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Reagan Chimes in with Advice on Balancing the Budget

With President Obama and Congress about to embark on negotiations to try to set the nation’s fiscal house halfway – or perhaps a fifth of the way, at best – in order, Ronald Reagan has a little advice on the best approach.

And not a bad metaphor as Republicans consider abandoning the values for which they’ve stood in order to get more votes.

20 thoughts on “Reagan Chimes in with Advice on Balancing the Budget”

  1. Well, I don’t expect anything from the WH or the Republicans. Today, as N. Cavuto said, Obama invited his buddies to the man cave — -union thugs, and . The Republicans all falling all overthemselves agreeing to raising taxes, embrace Hispanics and amnesty/path to citizenship/pandering. And the ongoing sex cover up of Benghazi while the lawless Holder who knew early on remains as the top outlaw. The FBI is all over the sex affair and couldn’t get their butts into Benghazi. This Administration is one big mob bent on Revenge on America. Reagan will soon be covered in mud himself.

  2. Of course, once elected, Reagan never balanced the budget once in his 8 years – he couldn’t say no. Under Reagan the national debt rose from less than $1 trillion to about $3 trillion and it increased from 30% of GDP to 60% of GDP. Since then we have incurred another $2 trillion in interest expenses on that Reagan debt that has never been repaid. These are the facts – look it up.

    Furthermore, the process that solved the inflation problem in the 1980’s during Reagan’s first term was put into place by Paul Volcker who was appointed as Chairman of the Fed by Jimmy Carter in 1979.

    1. Idiot. If not for Reagan, that budget you’re talking about would be 10 times higher than what you’re seeing in the historical data.

      At his time, tons of proposals were coming from right and left. And by the way, Reagan inherited Carter’s recession moving to depression.

      At that time, Reagan decided to take a bitter pill … spending on infrastructure. ONE TIME PROJECT … NOT PROGRAM to create temporary jobs. GO TO YOUR ECONOMICS BOOK TO SHOW THAT UNLIKE THE TYPICAL KEYNESIAN STRATEGY, REAGAN ECONOMICS REALLY WORKED!


    1. Me too. He had a way of going around the National Enquirer-lite media to communicate his conservative values to the people. He inspired this nation to greatness. Now we are nothing more than a morally and fiscally bankrupt banana republic.

  3. Ronald Reagan would be called a RINO by Republicans today and could not get through a GOP primary.

    But go ahead. Keep putting clips off from 30+ years ago when the country was way different and from a president who was way more of a pragmatic leader then his followers like to remember. Also keep bashing George Bush Senior Keith. The guy only was only our best president perhaps in modern times of running a government and to this day did one of the most coregeous political acts a president has done in modern history outside of Gerald Ford pardoning Richard Nixon.

    You look at those two men as RINOS who abadoned their party. I look at two presidential heroes who put their country first and NOT THEIR PARTY!

    You want to fix the GOP Keith? Start running more pragmatic leaders who fit the times better and follow more of an Eisenhower Republican then the self delusioned Reagan model which it’s followers have not figured out still really wasn’t who he was. Geez, how many more times are you going to bring this up again without figuring out times have changed!

    Republicans need to talk about eliminating government waste, not government programs. That’s what Reagan talked about in case you have not figured it out. And no, the government is not the problem. That is one thing Reagan got wrong. Government is just not the solution to everything like Ike believed and Obama does.

    Run like that and you watch that map challenged dramatically. Run another hardcore conserative up there and prepare for destruction. The ball is in your court.

    1. This country is going to HELL and it will be due to Dumocrats not Republicans. We now live in a decadent society and it’s people like you who can’t or will not stand for what is decent. So get off your high horse and look at your children if you have any and say: do I really want my off spring to live under some one’s thumb. By the way is 12 your age or IQ.?

      1. Then fix YOUR community. Start at the grassroots level. Don’t sit around and expect the government to change society. It’s funny how conseratives rail against government except when they want to make changes in social behavior. Then they are about a big brother/nanny state. You need to change hearts and minds, not laws if you want to see society reflect what you want.

        1. There’s nothing wrong with my Texas community. We take care of each other and I don’t have to change anything. My vote is my change. It’s the Yankees and the left coast and the muddled mid- west that is sucking the life out of this country and eventually the leftists will change their mind when facing a double barrel shotgun or the sights of some other long barreled rifle. I hope it doesn’t come to that but history will repeat itself due to people who are totally dependent on your Obamanation government.
          Just Saying? Pilgrim.

    2. I don’t know where to begin with this, let me just say that you’re a textbook example of the failure of the educational system.

      The government’s doing such a great job, isn’t it: from the Community Reinvestment Act/ Fannie Mae/ Freddie Mac to Obamacare to Fast And Furious to Benghazi to the Keystone Pipeline to Hurricane Sandy. Not only is bloated government not a solution, but it’s the cause of our fiscal calamity, encroaching tyranny, and ultimate destruction as a Constitutional Republic.

      The left’s failed ideology goes so far back–Plato, Hobbes and Marx–there are no clips. The Constitution will always be applicable, and the Founding Fathers were well aware of the possibility of our current plight, as was Ronald Reagan. The country “being different” is just an excuse to promote lawlessness, to trash the law of the land, the Constitution. A true conservative will always be relevant, and as Mitt Romney learned, A RINO will never be.

      1. And the education system is exactly why both parties have been wrong the past 30+ years. Democrats position of simply throwing more money at problems is not the solution just like Republicans position of just eliminating government even when it’s effective isn’t either. As someone who WORKS in the education field, I can tell you a lot of changes have to be made and right now, neither side is on the right formula.

        And yes, Ronald Reagan was dead wrong when he said that the government was always the problem just like Obama is wrong believing that government is the solution to everything. The answer is somewhere in the middle like most things are. There are some things the government can do effectively. Just look at the Ike administration where he managed to cut government spending and yet was able to build what is still most of our infrastructure today, a superpower military and the beginnings of the program that put us on the moon (notice how Ike made it part of the military to keep costs down and have strong government oversight into not having waste).

        1. Beyond the military, which has been castrated by the Obama administration, and perhaps NASA (prior to Obama also) where is the government effective? Medicare? Medicaid? Social Security? The Department of Education? The Department of Energy? FEMA? The Department of Transportation? HUD? Fannie Mae? Freddie Mac? Where is the government effective? You tell me.

          Who’s dead wrong? Someone who wants to expand an ineffective government, or someone who actually recognizes the government as the problem and wants to bring it back inline with the Constitution?

          This is why only constitutional conservatism works. Progressivism and government has been the source of America’s debt and downfall, and it will be the reason for our demise. And it’s all based on an ever more intrusive and expanding government. If government isn’t our problem then I must be a liberal.

  4. And if one more STUPID person tells me that I am living in the past because it’s now a Modern Family, I’m gonna vomit in an envelope and mail it to our Most Arrogant One Pissant Obama.

    1. Yes, by all means lets move FORWARD to a day when fewer people work, taxes are higher, amorality abounds, and no one has a care in the world about our national debt or metastasizing government largess. We can all pass around the bong and pretend that reality is someone else’s problem. What a glorious future we’ve voted for ourselves.

      I’m with you – I’ll live in the past, thanks, if those are my options.

      1. I agree–the past of decency, helpfulness, hard work, and dreams is pretty entrenched. And this stuff can turn quickly. It was woe is me when Obama was first elected, then came the midt-erm election, hey…Republicans could get elected…so if things continue with the skeevy scandals and low-rent pandering and the health costs begin to cut in, things can change again. And quickly. I do think those Norquist pledges are pretty stupid–who is that guy? Part of a legislator’s job is to raise taxes sometimes–raise revenues…You can’t just say no, never gonna. It takes away the chance to get something back for the raising. This guy may want to drown the govt like a baby in a bathtub or whatever charming simile he had, but I think he needs a good talking to.

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