As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Wednesday, November 14, 2012

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden
1:30 pm || Holds a news conference; East Room
2:45 pm || Meets with business leaders to discuss budget negotiations related to the fiscal cliff

All times Eastern

15 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday, November 14, 2012

  1. Dare one of the stenographers to ask him the following – What did you know about the 9/11 Benghazi terrorist attack and when did you know it? Nah, they are more interested in the latest episode of Housewives of Langely and destroying the careers of top military brass. The families of the four men murdered in Benghazi deserve answers. Too bad for them, sex scandals will always get more press than dead men.

    • On the off chance the stenographers are allowed to ask a second question: Where is the copy of the Presidential order giving Gen. Ham (AFRICOM) permission to initiate rescue operations at the Consulate? Two weeks ago Katherine Herridge (FOX) spoke to Gen. Ham who told her he never received any order to proceed from Obama. The order cannot be verbal – it must be in writing and it must be signed by the POTUS. Little Bo, the dog, is going to take the rap for this one! Bad doggie – he ate the homework.

    • I’m waiting for some off-the-wall pundit to metamorphize the question into “What DIDN’T you know, and when DIDN’T you know it? Huh? Answer that!”

  2. How about the presser being after he has met with his union gang (today) and the token business people tomorrow. But I guess it’s best to let the nation know who’s in charge. That would be Eric Holder and Valerie Jarrett of course.

  3. The WashPost is reporting that “classified documents” were found by the FBI in the CIA director’s girlfriend’s home.
    The rumors are that GenPretraurus lied to Congress when he briefed them on the Bengazi massacre because the WhiteHouse was holding his indiscretion over his head, but he couldn’t or wouldn’t go before Congress this week and lie under oath. That’s why he resigned with the revelation of his misconduct with a married woman.
    The other woman who reportedly started this whole chain of events was working with the State Department (MrsClinton) , and had some kind of “diplomatic” status.
    The FBI used the cover story that they were investigating mean or nasty e-mails sent to this well-connected woman after they were told of the connection between the General, his girlfriend and some missing documents, the unlawful pressure from the WhiteHouse, and the connection to GenAllen.

    The coverup of the Bengazi massacre is falling apart. The President will use every CYA excuse to protect himself, but it’s too late. Susan Rice will be thrown to the wolves with a confirmation hearing and will bear the brunt of the whole fiasco. SenPerry’s future outside the Senate is doubtful now.
    It should be a very interesting press conference tomorrow.

  4. My question would be: Mr. Preez, in your first term you promised that the stimulus would keep unemployment below 8%; you promised to cut the deficit in half; you promised to close Gitmo; you promised to focus like a laser beam on jobs; you promised that the auto bailout would save the auto industry and yet Chrysler is owned by the Italians and 70% of GM’s manufacturing is not in this country and the tax payers are left holding a 30 billion dollar bill; in the second debate with Gov Romney you stated that “sequestration would not happen”; how do you propose changing the law of the land? Can you answer any of these questions Mr. Preez?

    • I actually believe ubama wears an earpiece which tells him what to say. On the other end, he has a panel of advisors feeding all the propaganda the leftist strongman needs. How utterly wicked this man is !

  5. Reading today’s schedule makes me wonder……it’s been quite a while since we’ve heard from mooch. What’s she up to? Hard to imagine her sitting in the white house knitting.

    • We need to put a GPS monitor on her. She made iit crystal clear on all the talk shows that Barack was going to have years of ‘pay back’ for all her sacrificin’.Sorta reminds me of something Aunt Esther would say.

    • I suspect Me-Chelle is sequestered in some terribly expensive, 5-star spa having more work done on her face. Or perhaps she’s having breast augmentation, so “her” ever-changing figure will be more uniform in photos. As it stands now, “her” oddly shaped body never looks the same twice.