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Obama Contradicts Debate Statement on Fiscal Cliff

President Obama today contradicted a statement he made during the campaign, suggesting during an East Room news conference that upcoming negotiations over the budget could well fail and massive spending cuts – known as the “sequester” or the “fiscal cliff” – could kick in.

“We can all imagine a scenario where we go over the fiscal cliff,” Obama said today.

But during his third debate with Gov. Mitt Romney, Obama said that the dire scenario did not have a chance of occurring.

“First of all, the sequester is not something that I’ve proposed,” Obama said then. “It is something that Congress has proposed. It will not happen.”

Obama during the debate was eager to minimize the chances of going over the fiscal cliff because Romney had noted that it would force massive defense spending cuts. During the debate, Obama repeatedly tried to compare his experience with Romney’s by noting he was the Commander in Chief.

After Obama had concluded the news conference, but before he walked off the podium, a Bloomberg News reporter attempted to follow up by noting the contrast with his statement during the debate. But Obama refused to answer, saying he didn’t want a set a precedent by taking questions from reporters out of turn, and promptly left the room.

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    • oh you are wrong, Gator. He didn’t walk or slither. He was carried out on the shoulders of the media who asked him questions easily dismissed, or softballed or set up for the ole “we are still investigating 2 months still” mantra.

    • I thought after one of his holy readings, he was supposed to ascend to Jannah on a zephyr? I guess it’s good that he did not, though, because they’d have to build another one of those onion dome things with minarets around his TelePrompTer then, and frankly DC has enough traffic issues without having a hajj requirement there as well…

  1. Lets see Hussein Obama finishes up his presser and the market falls another 122 points. I expect to see more money leave the market before the end of the year and be shipped off shore as quick as possible.

    • People may want to take any capital gains they can before taxes on those gains go up. Too bad it hurst the 401Ks of the middle class. Obama just cannot think ahead.

      • Hear that loud sucking sound? The good ship America is taking on water and she’s sinking fast. The wealthy are liquidating their investments in America as fast as they can – before the usurious tax rates arrive. This puppet’s usurpation of America is almost complete.

  2. What “precedent” of taking questions out of turn?
    Where the H#ll did that come from? Is that the Obama “press” doctrine…?

    WH “press” corps = bunch or useless, arrogant, biased, sycophants.

  3. Raise the taxes on the rich, over and over. It’s not going to accomplish anything other than give the rich people’s accountants more work to do finding all those loopholes and legal evasions.
    So, he gets the tax raise, then what? Nothing good will happen, no paydown of the deficit, no jobs created, nada, nothing, same old only worse.

    I’m not sure he knows that the election is over,that he doesn’t have anyone to convince he’s the best man for the job anymore with his leftist rhetoric. But, he does have to produce, to better our condition, to make inroads on entitlements and our national debt.
    He may believe that he has a mandate from the people who voted for him, but he has no mandate from Congress.
    It’s up to him to work with them, not the other way around.
    He’s up to his ears in a coverup, the tab for Fast & Furious hasn’t been paid yet and he has to face the people he admires to explain his signature tax – Obamacare.

  4. When he made that statement during the debate I knew he was not speaking the truth. I was also concerned by his effortless ability to lie.
    It’s going to be a long 4 years.

  5. Oh, but he did say he was interested in picking Mitt’s brain re creating jobs, eliminating loopholes, and making govt. leaner and meaner by ridding itself of duplicate programs, etc. – the bureaucracy he helped to create. He praised Mitt for doing a great job in turning the Olympics around – why not just let Mitt handle of the job of turning the country around!! …I hope Mitt tells him where to go!

  6. why even watch this guy? he could come out and say the sky is made of swiss cheese and the media would run to republicans and ask “why has it taken your party so long to admit the sky has changed to swiss cheese – and most probably due to global warming??” I don’t watch this donkey show any more