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Koffler: GOP Needs to Make its Case, Not Change it

I have a piece running in Politico today which argues that Republicans don’t need to change their ideology, but they do need to make sure people are hearing about it.

From the piece:

If Republicans want to win national elections, the Republican National Committee must today begin a four-year project to bring the message of conservatism to those who aren’t hearing it. Not a message tailored to one group or another. But a message that conservatism works for everyone.

I hope you have a chance to take look.

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  1. I’ve searched the internet but I can’t find Bruce Bochy and Buster Posey analyzing infinitum as to why the Detroit Tigers sucked in the World Series.

    Conversely, you can’t spit w/out hearing libbers like Morning Joe, Mika, Barnacle, Donny Douche, Brian Williams, Stephadopolus, MondayMorningQB-ing over how conservatives should re-brand. It’s like taking marriage counseling from porn stars.

    btw: all this ‘what’s wrong w/ conserv.’ flotsam is taking place during a full blown Benghazi, Sandy, Petraeus 3 ring circus. -but let’s talk about Mitt.

    • Two things that the talking heads say that fuels my fire : “Get over it” and “You’re living in the past”. Honestly I don’t like the present state of America and will fight to the death to stop this madness….

  2. Nice idea, but there won’t be a four years from now. The U.S. that we wanted is gone…history (like the Twinkie). The parasites have won the day and it’s a matter of one or two years before the U.S. gets courtesy flushed. Anyone who looks at the federal budget (oh yeah and state and local budgets) will see that NOTHING can be done now. All this talk amongst politicians and the media is just that, talk… entertainment actually. The parasites are intent on taking what’s theirs until the very end… let them, but don’t be around when the checks stop.

    • “The parasites are intent on taking what’s theirs until the very end… ” – Larry the Democrat

      Larry, you are sadly correct except for one word.

      It should read,
      “The parasites are intent on taking what’s OURS until the very end…”

  3. Just finished reading your article. Spot on. Obama was spewing his nonsense with passion. A passion that could not be matched by the logical “don’t you get it?” tones of a Romney. Obama spoke to people on the edge of capitalism with the language of a person used to being on the fringe looking in.
    Romney never spoke that language and never conveyed that mindset.

  4. I couldn’t agree more with what you are saying. I’m listening to some of the talk radio and TV hosts talking about how to win this group or that and I think that is not the way to do it. When you show you really care about ALL people and that we are working for everyone’s best, we will win votes. I have said for years that we need to secure our border first. After that, we work on ways of allowing people who are here to become citizens. We have the room, we have the resources. Let’s treat people like people and not like pawns. I do think the younger generation has been dumbed down, but you can still teach them. If we live what we preach and show by example that conservatism is best for all of us, we can win elections.

  5. Most Republicans can’t promote or defend conservative values because they don’t believe in them themselves.

    It’s not just Democrats that think Big Government is swell, and every Republican seems to have a little Arlen Spector living inside him that just wants The Angry One to love him and invite him to play with the Big Boys. Of course it’s a pipe dream, as Arlen himself could have told you before he died (miserable and alone, abandoned as a traitor by Republican and Democrat alike), but the RINOs just can’t help, eh, “HOPE”ing…

  6. Well said, Keith. My head was reeling immediately after the election when so many so-called Republican pundits were telling us we had to become Obama-Lite and give up stodgy old Conservatism if we wanted to survive another election.

    We do, however, need a lighter approach. One of the highlights of the Convention was the hispanic governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez. Her story brought the house down:

    MARTINEZ: I was a Democrat for many years. So were my parents. Before I ran for district attorney, two Republicans invited my husband and me to lunch, and I knew a party switch was exactly what they wanted. So, I told Chuck, “We’ll be polite, enjoy a free lunch, and then say good-bye.” But we talked about issues. They never used the words “Republican” or “Democrat,” “conservative” or “liberal.” We talked about many issues, like welfare. “Is it a way of life, or hand up?” We talked about the size of government. “How much should it tax families and small businesses?” And when we left that lunch, we got in the car, and I looked over at Chuck and said, “I’ll be damned. We’re Republicans!”

    We need more of this! Humor is all-encompassinng. Looking back, Susana Martinez would have been a great VP candidate.

  7. They need to pound the message that Republican economic policies will give poor people a better opportunity to move up into the middle class and beyond. Democrat policies will keep people poor and dependent on government. Romney’s 47% comment gave the impression that Republicans don’t care about poor people.

    • I don’t think this is all bad message-conveying. Sue me. As I said a time or three, I had intelligent friends say the Republicans wanted to repeal R v W–my kid is pro-life and my choice would never have been abortion although I would not enforce this on another woman, but this is not considered settled law when candidates say all sorts of things about reproduction–stupid things such as the rape comments. You people read the comments sections of other pubs? There is a vocal element of grinding contempt for Republicans. I don’t think this is going to be erased by saying, oh, we are the best for all people. I suggest Repubs at least re-message to the extent that they are now shoving the social side into people’s faces all the time. I am sure some people on this site will jump on me–well, have at it.

      • I meant NOT shoving the social side into people’s faces. I also refer to Bozell on Newsbusters–he is so puritanical–ooo, a TV show features gays…oooo, someone used bad language.

      • You should tell your ignorant friends that no one can “repeal” Roe v. Wade. It is a Supreme Court decision and the only way it can be negated is for the Court to overturn its own decision. This is unlikely to happen. Neither the President nor Congress can overturn a Supreme Court decision. The Constitution says so. Read it and pass it on to your friends. they really need to read it.

        • Submitted by Knothead : “Yeah but, wouldn’t it be eerie to say anyone of the millions of aborted babies could have been the human being that found a cure for cancer or any other deadly diseases. Pshaw, you get one shot at it, you best not blow it.”

  8. Contemporary America reminds me of the Weimar Republic. The economic problems are a little different but not in magnitude. And the US matches Weimar in moral decadence. Unfortunately, everything will eventually run out for what Romney honestly called the 47%. Then the current Democratically run country will be replaced by something else. Not moderately Republican but maybe a brutally different regime from the same ‘folks’ who gave us Obama.

    • One huge, and critical, difference between us and the Weimar Republic. The Weimar Republic did not have an armed citizenry. The Germans were at the mercy of whoever controlled the biggest bunch of bullies. We aren”t. We can shoot back.

  9. Keith – You almost got there. I agree with everything you wrote, but suggest some clarifications are needed. First….when people nod their heads that the RNC “must today begin a four-year project to bring the message of conservatism to those who aren’t hearing it”, we must be absolutely clear on what that message of conservatism includes. I find that people’s understanding of what “conservatism” is has become muddied in recent years.
    My opinion…the message should focus primarily on conservative “governance” issues of limited size of government and individual liberty. Without that qualifier, one is left to wonder whether or not “message of conservatism” includes widely held “conservative” beliefs regarding pro-life, anti-gay marriage, etc.
    Those are the social issues among others that have turned off many “moderates” and prompted them to either vote democrat or libertarian or to not vote at all. This is especially true when the sound bytes of certain incumbents are astonishingly off base, and I agree they should be withdrawn from the ticket.

    To be clear….I’m NOT saying that Republicans as a whole need to abandon those positions, but they need to be less off-putting about how they position it. It’s one thing to have convictions, it’s another to communicate those convictions in a way that alienates many people, comes across as righteous at best and bigoted at worst.
    While I agree with the need to give everyone more love and affection, I place most of the emphasis and need on your other word “respect”.
    This party does not need to change the message, but it needs to prioritize it and add a GENUINE degree of tolerance. #1 – limited size and scope of government. #2 – here are our views on social issues, but we respect opposing viewpoints.
    Today there isn’t an ounce of credibility in the party’s stated desire to expand the tent. Without sincerity it’s just pandering and without tolerance it’s looking increasingly archaic.

    • Yes–prioritize–we don’t need a whole zeitgeist, just a governing philosophy…Why does the governing philosophy include telling people what to do in their personal and sex lives–we don’t like this when the other side tells us not to drink big sodas. I know some will disagree, but a transvaginal sono before an abortion is to punish the woman with am unnecessary procedure to make her change her mind. I think this is incredibly manipulative. The Republlicans get tagged with this. It is not helping.

  10. Excellent article, Keith. I’m hoping this election was a Requiem of the RINOs. Time for the establishment to step aside and let the constitutional conservatives have a chance at bat.

    I agree with Mike. There are bigger fish to fry in the public arena. Obama’s Arab Spring is turning into hellfire for Israel, and where is he? He’s oblivious to the war drums beating loudly in the Middle East, happily schmoozing with his Hollyweird buddies, and basking in glow of the RINOs kowtowing to him…

  11. Interesting opinion piece.
    I have to point out that MrRomney addressed the NAACP during the campaign and did visit a predominantly Black neighborhood in Philadelphia to share his message.
    What he got in response from the outspoken Blacks was something on the line of “how dare he try to get my vote?”.

    Then there is the Jewish vote that went for MrObama. What their excuse for voting against their best interests is a mystery.

    Hispanics are a volatile, moving target who believe that any attempt to slow illegal immigration by their former countrymen is a insult to them.