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Biden Appears on Parks and Recreation

Vice President Biden appeared on last night’s episode of “Parks and Recreation” with Amy Poehler. Here’s the clip.

Here’s Biden and a fairly star-struck looking Poehler working out the scene.

Since this appears after Election Day, I assume maybe Biden has 2016 on the brain.

17 Responses to Biden Appears on Parks and Recreation

  1. The show has already spoofed the city of Pawnee would ban large sugary drinks and the importance of city-funded sex education. I love the show but said I would drop it if “they do one more thing.” Well, Biden was the “one more thing” and I’m done with the show.

  2. I won’t even watch the clip. To me, this stuff is nothing but social engineering pap. Give me “Cheyenne”, “Rawhide”, and “Gunsmoke”. Take me back to a time when men were men, and women were women – not a bunch of androgynous drones.

  3. I guess Biden likes to play up the dim-wit image but for me the office of V.P. still deserves a certain amount of respect. I just don’t understand why he wants to play the clown of the administration. Reverse the offices, if Obama were the V.P. would it be tolerated?

  4. Joe who was on what? To me, the programs on network television are neither entertaining and worth viewing. Time is much too valuable to waste on the “boob tube”. Thus, I do not subscribe to the subliminal messaging via network TV.

  5. If we’re talking 2016 already, I have the first campaign commercial for the Republicans;

    “If Obama was worried we’d kill Big Bird, why then was it OK for him to kill Twinkie the Kid?

    Shame on you, Barack Obama.”

    You’re welcome.

    Here’s a link to Twink’s obituary;

    It also shows all the rest of the deliciousness we’ve lost.

    His death may have been faked, though. He may be prisoner in the White House. It’s just possible that Michelle Antonette wants him all to herself…

    Mooch to Bumbles;
    “Don’t let THEM eat cake! It’s ALL MINE!!!!”

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