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Salazar to Reporter: “I’m Gonna Punch You Out”

Just in case you didn’t see this, the Secretary of the Interior the other day threatened to punch out a reporter.

Boy, between Obama defending Susan Rice against her accusers at his press conference Wednesday – “they’ve got a problem with me” – and Ken Salazar, there sure are a lot of tough guys in this administration.

That’s okay, reporters are used to getting a little hostility.

I think the main things reporters need to learn in the fancy journalism schools many attend are shorthand and kung fu.

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12 Responses to Salazar to Reporter: “I’m Gonna Punch You Out”

  1. salazar is nothing but a token cabinet plant that let power go to his pathetic head. Colorado’s “gift” to the party. Oh, and he’s a true 1%er by and by. That little “ranch” he stole from the landowners is a mighty spread

  2. Perfect example of big hat and no cattle. This little minion better watch himself. If he starts trying to out-demagogue the master of demagoguery he’ll be put in his place. The purging of frenemies is already taking place.

  3. And if punching your lights out doesn’t work he’ll put his foot on your throat. Perfect fit for the Obama adminsitration. You bring a knife, we’ll bring a gun.