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The Obama Morning News || November 16, 2012

GOP governors have had it with Romney . . . Los Angeles Times
Obama, Congressional leaders set to meet . . . Washington Post
Holder: WH not told about Petraeus because no “threat” . . . Politico
Petraeus to testify today . . . CNN
Petition urges Macy’s to dump anti-Obama Trump . . . Time
Hillary to testify on Benghazi . . . Politico
Papa John’s faces Obamacare fight . . . Politico
Obama’s silly, sexist defense of Rice . . . Kirsten Powers
Rahm channels Nanny Bloomberg . . . Doug Powers
Taliban: Stone Petraeus to death . . . Daily Caller

2 Responses to The Obama Morning News || November 16, 2012

  1. Obama supporters have petitioned Macy’s Department Stores to dump The Donald’s brand of menswear until MrObama’s line of menswear, “I Won”, the only union made clothing, is on their shelves. Claims of racism and hatred by The Donald toward the “I Won” brand is behind the controversy.

    GOP governors are meeting in sunny California to trash the campaign of MrRomney that resulted in their having to set up Obamacare exchanges in their states or allow the Feds to figure out how to do it. Blaming MrRomney for pointing out that millions of voters are on the public dole and voted in fear of losing their “allowance” from Uncle Sam was not a smart thing. They promise that the Repub candidate in 2016 will double what the Dems are offering the voters in an attempt to gain the WhiteHouse again.

    Secretary of State, H.Clinton will testify before Congress on how little she knows about the ins and outs of the State Department. She will point out that at the time of the massacre in Bengazi she was involved in delicate negotions with a certain Canadian leader to open trade channels for the maple syrup consortium, and was not aware of any terrorists operating anywhere in the MiddleEast.

    President Obama forcefully defended the UN Ambassador, S.Rice’s misleading and untrue statements during her ground-breaking appearance on five TV newshows within a four hour period. Claiming that she was not involved in any of the CIA or the StateDepartment’s foreign matters, but was the only one who volunteered to appear in public to try to make the matter go away.
    MsRice, who brings a delicate and feminine presence to the UnitedNations debates, was seen crying and threatened to send mean-girl e-mails to SenMcCain to get even with his remarks about her honesty.

    The City of Chicago is taking a bold step to reduce, not crime, but the fatty butts that are a national security concern and a threat to the health of Democrats. The City, by direction of their Mayor, will force independent vendors to change the products they sell to reflect the goals of the FirstLady, Michelle Obama for a fit and trim population.