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Romney Should Tell Obama To Take a Hike

There are lots of nice hiking trails in Northern Virginia. I’ve been on many. With respect to President Obama’s offer to “potentially work together,” made during today’s press conference, Mitt Romney should politely tell the president to go get himself on one of them.

I’m not suggesting Romney should be vindictive or bitter. But the words said during an election campaign should have at least some small bit of meaning. And for Romney to agree at this point to work with Obama would actually denigrate the American political system. It would say that they presidential campaign, which is the heart of American democracy, essentially means nothing.

You and me? Friends? Are you kidding me?

If the two sides had fought well – even acerbically – and Romney had lost, fine, make up and unite. But Obama ran the dirtiest, lowest, most malignant campaign I have seen in my lifetime.

He said not just that Romney was wrong, but that he was a liar. He suggested Romney was a heartless bastard who cared only about his wealthy country club friends. He let his allies run an ad that linked Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital to a woman’s death. His campaign left the impression Romney had cheated on his taxes. Romney, Obama’s campaign claimed, was waging a “war on women.”

Obama’s vice president suggested Romney was a racist who wanted to put black people back in “chains” and a xenophobe on the level of the anti-Catholic Know Nothing Party of the 1800s.

In terms of policy, Obama’s campaign was not about much. It was, instead, about destroying a good man’s character.

If that man, Mitt Romney, decides now to cooperate with Obama, what Romney will really be doing is dismissing the whole campaign as a meaningless exercise and condoning such dirty tactics as a template for the future.

What Obama did was unacceptable. And Romney shouldn’t accept it.

Obama’s offer is an attempt at self-exculpation, a sham that will communicate to the American people that Romney concurs with Obama’s campaign abuses as fair play. It’s also part of a White House strategy to make Republicans seem petty for not compromising with Obama by saying, Look, even Romney can work with me.

Romney should, privately and without fanfare, tell Obama about the hikes he can take on Virginia’s beautiful trails, and that with the weather have turned cold, there’s no danger of him stepping on any snakes of the type that ran his campaign.

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  1. I know this is out of character for Romney but frankly I hope he would tell Obama to go screw himself, preferably in much stronger language. That invite should also extend to his campaign and the current administration.

    1. at first, I agree totally. But Romney may yet have a role, and he may help shine a better light on conservatism, if done correctly. My contention is that anything Obama gets done will actually be from Romeny’s plan. This is fate. It won’t hurt to have Romney have some profile, if it is respectable.

  2. Excellent article, Keith. I’m afraid Mitt Romney might just turn the other cheek and work with the Alinskyite. Rushbo sure called this one. What a better way to demoralize conservatives than to offer their presidential candidate a job. Romney mocked Obama’s suggestion to create a new bureaucracy – Secretary of Business during the campaign. What a slap in the face that would be if Romney turned around and accepted that position in his administration.

    1. Obama will never ask Romney for help or to work together.
      The reason…there is nothing Romney could say or do to help.
      Obama knows that Obama knows it all. At least the correct things to know.

      1. Obama is an idiot and has everything to learn. The only thing obama is good at is being a liar and a criminal..He should be in Prision for the crimes against america that he has commited. And all the thieves of his kind that stole the election by stuffing the ballot boxes with multiple ballots and rigging the machines.. You have nothing to be proud of… He is a liar . Not much sticks to him but he can not get away from the label of being a liar.

  3. I’m not suggesting Romney should be vindictive or bitter. But the words said during an election campaign should have at least some small bit of meaning. And for Romney to agree at this point to work with Obama would actually denigrate the American political system“…

    Two problems (though there may be more) with this strike me immediately…

    1) There is nothing wrong with being bitter & vindictive especially after one has been accused of murder as was done in one of the Kenyan Kommie Klown’s ads against Romney regarding Bain Capital…

    2) If Romney agrees to work with the Kenyan Kommie Klown then he’ll just reenforce the validity of choice made by probably 7+ million conservatives who either didn’t vote for Romeny or stayed home…

  4. This was the most filthy election I have witnessed in my lifetime, all on Obama’s part. Character assassination, votes bought, and votes most likely stolen, all abetted by the pro-Obama propaganda press. I hope Romney has no part in it.

  5. I hope Romney doesn’t do anything – my husband and I still stand by Mr. Romney. We believe he was a gentleman and took the high road. The arm chair quarterbacking is incredible. If that kept him out of the White House so be it.

    Just read today where Bill O’Reilly said he was very disappointed that Romney went in hiding the last week – you have got to be kidding me – the man was all over the country. O’Reilly said he should have come on his show – we can debate all we want whether or not Romney made a mistake or not about the media shows – but O’Reilly seems to think a visit on his show would have made a difference. I watch him frequently – but talk about a guy with a HUGE EGO.

    Stay true to yourself Gov. Romney – don’t give the President the opportunity to USE you – and that’s all it is.

  6. Ppl, ppl, ppl… get over it. The President of the United States is Obama. The election is over. Get over it.. Continue to live your life.. Some of you might be part of the 47% Romney was talking about anyway.. White, Black…who really gives a fuck. When you die, you will go back to what you were made from—DIRT. Pray for guidance and peace. It will help you get over your anger towards the Republicans that screwed up and lost… Some sit in church praising God and yet you have hate towards another and you expect to have everlasting life…WOW…..

      1. Ok. let me change the word from ‘hate’ to ‘dislike’. It seems as though people are coming up with so many ‘reasons’ as to why Obama won. I did not vote because neither party showed me how they were going to get this economy back on the right track but that doesn’t mean that I have to call someone an explicit name or come up with some sort of ‘reason’ to start an uproar. Its just sad to constantly hear and read all the hateful words that come from people period.. And I am a Republican and I feel that they screwed up….period.

      2. “Other top Republicans lavished blame on Romney at the conference and complained that the campaign did not offer enough specifics to combat Obama.” This is what I’m talking about. So whose blame???

    1. YOU may be willing to meekly roll over and accept the demise of our nation, whose founding principles have been a beacon of hope and guidance for the world for decades, but many of us will never will. While you have likely never lived in a nation under a totalitarian regime, I have. I KNOW what it means to have one’s freedoms restricted and I assure you it’s coming here. Wake up.

    2. Anyone who starts a post with “Ppl, ppl, ppl…” cannot be taken seriously. Isn’t there an Occupy movement somewhere you can join?

      1. The only movement I have joined is my own. You can take my post any way you choose… We all have FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Why you and others are spending all your time hating and all your nonsense, spend that time making yourself happy. But why would misery want happiness right.. Whats done is done so deal with and again… MOVE ON…Have a great and peaceful day!!

        1. Don’t bet the farm on that freedom of speech thing Tracey. It may not be around much longer. You can drink the kool-aid and roll over but quite a few of us will not. You have a great and totally oblivious to reality day.

          1. “totally oblivious to reality day”!! Wow…you haven’t reached reality yet…if so you will realize that reality is already in effect and its nothing none of us can do to change whats already been done.

  7. The only one who would benefit from a Romney/Obummer meeting would be Obummer. He’d get gushy p.r. out of it, much like we saw from that fawning dope from Chicago at today’s press conference. Romney should most definitely NOT allow himself to be used by BHO. I firmly hope Romney tells the WH, “Sorry, I’m not interested/busy” and resumes his private life with his family.

  8. If Mitt turns the other cheek to this evil devil, I will never cast another vote. What chutzpah! He had the audacity to beat this decent, God-fearing man to a pulp, leaving him bruised and bleeding – and now he wants to exact revenge on the 48M of us who voted for Romney? Give me a break! It’s a form of sadism combined with extreme narcissism.

    Juandos made a good point. If Romney agrees to work with Obama, he’ll just reenforce the validity of choice made by 7+ million conservatives who either didn’t vote for Romeny or stayed home.

  9. Well, aren’t we just one happy country today. Forget Bengazi , the financial disaster looming ahead, the thousands of dead in Afganistan, we’ll just do a Snoopy Happy Dance together.. Forget that thing about the poor guy’s dead wife, the tax evasion thing, that was just business, not personal.
    We can still be friends, right pally? See, I need your help to stick it to the evil rich guys like I promised and your friends are being stubborn, telling me it will force a recession. Ha! As if that would happen.
    I need some extra cash to give to , you know, green energy stuff. Then there’s Chicago and the whole state of California going broke. Man, they need some cash pronto. I promised them.

    So, what do you say, give a guy a helping hand here.

    1. Hey you left out Mayor Bumbag (I) NYC or Gov. Pukee (D) NY asking the feds for some $60 billion in disaster aid. You think he’ll get it. Survey says : Yes….

  10. I said this here yesterday: I hope that Mitt doesn’t cave. He shouldn’t even give Obama the time of day. Obama intimated today that he had not been in contact with Mitt but planned to do so. Hopefully Mitt won’t turn the other cheek – he shouldn’t respond to any contact from Obama or anyone associated with him.

  11. Not only all that, but the only reason Obama won was by cheating. Starting Jan 26th, I will no longer recognize Obama as a valid President.

  12. If Obama had a brain and was happy with the millions he has taken from people along with the division of this country; (I know he is not); He would appoint Romney to be president and resign.

  13. If I were Romney (and if I were, I wouldn’t be wasting my time posting here), but I would just take my family and all my money and live in some sort of bliss. He busted his butt to win the presidency, and did not. He spent his money – now he should cut his loses and enjoy his life. America voted, let the voters reap their dreams (aka nightmares).

  14. What Governor Romney needs to say is that the preezy ought to go perform two obscene acts upon himself, the second proceeding directly from the first.

    If that’s too much…

    Go pound sand.

    Hit the bricks.

    Go pet a deer.

    Go kick rocks.

    Or, my personal favorite, it being DC…

    Go ride the Metro.

  15. I appreciated the rich irony of Obama’s proclaiming today at the press conference that people are innocent until proven guilty after he spent months accusing Romney of all manner of unproven transgressions.

  16. This might be crazy,but…interesting optic having a full pressroom with Obama,and Romney goes all Bain capital on the msm press and obama and lays out to the public exactly what he would cut and slash to a balanced budget and true deficit reduction. Figure about 2 hours would do it.
    Great theater

  17. I think MR already gave BO all he needs to know about what to do to improve the economy.

    People like BO say “I’d like to pick your brain,” “I’ll be in touch” and “Let’s do lunch” all the time. It’s just for show.

  18. Well done Keith
    Mitt should publicly state that though politics is rough, the personal attacks and outright lies speak to the character, or lack thereof, with this administration and that prevents him from taking the offer. Additionally, Mitt should continue to remind the public that Obummer ran on hate, fear, and giveaway’s that we can no longer afford as a democracy. Mitt could and would have done a far better job, but now the dopey public may need to see it for themselves.

  19. I disagree with you, Keith. If Romney is the type person we all thought he was, he’d view such a request as a call to help his country. Granted, I’m not naive enough (I hope Mitt is not either!) to think its not politically inspired by Obama but let Romney accept his request for help, if one actually comes. By doing so, and with some adept packaging by the GOP, we could have some real ammunition for the midterms.

    1. @RickW: I totally agree with you. I think it will prove that he is a man with a heart of change and is willing to help in some sort of way. What harm will it do? Everyone wants the same thing: to get the economy back on track and if they can all work together and stop acting like little kids that can’t get their way, then change will come. Hopefully…

  20. Now the Wh will have no reason to hide the cigarettes and wine and vodka that Senator Obama was known to enjoy a lot. Bring in the rappers, cast of Lincoln and we can get the party started only to be broken up with the vacations and power weekends to resorts.

    Yes I now see that Bush was a bad President but this guy and Clinton along with spouses would not be trusted as paralegals in any office where I have worked. With Bush he did not have the experience and with Clinton and Obama the office is reduced to sleaze on the level of what you find in Chicago and Boston.

  21. I am sure Romney will take time to regroup and then come out with some initiative that will help people–but not in cooperation with someone who openly disdains and dislikes him. What’s the precentage in that? There is plenty to be done–he will find something.

  22. Didn’t Romney say he would sit down with the prez to come up with solutions to help get the econ back on track? This is only a question…

  23. “But Obama ran the dirtiest, lowest, most malignant campaign I have seen in my lifetime.”

    Seriously?? You don’t recall the hatchet job done on John McCain in 2000 by his fellow Republicans? Every presidential campaign Is the meanest, nastiest, dirtiest ever… this one is no different. Romney just let other people wallow in the gutter for him like Limbaugh (xenophob), Trump (birther), D’Souza (religion/terrorism), etc. Politics is dirty – Just ask anyone who has been Swiftboated.

    So you are hoping Romney acts small instead of acting in the best interest of the country… yes this is what we need. Thanks for encouraging it…

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