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Most WHD Readers Say GOP Should Stay Put on Social Issues

A majority of White House Dossier readers believe Republicans should not back off their positions on gay marriage, abortion, or citizenship for illegal immigrants, and only a small number support changing any of these individual positions, according to a poll run from November 13-14.

The poll is not “scientific,” but given that most White House Dossier readers are to the right of center, it does offer a sense of what conservatives think.

Here are the results.

As you can see, out of a total of 1,120 votes cast, 54.6 percent said “Don’t alter the stance on any of these issues.” But the percentage of readers who feel this way is actually higher, since multiple votes were permitted.

People who said Republicans should change their views could vote for multiple options, so the 508 total votes for changes included fewer than 508 actual voters, while all 612 votes for “Don’t alter the stance on any of these issues” presumably included 612 actual voters.

Similarly, the percentage of votes cast for any individual change are greater than the actual percentage of voters who support these moves.

No more than 20 percent supported changing the stance on any individual issue. The most flexibility was on creating a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, but even that received only a small minority of support.

5 Responses to Most WHD Readers Say GOP Should Stay Put on Social Issues

  1. Back up a second. It is the DEMOCRATS that bring up the issues and the Repubs then must react. It is not the Repubs putting homosexual marriage on the agenda. It is not Repubs who always try to get social issues on the ballot.

  2. Nothing like conseratives who rail against government overreach/nanny state that want to use the government to engineer social thought. The Christian Right has been completely about how they gone about this over the past 30+ years and it one of the reasons why they are losing the argument. Don’t spend all your time trying to change laws especially Roe vs Wade. Change hearts and minds so much that the laws won’t matter. Like I told my aunt who her vote is pro-life no matter what (she actually sat out this election because Romney would not agree to getting rid of abortion in the cases of rape), you can have a world where abortion is still legal but since the pro-lifers spent so much time changing minds, abortion almost always never happens and often is forget it’s even on the books (kinda of like some of the more bizzare ones left from the Purtian Era including that oral sex was illegal due it being a “witch craft actively”, it’s still a law in some states but who the hell enforces that LOL). That sounds a hell of a lot better to me then having Roe vs Wade being overturned by one Supreme Court Justice vote and yet having abortion run rapid still through backalley ones and rogue doctors.

    And as far as gay marriage goes, there is a real simple compromise that meet both parties objections if you stop for a minute and thought about it. Because both parties have a legitimate claim. Pro gay marriage supporters say it’s a case of denying one civil rights and that is correct. But people who are opposed say it’s the government invading one’s freedom of religion and in a round about way, choosing one set value over another and that is true. Again, there is a real simple compromise if people stop and think for a minute. Hint: It has to do with the orgins of marriage and what is even today. Let’s see if some are objective enough to get it. :)

  3. Let’s be specific here:
    There are a few social issues and we can’t lump them together…let’s take two of them.
    1) Gay Marriage. I’m pro-gay marriage, as long as it is State Driven. Not federal. And it should go by the electing public or the legislature, never the state courts.
    2) Abortion. Here’s the dumb thing politically about Abortion. Democrats would love for Roe v Wade to be overturned, and Republicans would hate it. RoeVWade overturned would make Abortion a state legislature issue. The Democrats would overwhelm most state legislatures and the money would pure in. Republicans would hate this. By the way, there shouldn’t be “All for” or “all against” choice on abortion. There are reasons for Abortions in my opinion and there are reasons against it. It’s not black or white.

  4. Are you kidding? I did not vote in your poll and did vote for Romey.

    Just because I choose a heterosexual relationship does not mean that by not legislating against that I am personally for it for my personal life. We should care less what someone does privately. Religious folks should be tolerant instead of imposing your beliefs on others. Be consistent. Minimize government involvement on both fiscal AND social issues. The tolerance to alternative social beliefs is changing in this country. Basically the social issues are a smoke screen because they are simple and emotional and obsure the more important economic issues that ARE the real agenda. Follow the money trail. The republicans are wasting their energy on social issues that matter personnaly but if ignored will not change their personal life. However, while the Republicans continue this unwinnable fight, the Democrats have played an “end around” to advance the true agenda of controling the money.

    We can’t continue to be fooled by the smokescreen and we need to eliminate the objections so the more critical economic issues can be debated. Just like Charlie Brown continues to try to kick the ball, Lucy will always take it away. As long as we continue to argue the wrong issues, the Dems will continue to get elected and spend the money.