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Quote of the Day || November 14, 2012

“I think most economists will agree that the best way to stimulate economic growth is to raise taxes by $1.6 trillion.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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  1. I REFUSE to watch Obama speak anymore, but I am curious about yesterday’s “propaganda conference”.
    Why were there no follow up questions? (i.e. 1.ask a question 2.Obama avoids/gives lame answer 3.why can’t there be a follow up?) Is this the Obama WH press corps policy nowadays? and why does the pathetic “press corps” go along with this B.S. !

    Once again, We readers of WHDossier can think of & ask better questions than the so-called disgraceful “WH press corps”.

      • Seriously Keith, WHY don’t the WH press people NOT play obama’s game and be real journalists? Not to sound petty, but yesterdays’s “press conference” was a joke. To submit questions beforehand?? Where are we? N Korea? Soviet Union? Aside from you, does anyone in the “press” have a backbone any more? They certainly crucified Bush any chance they got, but this current group, you excepted of course, may as well be asking questions like “boxers or briefs?” or “what ‘s your golf handicap?” or “what kind of aftershave do you use?” or any other stupid and worthless questions. Sorry for the rant. I just have little to no respect any more for “journalists”, but not you of course, b/c you are the real deal. I learn so much from your blog and the reader’s comments.

  2. “I think most economists will agree that the best way to stimulate economic growth is to raise taxes by $1.6 trillion.”

    – Barack Obama (not).

    If he HAD said this, he would probably have a follow up sentence, to the effect of “Economist recognized by the White House, anyway.”.

    Would it be surprising for Government to start credentialing people as it pleases that are in disciplines that may make Government look bad? That way, they could ridicule the messanger as “unqualified”.

    They’ve already tried this with meteorolgist;
    ‘Three years ago, Dr. Cullen found herself in a dispute with meteorologists after she posted a note on the Weather Channel’s Web site suggesting that meteorologists should perhaps not receive certification from the meteorological society if they “can’t speak to the fundamental science of climate change.” ‘

    And, of course, Chuck Schumer gets to decide what’s a hurricane and what’s not now;
    ‘“Today, we’ve sent a letter to NOAA, the weather agency, as well as to the insurance companies that we’re looking over their shoulder. We want NOAA to keep this classified as a tropical storm and to save homeowners in New York and Long Island thousands of dollars and we don’t want the insurance companies to play any games,” Schumer told WCBS 880.’

    Look for more of this as the global warming debate, eh, “Heats Up”.

    And, if today meteorologist can be DQ’d for political disagreements, why NOT economists? Journalist? Talk show hosts? Anyone else who might pose a challenge to the Obama Agenda?

    I’m just surprised they haven’t tried this yet. Hope I didn’t give anyone ideas…