxpayers.

  4. Of course they’ll come to an agreement! Cowardly RINOS let by Weak-Tea Boehner will cave in to Angry Little Caliph’s every, every whim in a misguided attempt to preserve some semblance of power for themselves.

    “Misguided”, because they will STILL be blamed for everything when Obama’s policies inevitably fail, and a whiny and willfully uninformed electorate will continue to believe both that the failure IS due to Republicans “obstruction” of the wise Obama’s policies, and that it’s continues to be George Bush’s fault even as they increase their demands that they be given an ever-increasing share of other people’s property by the Government.

    I REALLY like THIS line!
    “We are prepared to put revenue on the table provided we fix the real problem,”said McConnell.

    Yeah! Mitch has been around long enough to remember “read my lips” trusting the Democrats to do their spending cuts “Tomorrow”. As in every other case, “Tomorrow”, well…

    “Tomorrow, tomorrow
    I love you tomorrow
    You’re always a day away”

    That might as well be the Democrat theme song.

    Also, Mitch should have one of his interns google “Arlen Spector” for more information about what happens when you trust Democrats to keep promises made to Republicans.

    Mitch is old enough to know all this. He may, however, just not care.

    I wouldn’t worry about the Fiscal Cliff. I’d worry more about National Bankruptcy, ensuing riots, and possible civil war when Obama’s house of cards fails and falls from its own weight.

  5. Erskine/Bowles commission (I believe) indicated that many things had to be on the table, including revenue, cuts, changes in tha tax code. These are all part of the process. Nothing new here – everyone is posturing – revenue is on the table IF accompanied by significant spending cuts; Pelosi and Reid think a deal will eventually come together – nothing new there either. Neither side is going to get everything they want – not much we can do about it. If they only address the extension of the “Bush Tax Cuts” and nothing else – we won’t see any improvement in the economy. I think the battle between Hostess and the union is only the beginning. We have reached the point of no return for many businesses. Add to their taxes and it will be the last straw for 1,000s of small business (this includes the tax cliff, Obamacare taxes, regulations, etc). Those in power “may feel” better because they reached a deal but nothing will change.

    • The DC crew is half right, Just2old. This election proved that more than 50% of the “folks” are stupid. Rush was right on all accounts – Barackoclaus won with the moron vote, and now we all suffer for their stupidity.

    • Well. Congress already has a 32 hr. work week. They cut back to 4 days a week some years ago to facilitate members going home to talk to constituents on weekends. They gave themselves a pay raise in the same bill, by the way.

    • Boehner was just re-elected and ran unopposed in his district and as a fellow Ohioan, can I say, what is wrong with you people in the 8th District in SW OH??? How much pork is he bringing back to your area that you feel compelled to keep voting for him??? Boehner is an establishment RINO and is one of many good reasons for term limits!!!

  6. Looking forward to how they manage to mangle up some sort of agreement that gets a good fake score from the CBO. They’ll be busy patting themselves on the back as they kick the can down the road YET AGAIN!
    And we wonder how Greece or Spain got so bad.

    Anybody think there will be any budget in the next four years?

  7. Blah, blah, blah Boehner. . .just like last time when you surrendered for millions in spending cuts while allowing the debt to increase to the trillions!!! Give us a break. . .we know that you’ve already caved and are just trying to CYAsses, again!!!

    Can we please get new leadership in the GOP. . .sick and tired of these old has-been establishment types who sell us down the Potomac River every time!