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Video Exclusive || Obama Reelection Dance Celebration

White House Dossier was fortunate enough to obtain this exclusive video of President Obama, Michelle Obama, Vice President Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid last week celebrating Obama’s election victory.

We’re proud to share it with you.

8 thoughts on “Video Exclusive || Obama Reelection Dance Celebration”

  1. Mental image for the day; Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid “freak dancing” at the celebration.

    I apologize for that. Please try to forget it in time for dinner.

  2. I love this website but now with 4 more years of the worse pres we’ve ever had and will have coming here is like watching my cat die over and over again. I just feel sick and sad for our country and the sorry for the twisted people that voted for him

      1. I wonder exactly where the election votes get counted. Some say, a company in Spain owned by Soros. I did a search and can not get a straight answer to a simple question. Appears fishy to me.

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