In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Seven Reasons Why Romney Lost

1. A failure to BE a conservative.

Every time Republicans nominate a candidate who doesn’t strongly back conservative ideals – George H.W. Bush in 1992, Bob Dole in 1996, and John McCain in 2008 – they lose. And every time a moderate candidate loses, everyone calls for Republicans to throw the “crazy conservatives” out of the Party and turn everyone into moderates.

Go Figyah.

Bush the Elder is the perfect case for this. In 1988, he ran as the inheritor of the Reagan mantle and won. But by 1992, having raised taxes, it was clear he was just another Country Club Republican, and voters turned on him.

Romney is a moderate. His Massachusetts Romneycare plan was the template for Obamacare. He tried to change himself into a conservative, but everyone knew he wasn’t. And so many of people who should have been his voters didn’t turn out to the polls, thinking it didn’t make much difference.

2. Romney failed to SELL conservative ideas

He picked conservative Paul Ryan, but then locked him in the attic. Who really heard Ryan spreading his gospel?

Romney’s biggest idea seemed to be tax reform, which ain’t the same as tax cutting. He was frightened it would hurt him to make the tough conservative case for Medicare and Social Security reform. He shied away from all social issues. Sure, he mentioned these things, but they weren’t the center of his campaign.

The last person to run on competency was Michael Dukakis. And as we all know, he won and served for four terms.

Instead of trying to appease Latinos, African Americans, Blackfoot Indians, and any other group that might feel insulted by conservative ideas, Romney should have gone right into their neighborhoods and told them all about it. How about a conversation with black Americans about how the last 50 years of increasing government spending has worked out for them?

3. He failed to define the causes of the recession.

This has been mostly ignored by commentators. By allowing Obama to blame everything wrong with the economy on George W. Bush, Romney was unable to embrace the conservative aspects of Bush’s presidency. In fact, the Great Recession was caused by liberal housing policies – designed to get people into homes they couldn’t afford – that were begun in earnest by Bill Clinton and defended ruthlessly by Democrats in Congress. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are essentially Democratic institutions.

Not that Bush was a hardcore conservative. But he passed a major tax cut, tried to reform Social Security, and was generally conservative on social issues, with the exception of immigration.

4. He let Obama define him early on

The minute Romney clinched the nomination, dozens of unauthorized biographers in the Obama Chicago campaign headquarter got to work creating a narrative that said he was a heartless rich guy who was mean to animals and probably cheated on his taxes. Romney largely held his fire, and was never able to completely counter the narrative when he eventually tried at the GOP convention.

5. The 47 percent remark

This was an egregious error that made him sound like he didn’t care about many Americans who get federal help. Not all of them are “dependent.” The error stemmed from his effort to make his moderate self sound like a “severe Conservative” to the donors he was addressing.

5. A poorly run campaign

Romney’s campaign was inefficient and marked by infighting. The place leaked like a laundry room faucet, handing out insider stories to anyone who wanted them. As any journalist will tell you – though they love getting the inside dope – the first sign of a bad campaign is one that airs its dirty laundry DURING the campaign.

6. Two white guys

I don’t think we need affirmative action tickets on either side of the aisle. But I think, running against the nation’s first black president – something which is deeply moving even to many of Obama’s political opponents – that this just wasn’t the year to run two pasty white guys with pretty blond wives.

7. A failure to use the media

Where was Romney? Obama was appearing on all kinds of ridiculous shows, including David Letterman and The View. Romney didn’t have to go the undignified route, but he could have spent a lot more time having his image beamed for free over the airwaves.


What do you think of this? And are there other reasons you can put your finger on?

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  1. Number 8: The guy from the first debate was absent from the other two. (and he should have jumped on Candy Crowley w/ both feet and a bullhorn. Momon’s don’t do that generally and we need somebody who does. Having led an oh so imperfect life, I’m out.)

    1. Yes, Mike, he should have jumped on Candy for calling him out on making a statement that was false. :rolleyes: We need more, not less of that. I love a good fight as much as anyone, but wouldn’t it be nice if candidates were fact checked live in front of 60 million people? Sounds good to me. There are plenty of things that are subjective, but the statement Romney made was false.

      The problem for Romney wasn’t republican turnout, it was Democratic turnout. Yes, Obama got less votes this time, but a huge chunk of that was in states where there was no doubt about who would win.

      There wasn’t a single Republican in the primaries, other than Huntsman, that had a shot of winning. Actually, if Romney could have run in the primaries as the moderate that he is, he might have won, but you can’t run to the right of Santorum on women’s health issues and to the right of everyone on immigration and win. The world isn’t as white as it was 30 years ago, and frankly, Reagan was a lot more friendly to immigrants than most Republicans. The world has changed and youth is much more liberal. I live in a very red state, but the under 30 crowd consistently espouses views to the left of me, and my peers think I’m a liberal….they don’t know liberal, just like San Francisco residents don’t know conservative.

      1. Even Candy Crowley backed away from her falsehood. Obama made a general statement about terrorism. But on the 60 minutes interview the day after, Obama when asked specifically whether Bengazi was terrorism, he denied it. Of course, CBS didn’t release the tape til the Sunday before the election.

        Huntsman is a complete RINO loser. He was so liberal that he was going to speak at the DNC.

        The establishment republicans have now twice run a RINO pres candidate and a conservative veep candidate. McCain/Romney would have gotten trounced more if not for Palin/Ryan.

        Rubio and Ted Cruz in 2016.

        1. Rubio’s own Dream-like immigration plan is very similar to Obama’s. Not so sure he’s a true-blue conservative. Cruz on the other hand is.

      2. Huntsman was a joke and a nothing more than a Democrat in Republican clothing. You would have seen less Republican turnout if Huntsman won the nomination.

        This country is not a left-center country, when the Republicans ran in 2010 on conservative principles, they won. They ran this year on a “Anybody but Obama” platform and had a moderate at the top of the ticket.

      1. The final say from the electoral college occurs on Dec.17th.
        Technically, this election has not been decided yet.
        The popular vote was very close considering.

    1. I think Obama was on a first-name basis with every voter in every battleground state. Did we ever get a count on how many students he herded onto the buses after registering them on campus? And it helps to have your field offices open for 4 years. Election tampering? Not if you are Barack Obama, community organizer/con artist extraordinaire.

      1. jha –

        Most people thought Jesus was “a nut job” when He walked the earth 2,000 yrs ago, but that didn’t make Him one, now did it?

        Truth does N-O-T depend upon “popularity”.

        I rest my case.

        1. “Most people thought Jesus was “a nut job” when He walked the earth 2,000 yrs ago, but that didn’t make Him one, now did it?”

          Not *necessarily*………

    2. Judging from the inability of the Republicans to comprehend simple polls before the election, I wouldn’t put too much faith in a conservative website claiming voter fraud using flawed statistics.

      Didn’t you people learn anything from that award-winning site Unskewed Polls?

    3. If you’re going to have an effect via fraud, you don’t do it in person. It’s risky and it’s 1 or 2 votes. Romney lost. Anyone that looked at the polls could see that he was going to lose, though things looked promising 1 week after the first debate up until the 2nd Debate. After that, it just looked stagnant and after the 3rd debate, CO and VA intermittently turned blue.

      Regardless, this wasn’t close enough for fraud to matter. In 2000 suppression or Fraud could make a difference, but not this time.

      1. Voter fraud is easy to do in person, especially when the voter ID law passed by several states was overturned. So, yes — it’s very easy to steal an election in this country — you don’t have to show your ID and prove you’re a citizen. Need an ID to purchase sudafed, drive a car, obtain a checking account, fly on an airplane, etc. It’s the basic minimum standard to prove who you are in this country. Period.

    4. Well, I ACTUALLY took the time to open the Cleveland polling data, and found that the article was right! It looked %$## suspicious, because at about 185 out of the 1078 polling places, Romney got less than 10 votes! And the average precinct cast 572 votes!

      Then I ACTUALLY took the time to look up some of the wards containing precincts reporting and I realized that (1) Cleveland is 53% African American, (2) The first 3 wards I checked containing extremely low votes for Romney had extremely high percentages of black voters, which leads to (3) Cleveland is apparently still rather segregated, and voting precincts in largely black neighborhoods will have close to zero Romney voters, given the low support for Romney among black voters.

      So, although I only checked one of the claims on this website, it turned out to be bogus.

      Oops, just checked another: “Ward 4 had over 90% turnout, when Philadelphia averaged 60% turnout.” Again, some wards in Cleveland are almost entirely composed of black voters, who we know from exits polls turned out in unexpectedly high numbers.

      It took me less than an hour to debunk two claims on this website. The rest of the website may be true for all I know, but their quality control and fact checking is pretty poor.

      1. Wow, the more links you follow, the worst it gets. Many of the links go to articles that actually refute the claims made by the website.

        Some Colorado counties had more voters than people counted in the last census. Sounds fishy, right? But if you follow the link and read the article, you’ll find the reporter interviewed the elections officials who explained that their precincts contain ski resorts that balloon their populations in winter. The census was done in April, so it shows fewer people.

  2. I thank God Romney never used the media in the way Obama did. Nothing has demeaned the presidency and the intelligence of the American people more than the Obamas’ many appearances on fifth rate television programs. And as for Stephanie Cutter’s remark that Obama gave an interview to People magazine because that’s where people get their news today: if that’s where we’re headed, I opt out. When Obama acts trashy, are you suggesting that in order to win, we have to get trashier?

    1. If, after months of campaigning, you can’t tell the difference between Romney’s policies and Obama’s, you either have your head in a hole or you believe anyone to the left of Rand Paul is not conservative enough. Either way, you are woefully ignorant of the issues.

      I also love how the purists in the GOP now proclaim GW Bush to be one of their own. When he was in office, you crucified him for working with Ted Kennedy on education issues, and for proposing immigration reform. Now that he’s out, he’s suddenly the model for all future Republican nominees?!?

      1. I don’t think many Republicans are saying that about Bush. His name wasn’t even mentioned at the convention. That said, it wouldn’t surprise me if Jeb Bush runs next time. At least he won’t alienate virtually every Hispanic and he’ll still get most of the white vote. problem is I expect the economy to be in good shape in 4 years, which coudl help democrats, if they nominate someone that’s good.

      2. Romney has spent his political career taking both sides of every issue…

        His operatives, in league with the GOP leadership, silenced grassroots conservative voices at the GNC, and changed the rules to prevent those dissenters even being invited to future conventions…

        and he was basically the godfather of Obama’s signature first-term achievement.

        But we should ignore all that because he campaigned as a conservative. Sometimes.

    1. Yes this was hardly a Obama victory he had the media and fraud to
      help guess it takes a village of idiots to ‘appoint’ Obama he didn’t do
      it alone or on merit!

  3. Obama’s unabashed media stuck together as a united front, however critical of that we have been–the “conservative” media tried to look oh so brilliant and picked on Romney similar to this article. Two, the 47% was to show donors he would not waste their money going after votes he could not get–but he never pressed that explanation and let everyone say it was Medicare and SS recipients…And the Republicans pressed on social issues that killed them–versus the economic. I am not sure on this fake conservative, real conservative thing and whether we are really a center-right country anymore. I think people are jumping too fast on that one.

    1. we are a center-right country, but that isn’t the same as severely conservative. there is a reason all gop nominees have to tack to the center.

  4. “two pasty white guys with pretty blond wives” is a description that reflects the theme of the MSM and IS racist and demeaning. I’m not going to apologize for being of the White race, just because it’s not cool or trending to be a White conservative.

    If the voters shunned he ticket of Romney/Ryan because they were “two pasty White guys”, then it’s to their detriment not to look beyond skin color to choose the President and his policies.
    “two pasty Whte guys” really?
    How are we to describe the Obama/Biden team then?

    1. Funny how we white people are the butt of all jokes nowadays. Guess that whole “content of character” idea has been trumped by the color of our skin.

      “How are we to describe the Obama/Biden team then?”
      Dumb and dumber. They are both quislings – for the pasty white men behind the curtain.

      1. “Funny how we white people are the butt of all jokes nowadays. Guess that whole “content of character” idea has been trumped by the color of our skin.” – Susan

        “I don’t know what kind of a n—– wouldn’t vote with a black man running,” – Rev. Lowery, 2008.

        Read more:

        He’s not a nut-fudge outlier, like he would be in the Republican party. He’s the co-founder with MLK of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, revered by white and black both, and was picked to say the benediction at Obama’s first inagural when Obama’s pastor proved, eh, problematic. He also opined recently that all white people, for the sin of being white, are going to hell, then said “ITS A JOKE, HAHAHA!.

        In short, Susan, you’re right. The saddest part of this cycle has been the prodigious number of Black ministers who set their faith down in favor of their flesh. If they don’t fear God, I’m pretty sure the “content” argument doesn’t hold any water with them, either.


    2. Agreed. If we are to look to skin color and gender when picking candidates then we are in trouble. I prefer to use character, intelligence, and leadership as my criteria.

      1. Agreed Anonna.
        Should Mitt Romney have picked Marco Rubio only because he is Hispanic, or should he have taken Michelle Bachmann only because she’s a woman?

        The problem in the end was Romney wasn’t a conservative and he couldn’t describe conservatism because he just didn’t believe it.

  5. Keith, after re-reading your post I would suggest that you try to get a seat right in front of the podium for the next four years of mindless rhetoric from Carney, and just maybe you can get to ask a question of the holy one, if he shows up, and casts his loving attention on you and allows you to approach his holiness.
    That way you can really drill him with all the hard-hitting questions that no one else gets any answers to anyway.
    Good Luck !

    I am convinced that this election was stolen

  6. Hard to imagine you didn’t list the blatant media bias against him and all conservative candidates as a top reason. Face it, most of America gets it’s information from networks that slant their reporting to make conservative look like bafoons.

  7. Another reason to consider is his rude, and downright vindictive treatment of his primary challengers. I am a Ron Paul supporter and read all about how Mit shut out Ron in all the early primaries, through strong arm tactics and thuggery. The tactics he used were atrocious. None of us ever forgot and many of us never forgave. Other candidates like Newt and the two Ricks likely felt the same way, so the enthusiasm wasn’t there when it was needed after the convention. Mit needed us more than we needed him.

    1. So what you’re admitting to is that a perceived slight swayed you and yours from voting in the best interests of the country. Way to go, and thanks for nothings.

      1. Paul would have pulled a lot of the Gary Johnson votes, but he would not have gotten enough Obama votes to matter. It might have turned the tide in a state or 2, but Obama could have lost Florida, Ohio, Colorado AND New Hampshire and still won.

        I know people who wouldn’t vote for Romney because of social issues, but whether they’d vote for Paul (or Johnson in this race) or the Green Candidate was up for debate. THAT is the problem for republicans. Youth is socially much more liberal than the Republican and Democratic party. They’re split on how to solve the fiscal issues.

  8. Plain and simple: Romney doesn’t have the stones. He didn’t push the Benghazi issue, he never once mentioned Fast and Furious (that I’m aware of), there’s a lot of issues he didn’t push that he should have. He isn’t a fighter. He didn’t want it bad enough. He played the nice guy, and that doesn’t cut it in modern politics. When faced with the Chicago political machine, you’d better fight to win or don’t bother fighting at all.

  9. You left out a couple:

    Suppression and disenfranchisement of military voters’ absentee ballots

    Wide range of voter fraud. When there are over 100,000 votes cast in certain wards in Philadelphia and Romney doesn’t get a single vote, that in itself is suspicious. Even Dictators don’t get that kind of percentage.

    You fail to mention the divisive and scurrilous attacks on Romney from the moment he won the primaries and was certain to be the Republican nominee. . In my 70 years, I’ve never seen as rotten a campaign as was conducted by the Democrats. Obama didn’t address a single issue facing the US. He just let out his attack dogs.

    The Liberal MSM was Obama’s propaganda machine. Obama could do no wrong and the media parroted everything nasty the Democrats had to say about Romney.

    And last but not least, those idiots who called themselves Republicans and couldn’t get off their lazy asses and get out and vote.

    1. ‘You fail to mention the divisive and scurrilous attacks on Romney’

      As opposed to the respectful way Conservatives talked about Obama

      ‘You fail to mention the divisive and scurrilous attacks on Romney’

      As opposed to the balanced way Fox reported on the election

  10. WHD, while i agree with your points which are very valid i think what else is nothing being talked about is that before, during and after the convention that occurred against the Tea Party, Ron Paul people also hurt Romney, and the GOP but i suspect that was the plan anyhow in trying to get rid of the TP/RP people.

  11. 8. Mormon’s are too nice to win in the dirty polical climate in the U.S. It was against Mitt’s nature to go in for the kill in the 2nd and 3rd debates. A shame.

  12. After hours of contemplation about what could have been – I don’t think anything would have changed. Hindsight is 20/20. Tired of hearing all the things that went wrong. Without any further comment on which one above #6 is probably the most likely of any. Bottom line – we are an electorate driven by free stuff, campaigns that do nothing but sound bites, make unrealistic promises and now class warfare. While some of the things Keith mentions above likely contributed to the loss – the real loss is that only a few states dictate who will become President and those states were likely lost long before the 47% remark. How is it possible that so many precincts had absolutely no votes for Romney. It is inconceivable to me that there was not one black sheep in some of those precincts who would have voted for Romney and kept their mouths shut. I still didn’t want him on the fluff shows. On the serious shows – he would have been preaching to the choir or the people who hate him and their votes would not have changed. I venture to say that if he had wandered into the hardcore black and hispanic communities the press wouldn’t have been positive and he would have been dealing with trying to overcome that onslaught. I guess I’m just too sensible or have too much common sense to know that what has been going on for the last 4 years was nothing more than noise to get the President re-elected. It wasn’t about what is best for the country – it was about him. I still believe that Romney was the right man at the right time and we will never know what leadership skills he would have brought to the table. I am almost certain today he would not be meeting with all the union heads and progressives and tomorrow all big corporate heads – where are the small business people? I will repeat prior posts – I really don’t think he cares about them because they don’t have union employees to continue his goal of becoming a “European like” democracy.
    I am not an advocate for eliminating the electoral college, but I do believe that it should be changed to reflect a percentage of votes from different states to account for the percentage of vote received in the state (or something along that line). If we are talking about the shifting of demographics then that should be reflected in the electoral college as well. As a resident of California I am tired of not having a voice in the Presidential election.

    All this noise about taxes on the rich is just to make people feel better. Doubt that it will have any positive affect on the deficit. I don’t think anyone should have to pay 39.5% income tax on their income. If you fit in the “mold” that will pay that rate and live in California – you will be paying 52% federal and state income tax – that is criminal (no matter how rich you are).

    One of my co-workers suggested that we are just as much to blame for not volunteering – even if we had to go out of state or phone bank in other states.

    Lastly – there was an article over the weekend about Denmark. They had a tax on saturated fats and were soon to implement a tax on sugar. They have decided to discontinue the tax on saturated fats and not implement the tax on sugar. Why you ask – they found that it was inflating food prices and risking loss of jobs – they were also finding that people were simply going into Germany to make their purchases!

  13. “Seven Reasons Why Romney Lost” = AMEN!!! Mr. Koffler.
    I have tried to explain these facts to my ‘sycophant’ Obama supporting friends, but this looks the best-most succient ‘reasons’ I have seen.

    (I need to print this out)

  14. Romney did not lose fairly… The election was stolen. It is obvious that it was stolen. HELLOOOOOO! Something should be done or we will never know a fair election again. If these theives get away with this by following the corrupt leadership in the white House America is lost to a moffia gang mentality which is rampant in the dem party and white house.. If he has his way america will be run by thugs like him and his mindless welfare leach followers… I hope they get to the bottom of this fraud by the Democrats and call the election now.

  15. Sorry, Keith, but I must say I am offended by the expression, “pasty white guys” — every bit as much as I resented Obama’s characterization of his grandmother as a “typical white” person. You are not alone in this meme; I heard Dee Dee Somebody-or-other (who worked for one of the Bush administrations?) refer to our Republican candidates as “doughy white.” This is racism… flat out… such that everyone’s hero “on both sides of the aisle,” MLK Jr,. would be appalled.

    And from another angle, less based in principle, what is Bill Clinton if not a pasty/doughy white guy? John Kerry? Harry Reid? James Carville? Howard Dean? Al Gore? Chris Dodd? Is not Janet Napolitano even more pasty and doughy than Mitt Romney or John McCain – or their blonde wives?

    All this “outreach” to minorities in the form of equal opportunity bigotry

    1. Ooops… hit the submit button prematurely :)

      All this “outreach to minorities in the form of equal opportunity bigotry is not the Great New Direction people are claiming. Underlying all this is the real point, that if we don’t secure our southern border, not only will Republicans continue to import cheap labor, but the Democrats will continue to import cheap voters who will swing our elections ever leftward..

  16. I defend Romney, he was an excellent candidate for these times. Did he really lose ? Well, he lost against the media but otherwise I am not so sure. I expect anything from this White House. However, he will not be President and that is a great tragedy. Republican strategists can learn many lessons from this election, for example , how do you fight when the other side do not adhere to any rules ?
    Now, look at this ongoing Petreus spectacle. The audience is supposed to forget about the man behind the curtain directing the bizarre show.

    1. You are correct.
      It is just another Obama smoke screen, playing on the sex theme.
      The media eats it up and the drone attack (which happened before the election) and the timeline for who knew what etc. on the Benghazi attack will be buried by the media.
      This administration has a plan of attack that is predictable,….delay, delay, delay.
      Hillary is in Australia sipping wine while she should be front and center.
      If this congress had any balls, subpoenas should be flying “Fast and Furious”.

  17. 1. A failure to BE a conservative.

    Romney’s conservative problem was the conservative voter, who has had conservatism defined for him entirely by Fox News and related outlets. In other words, conservatism is the opposite of whatever Barack Obama (or whoever the most “liberal politiican in American history” is that day) says, full stop.

    This was most explicit in the Obamacare matter. Republican voters allegedly hate Obamacare, but no one is against what it contains, like ending pre-existing condition discrimination. Mitt Romney was not a moderate on the issue of health care reform, he was a conservative. So, for that matter, was Barack Obama. Both agreed that the answer to achieve universal coverage– which no one in their right mind is against– is a free market with a social conscience. But Romney was hamstrung by his own party and had to pretend— in possibly the most laughable, Orwellian excercise in political history– that he wasn’t for the individual mandate solution.

    Upon cinching the nomination, Romney should have tacked hard center and dragged the party with him. If that cost him points with al Qaeda (‘the Base”), he could have made up for it by drawing in a few Democrats. Ah, but that would have meant subverting his ambitious  50 + 1 strategy.

    2. Romney failed to SELL conservative ideas

    The “gospel” was inevitably what sunk the race for Romney. What was conservative gospel for four years? “Obama’s a Muslim! Obama’s an illegal! Obama’s a Nazi!” And of course, “Our only agenda for saving America is to defeat Obama!” Brilliant hate mongering, guys. How are  your 401Ks lately? Maybe you should have asked Congress to pay more attention to those.

    3. He failed to define the causes of the recession.

    Oy! “Liberal housing policies” again! Translation: the Community Reinvestment Act gave free houses to shiftless poor folk (and by poor, we mean the dark poor, if yaknowhatImean).

    Without pretending that Fanny and Freddie weren’t time bombs, the PROVEN fact is that the banking industry gave mortgages and credit to anyone who could sign an “X” on a dotted line! It’s not anti-capitalist to critique capitalism’s flops, you know. And by the way, whatever happened to all that rage against TARP? I don’t recall Romney mentioning TARP once. So much for the Tea Party as a force for change.

    4. He let Obama define him early on

    Romney could have released his tax returns and ended all doubt. I seem to remember some guy doing that with his birth certificate.

    5. The 47 percent remark

    Showing one’s true colors– that is to say, defining half the population as parasites– is a tricky thing to finesse in the age of smart phones.

    5. A poorly run campaign

    No comment.

    6. Two white guys

    It’s nice to hear you recognize that “demographics matter”, Keith. McCain at least understood the value of a good gimmick. But to run anything but two slices of Wonder Bread after the Republican’s declared it their mission on earth to evict Chocolate Hussein O’ Kenyan from the White Man’s House?

    Guys, maybe you truly don’t think that that is how you sounded for for years, but I assure you, THAT IS WHAT YOU SOUNDED LIKE FOR FOUR YEARS.

    7. A failure to use the media

    The only screen Romney was made for was the Etch-a-Sketch screen. It stuck because it was true.

        1. I’ll tell you who lost. We all did. Death Ray included. You have the same albatross tied around your neck as the rest of us do. The difference is, you still think it’s dinner.

          1. Cincy-

            Like I didn’t see that one coming.


            Shouldn’t we all be in death camps by now? I mean, that was the forecast, wasn’t it?

            “Now you’ll learn the horrifying truth!” is what you guys were yammering the entire four years of Obama’s first term. Do you remember the guy who had the job just before him? The guy whose two terms were marked by a rearranged NYC skyline, bodies floating down New Orleans boulevards, a trillion dollar snipe hunt in Iraq and, for his final trick, the start of a depression?

            THAT was America’s presidential low water mark, my friends.

        2. Pyrrhic victory. When your grandchildren ask you what it was like when America was free, or what you did to preserve that freedom, you can always tell them you voted to make them slaves of the state. Your envy and hatred of fellow Americans has poisoned your soul.

          1. One thing that has become abundantly clear in all my back and forths with folks on this site is that you are fond of colossal vagaries. What “freedoms” have you lost? YOU, Susan! You must feel intensely that an actual right is being deducted from you. Which one? How so?

            Are you talking about Obamacare? There, we’ve actually GAINED rights! The right to purchase health insurance has been extended to millions with pre-existing conditions. Millions more who couldn’t afford it also now have a right to it. And what have you lost because of that?

          2. Ray. For the love of God, man.

            Health. Insurance. Is. Not. A. RIGHT. The purchase of any commodity requires a meeting of minds and agreement to buy and sell at a mutually agreeable price. The PPACA purports to compel sellers to offer a service at a price that they would otherwise be unwilling to accept.This law does not confer any new rights; on the contrary, such interference is, by definition, an abrogation of individual rights.

          3. As to other rights, just think back to the abuses you screamed about when G.W. Bush was in office; they’re still going on, more blatant than ever.

  18. We didn’t have nearly the “ground game” they did.
    Romney ran his own campaign like a business…..which I admire, but doesn’t win elections against unions in the metropolitan areas.
    I very much question the voter turnout number.

  19. 6. Two white guys

    I doubt Obama would have been elected the first time if he had been 100% black. I recall many blacks saying that he wasn’t ‘black enough’ the first time around, but his light pigmentation appealed to whites and hispanics. The next minority POTUS will be a light skinned hispanic. I just hope he/she has more brains than the Latino mayor of Los Angeles, Tony Villar, who is very ambitious. Still waiting to see if he gets a Cabinet positioh…what a joke!

  20. Well, first of all that ‘Death Ray’ character is a stupid idiot who values his party over his own welfare. He obviously hates America, and probably himself. I just don’t understand how anyone can vote for increased taxes, debt, & prices along with falling property values. He is obviously a pig and I actually hope he utilizes or has utilized Planned Parenthood’s prime objective which he so blatently supports. Full Stop.

    Next I agree with WMP; Well said!!

    Thirdly, it’s been 12 YEARS since the ‘hanging chad’ issues. I would have thought that something could/would have been done to prevent fraud by now.

    Fourthly, surely there must be someone from Philadelphia or Ohio from those precincts claiming to have zero Romney votes who knows that they voted for him and who is willing to say that their vote was counted incorrectly. There MUST be, out of 22,000 people in Philly???? There MUST be at least one.

    Buy more ammo.

      1. My apologies Keith. I guess I’ve been reading the liberal comments from some of the other web-sites and forgot myself. I will refrain. Thanks for the warning.

  21. Why Romney lost
    The majority of the points listed are symptoms of the disease. They aren’t the real problems. We have an ever-growing electorate that is so self-absorbed it’s scary.

    • They have been raised on the idea; if I want it, then I get it. If I don’t get it, I throw a temper tantrum. The idea; that if it looks good, it must be good.
    • The idea; that any amount of participation will get you that trophy.
    • The realization; that if you make enough noise, someone will eventually pay attention and likely reward you.
    • A constant lowering of the bar, to include everyone in the sandbox.

    The list goes on and on. What was once called “evil” is now called “good”. What was once called “truth” is now called “distortion.” We have become the very definition of a spoiled nation. Many of the citizens want to be catered to without the hard work and sacrifices required. Many are jealous of what you have but are unwilling to take the necessary steps to attain what they desire so badly.

    We have many truly poor in this country. More importantly we have many poor who are blessed beyond measure and they couldn’t see that if it were a two-by-four hitting them square in the face. Any one of us can go shopping and have multiple choices in every kind of food to purchase. Other poor nations are lucky to have one choice. How about the only choice you have is what is delivered off the back of the UN truck? We have programs and charitable organizations galore to help individuals. An example is “Christmas In October” where I live. Every year large corporations and their volunteers go into low-income neighborhoods to fix their homes. Everything is free, including the labor. We show up to work and there are the teenagers rolling up in their cars with their expensive rims and stereos blasting. There they sit on the couch playing their video games while everyone is working to make their home more livable. Very few offer to help. My company has been doing this going on 10 years and it is pretty much the same scenario every year. Until people start taking responsibility for their actions and choices, and until they want to help themselves we will continue to suffer with the symptoms of the disease.

    You could have had Mother Teresa running for President and I’m sure it would have made about the same difference. Her honesty would not have made a dent in the priorities a large percentage of our population in the country now ascribes.

  22. 1. He let the left define him as an elitist. He should have stood up and said he would not apologize for being a risk taker and job creator. He could have just as easily lost millions as so many less talented people have in his field.

    2. The left has finally learned how to scare people, remember how good Rove was in 04? Well they learned and scared the body parts of every independent woman out there and on election day they could not bring themselves to vote for Obama but they sure as hell weren’t going to vote for the guy with the magic underwear

    3. They underestimated the Tea Party factor. There should have been a greater effort to get them on board if not by Romney then by a high placed surrogate.

    As it appears now, Romney is one of a very rare breed. A man of high moral fiber and character. What you see, is indeed what we would have gotten.

  23. Did any of you ever think you would be living in a time that people hate you because you are white? I guess this is what Valerie Jarrett meant when she said “this is payback time”.

    1. I find all this pretty distasteful today…Blame Romney, who ran his heart out, or blame skin color, over which people of any shade have no control… How about this–Obama won it, Romney didn’t blow it. I think Obama ran a nasty, snide, unintellectual, cynical campaign, but they succeeded. So here we are–in the now–so now what?

    1. Take out the white and black–and I agree. You cannont possibly be saying white people have charcter and black people do not. That’s so low rent. For one thing, I have an EBT card–want to guess what color I am?

      1. Star, did you miss the Newsweek cover – “GOP: You’re Old, You’re White, You’re History”. Face it, it ain’t cool to be a white person.

  24. 9) Romney did not campaign in all 57 states.

    10) Romney did not wear his good luck Allah Akbar ring.

    11) Romney did not call the police “stupid” enough times.

    12) Romney drove around in a white bus and Obama had a bigger, more expensive black bus.

    1. You lost. By a strong margin. Why: because people like you don’t fathom that the current “conservative” philosophy is vile and repugnant to most Americans. And remember, you lost. And before I forget, you LOST.

  25. Keith, don’t be so hard on Mitt. They ran the best campaign they could against THE dirtiest politician in our country. While Mitt could have been more aggressive, it just isn’t his way and that hurt him. The fine line between offending and maintaining a balance is difficult, especially when he had been demonized from the start. This election proves the stupidity of the American electorate and they deserve the mess they voted for. Unfortunately for us, we will never be able to have a Mitt Romney run for office because who in the hell wants to have themselves ripped apart like Obama did. What did it for me was Obama’s “vote for vengeance”. I knew there were more of “them” than “us”. I’m still depressed about the whole thing as I’m sure many others are.

  26. I do wish you would avoid the standard line about Romney not being “conservative enough.” You seem to forget that there was a primary, which Romney won — not Newt, not Perry, not Santorum, and certainly not Ron Paul. Perhaps it’s time “conservatives” admit that they don’t own the Republican party, and that the party attracts a wider swath of the population than people care to admit. And apparently, those people are not in lockstep with *all* full-blown conservative ideals, just parts of them.

    1. So true….There are many that disagree with some parts of both parties….fact is that only the rich elite mean anything to either party…all we get from Democrat party is smoke and mirrors…and Republicans seem to always be in suicide mode with statements from idots like that “a woman can’t get pregnant from rape” loon. A viable third party candidate would change the political landscape…but neither party will let that happen

  27. #8…Did not promise any free stuff only promised that he would see to it that all who wanted to work would have the opportunity to “earn” stuff

  28. He came really close to winning. Obama, had he lost, would be accused of running a bad campaign “rife with infighting.”

    Reasons for Romney’s loss:
    1. Bill Clinton
    2. That creepo Todd Akin guy
    3. Latinos – he never asked for the Latino vote to the degree Obama did.

    As Tip O’Niel said in his autobiography, a long-time supporter of his did not vote for his re-election. Why, he asked the woman. “You never asked for my vote.”

  29. yea i got a reason: Romney is a robot willing to say anything to get the job he’s been longing for for the last 8 years. People are not dum, they have matured enough to be able to actually spot a liar when they see one

  30. Look I’m a former Dem. In 2004 the Repub convention looked like a collection of crazy, rabid loons and their candidate won. Eight years later the lingering memories are still costing them votes from the voters who were turned off by the convention “drill baby drill” etc.

    Come 2012, the Dem convention looked like a collection of crazy, clueless, rabid (Jennifer Granholm? Sandra Fluke?) loons. Their candidate won. But trust me, people were turned off and the direction of the country shifted.

    Just you wait.

    Now, if only we could shorten the response times to these conventions…one step at a time.

  31. I am a very, very, very conservative woman business owner who is sick to death of everybody blaming Romney as soon as the election is over! I agree with Mike Huckabee who said that no matter what the democrats say or do, they circle the wagons and promote and defend their candidates. Republicans eat their young and demonize everything said or done by any Republican candidate! If we don’t quit this, we will never win another election! I think there was also rampant voter fraud! For example, look into Clinton Curtis’ video telling how he thought the voter machines were rigged, and it would be very simple to do and then put in a code to erase the manipulation! Check into this before gutting Mitt Romney who was the best man, in my opinion, to ever run for office in my lifetime and could have brought the economy roaring back! God help us!

    1. Quoting Mike Huckabee puts you immediately into the “Nut Job” category. Had you also quoted Ann Coulter I could have sent the truck to get you right away. Romney was a vacuous candidate with no core values, a propensity to berate minorities; the foreign relation skills of a Neanderthal, and an inability to control the lunatics fringe (which is quite wide) of his party. I am surprised the Two Stooges got as many votes as they did.

  32. You completely missed one important reason Romney lost – abortion. Ryan opposes abortion even in cases of rape or incest. The Republican platform opposes abortion in all cases, even in cases of rape or incest. We heard a Republican claim that women victimized by rape could somehow prevent themselves from getting pregnant. We heard a major candidate, Rick Santorum, say he doesn’t believe in contraception.

    Is it any wonder that young single women feel their right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy would be under attack if Republicans controlled the White House and Congress?

    I’m a Republican woman, over 50, and I voted for McCain and then Romney. But I’m not suprised that they both lost. Forcing a rape or incest victim to carry a pregnancy to term is immoral, and the fact that Republicans consider it to be the right thing to do makes me question their belief system and their sanity.

      1. jz–with all due respect, that’s not the point.

        I’m a Republican woman over 50 just like Janet, and I too think the GOP scared women voters with their hard line on abortion and contraception. it was bad enough to put Paul Ryan on the ticket; they played right into the hands of the Dems and basically proved there WAS a “war on women.”

        and then add in morons like Todd Akin. my daughter told me she’d heard Akin’s rape comments, but was told that it was ROMNEY who’d said them! yikes.

        regardless of when YOU think life begins, jz, Roe v Wade said that it does not begin at conception. (St. Thomas Aquinas agreed with them, btw.) and since we’re a pluralistic country with both religious and non-religious people, we have to accept that as settled law.

        you may not want to admit it, but being against birth control truly IS a medieval position. I’m sorry. if that’s what the GOP is known for, we’ll never see another Republican president.

        1. That’s right. It is settled law, has been for decades. And that is why I, as a woman, have to say I think women are stupid for not getting this. Every four years, they fall for the same “vote Democratic or it’s coat hangers in the alley!” There are indeed racists in the US (not all white, either) but, regardless of what they may wish, we will not be repealing the Civil Rights Act, will we? Therefore, no need to go around talking ominously about “back to the plantation” if one has to show ID to vote. Likewise, despite the beliefs of this, that or the other politician, nor will we be repealing Roe vs. Wade. Ladies, please, can we start voting on some other issues?

  33. I agree to varying degrees with six of the seven observations discussed above. I do think that the first point is correct in a way, but Romney did run as a conservative this time out. It is just that he has a history of being more liberal on some social issues. I think that most voters prefer, and I am one of them, a candidate with a reasonable demeanor while still clearly standing by his principles. Obama is this way and people like him even if he works from the wrong principles, in my view. Reagan, standing for the right principles, was also this way, and people loved him.

    I believe that the the sixth observation completely misses a critical point that underlies this election. The United States is a European country. It is primarily a product of the British Isles in terms of language, culture, legal system, economic system. political philosophy, religion, sensibility, history, and our entire way of life. And these factors that have gone into forming America are not unrelated to race and ethnicity. Not everyone in the world can come here and the U.S. maintain its culture that grounds its political, legal, and economic system. The principles we are founded upon are universal, but our particular way of living out those principles are unique to our people, place, and history.

  34. What about the campaign guy’s “Etch-a-Sketch” comment?

    That turned me off, and I was a guaranteed GOP vote to start with. It shows immense disrespect for the intelligence of the electorate.

  35. 8. He should have gone after the religious liberty issue hard. He was obviously going to lose single women anyways, and this strategy would have drove religious conservatives to the polls. These are the people who showed up to reelect Bush and didn’t show up this time.

    I’m surprised by how few people have commented on this…

    1. 79% of white evangelicals voted Romney (same as what Bush got and more than McCain)

      Evangelicals made up 27% of the electorate which is the most ever

      However this is countered by other fine religious groupings that are growing fast and tend to vote Democrat including Jews, Hispanic Catholics and African American protestants. Moreover the US is slowly catching up to other developed nations in that the fastest growing “belief” category are those who have no religious affiliation, currently making up about a fifth of the population. This group is made up of many younger people and is the fastest growing – in other words, it is the future.

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