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White House Seeking to Organize Americans on Obama’s Behalf

The White House is pulling a tactic out of its campaign playbook – and President Obama’s own community organizing past – using the organs of government to enlist average Americans to help Obama advocate for his priorities.

In an email sent to people who signed up to receive official updates from the White House, recipients are told to forward the message to their friends, asking them to help promote what is in effect White House propaganda. The White House email list, which government officials began compiling earlier in Obama’s term, is separate from the famed Obama campaign email list, but recipients are nonetheless being asked to engage in partisan political activity.

The email, sent out Friday, presents a video of Obama in the East Room earlier the same day making his case as negotiations with Republicans are set to begin on the budget stalemate that could lead to massive spending cuts known as “the fiscal cliff.”

The unsigned missive asserts:

Now you have a choice to make. This debate can either stay trapped in Washington DC, or you can make sure your friends and neighbors participate. You’ve shown that getting people outside of Washington involved shifts the conversation in favor of the middle-class priorities.

As the President just said, let’s get to work.

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The message carries a veneer of nonpartisanship, asking people “no matter where you stand” to share the video with others, “no matter their political background.”

But the attempt to use the government to organize a mass campaign with a partisan message benefitting the president is obvious. The email states:

The President (in the video) lays out a clear strategy to move the country forward — past the dysfunction and into a future built on a strong middle class.

What’s more, the effort to get people to act regardless of their political affiliation can serve to broaden Obama’s base.

The email is part of a larger campaign by Obama to gin up support outside the Beltway for his position on cutting the deficit. According  to several news outlets, Obama will travel outside Washington trying to convince Americans to back him.

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  1. Did I miss something here? He’s sending e-mails to his supporters?
    I assume he’s already got their support for taxing the evil rich and deciding who has ” made enough money”.

    • I think I just ran across someone who received on of those emails! Freakin’ socialist idiots! “Obamacare” is GOOD, the country will be BETTER OFF in four years…

  2. Keith, I really hate to say this, but I have come to the conclusion that the entitled masses are just like addicts and alcoholics. They will have to hit rock bottom and see that these socialist policies cannot and will never work, regardless of who implements them. The upside is that conservatives who do not like nor want big government are prepared to persevere and endure the inevitable hardships this country faces, and we will be the ones to pick up the pieces and put this country back on the path it needs to be. (This is purely my opinion, but it makes sense to me!)

    • I have heard this–let the country plunge over the cliff–but I worry abouty a second recession–AZ is still in bad shape–they try to tell us housing is coming back, but it will be yrs until many of us could sell our houses. Now, where I live, Chandler, is being touted as a second Silicon Valley, but what about those defense cuts… I think we need more of what we used to call leadership to burst out of this mess.

    • I agree with you. My husband I have been storing food, water, etc (I am not going to list everything) in full awareness of the fiscal cliff and the implosion of our economy. I believe it is inevitable. Especially with Obama winning four more years. My advice to you and everyone is to prepare for the worst.

    • I agree. That’s why we got out of the big city and stock market – before the housing market really took a dive.

      We moved to a farm in Nebraska – we see first hand the issues with corn for ethanol and the years of drought. We hunt and fish to stock-up the freezer, have our own cattle, garden and I always stock up on the big sale items.

      The east and west coast don’t really know what is happening – they don’t even realize the extent of the drought not to mention the cost increase when the price of power goes up. My sister visited over the summer had no idea how bad the drought was as it wasn’t reported on in Oregon.

  3. I think that the voting age should be raised to eliminate the clueless college kids.
    It was lowered to 18 when the draft was put in place with the reason being that if your old enough to fight for your country, your old enough to vote.
    Maybe 25 should be the age, that way, you are probably out in the workplace and have a taste of the real world.
    Some kids turn 18 when they are in high school, to young to vote IMO.
    Any active duty military (18 years old), would be issued a ballot.

    I would also like to see a brief exam on the voting machines that you have to pass before the ballot appears, something simple like:
    Name the Speaker of the House.
    Who is the Vice President ?
    How many states are in the union ?

    Maybe that would at least thin out the moron vote.
    Of course, the libs will scream racism.
    I don’t know,.. just thinkin’.

    • Agree, AMVET!

      The great historian, author and lecturer, David McCullough was on a segment of 60 Minutes last night. He called America’s bright young college students ‘historical illiterates’. He visited several campuses recently and most of the students didn’t know that the original 13 Colonies were on the East Coast! Heck, they probably can’t name the 57 States!

      • The same ilk that can name the Kardashian sisters in their sleep.
        Bottom line – this is the net result of public school indoctrination and Lefty professors in universities. Need I remind anyone here that Colombia invited a ‘certain someone’ from Iran to speak and Fordham rebuked the young conservatives’ choice of Ann Coulter just this week.

        • Not just the net result of public school indoctrination. Some responsibility (a lot actually) falls squarely on the shoulders of parents. My two oldest graduated from public school and we were amazed at how bad it had gotten from when we graduated. We still have two left to graduate in the next three years.

          We discuss current events and we take a very active role in their education. Their education is a big investment in their future and we take that seriously. Unfortunately, there are way too many parents that do not. There are too many that like the novilty of having children, but when they interfere with their busy schedules or things they want they act like they want to put them back on the shelf like dolls.

          I cannot tell you how many children have come through my doors to stay the weekend, and sometimes several weeks at a time and I have never spoken to or laid eyes on their parents. This is the norm. These poor kids have little guidance so they get their guidance from tv, music, etc. I know there are many parents that are very involved but there are a vast number, and it continues to grow, that are not.

          Parents are the first and foremost educators of their children. We have learned to combat the differences of opinions. We research differing opinions with them and allow them to test, many times in real life situations, which one they ascribe to and why. More parents should be taking more active roles in their lives. Then when the indoctrination is tried it fails on these types of kids, they are already solid in their beliefs.

        • It won’t help. Kids these days are all about me, mine, I. Obama fits right in. In an attempt to stay in touch I’ve used Facebook (incorrectly) to keep tabs on nieces and nephews. Besides the dearth of usesble information, is a constant streem of look what I did. It reminds me of potty training a year old. These degenerates can’t answer basic history and civics questions. Some of my “favs” are when did the war of 1812 start? Or who fought the war of 1812? When was the civil war fought? It actually gets worse if you ask about anything in the 20th century or about our form of government. And this is how you get to 57 states.

    • I totally agree with this but it would never fly. However, if you look at posts on social media like facebook or some of the political forums such as KOS and Huffpo – just look at the tone these kids use. It’s often so full of vitriol and expletives. I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve seen that just accuse the Republican party as a whole as “racist, bigots, rednecks” etc. The same group calling Romney “racist”. The majority are also anti-Christian. Total disregard for their fellow man while preaching tolerance.

      Where does that kind of hate come from?

  4. This isn’t new. They were using the same tactic during the Healthcare debate. It seems rather twisted and manipulative. But, I guess its no different than O having a television address and telling people to call their congressional representative. The content is still the same; its just the medium that has changed. Email and Facebook versus newspaper and television.

  5. Get ready for the second president Kardashian term – Groundhog Day, Part Deux. A few days ago srdem mentioned one of Rushbo’s suggestions – Republicans should vote present on the budget and let him have what he wants. Republicans won’t have to vote against their values and the majority of American voters get what they reelected the community organizer for – more free stuff. I agree. Bawling Boehner is going to cave anyway. The sooner this bloated economy fails, the sooner we can start picking up the pieces and rebuilding again.

    • I agree Susan, I definitely agree. Let them have their way, don’t vote for or against and watch the economy collapse under the weight of the crushing debt. They will then say, “It is all your fault because you didn’t stop us!”

      • Saying let the economy collapse seems pretty irresponsible to me, nothing personal. Are you guys planning to hand those gold bars to each othjer and live on rice from the garage? What if everyone can’t do that?

        • No gold bars around here, Star. Just a realization that the traditional American values of hard work and personal responsibility aren’t wanted or desired by this new generation of spoiled brats. Time to cut the umbilical cord.

          • What I am saying is that sounds fine–but in practicality, would be horrible…We are already suffering out here from pretty much of an economic collapse… Cutting the cord, as you put it, on spoiled brats means parents will have a double load. Traditional American values may be morphing…We may be expecting Dr Welby to see if we took our pills–he isn’t making housecalls. We may get the collapse bec everyone, Norquist pledges in their fists, stands “tall” and of course, the so-called leader does, too, and then what… I believe that’s another traditional value–never give up, never give in.

          • I’m not suggesting giving up or giving in – just walking away from the brat throwing the temper tantrum. Let their sugar daddy console them and try to deliver on his promises.

          • I agree with the voting present and let the radical left have their way about taxing the wealthy, raising capital gains taxes, etc. The sooner the better. Less of a mess to clean up. So much is just plain upside down. For example,San Fransisco plans to pay for sex change operations. At some point CA will go belly up and want a bail out from Washington. Then Washington has to go out and borrow, print more money, or raise taxes on the producers. CA has $100,00/year unionized meter maids and $100,00/year life guards. Is there no end?

            My sister lives in Titusville, Florida. She told me the other day city employees are getting paid for just 3 days a week work and 2 days off with no pay except for fire and police.

            The only other thing I would have the conservatives do is put together a You Tube and outline why the radical left wingers’ programs won’t work. Discuss Obamacare, taxes, excessive government regulations, war on traditional energy sources, etc.


  6. With 32,000,000 million food stamp recipients voting, this election was decided by those who VOTE for a living, rather than by those who WORK for a living. Give cry-baby Boehner room to roll over.

    • Not so fast. I saw one survey that said those unemployed were pretty much split between Romney and O. If true, that suggests at least half would prefer a better employment situation that would present more employment opportunity. (I can’t direct you to the survey. I probably saw it on Drudge. I wonder how many on food stamps feel this way? (I know the glib snswer is none, but I wonder what is the true, intelligent answer.)

  7. What I have yet to understand is how he builds a strong middle class without employers. Is he saying only government workers are the middle class and therefore EVERYONE must work for the government? Until he can answer how to build a strong middle class WITHOUT a thriving employer base, I CANNOT stand with him. WHY, you ask? Because IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!

  8. Valerie Jarrett said second term Obama would be out of WDC and traveling the country. Who’s minding the big house? Who is doing the presidenting? Guess that would be Ms. Jarrett. And now I am waiting to see where Colin Powell fits in. I heard he was at the ceremony for the 4 American dead from Benghazi and Petraeus was not. I heard also that he is going with President Revenge to Asia. Initially I thought step aside and let President Revenge do himself in. But increasingly it appears that the “people have spoken”. This is what they want. Obama and his thugs will bring America to its knees. Good news is Canada is hiring American workers energy jobs. Oh speaking of jobs — soon EPA regs will complete Obama’s war on coal and jobs will be lost and families right on that good old government plantation where Obama wants them. Boehhner is going along, Bill Kristol thinks its ok to tax millionaires, and the Republican circular firing squad thinks all we need to do is reach out to the hispanics, blacks and Sandra Flukes. America is now an embarrassingly cheap date for President Revenge.

    • How is Obama being out of WDC change what has happened in the past four years. He hasn’t been “presidenting” since he got elected the first time!

      • He has been ‘taking it to the People’ for 4 years! Everything has been outsourced since Day One. Now that the election is over and Colin Powell is out of the closet, Bubba will be thrown under the bus. Who knows, maybe Powell has ‘ambition’ for 2016…on the DEM ticket!

      • He doesn’t have to be there.
        He has 45 freaking czars.
        Axelrod says he is in constant contact at all times using the phone.
        Now he has even MORE FLEXIBILITY !!!!!!!!!
        The next 4 years are going to bury this Country unless he is impeached.

    • He has no interest in the middle class and he said it in an NPR radio interview in 2001. Unfortunately, the You Tube acct. has been closed. I listened to the entire interview during the first campaign. He said the Constitution didn’t go far enough in wealth re-distribution.


  9. I can’t imagine Biden making it through the entire second term. At first I thought it might be Hillary as VP, now I’m thinking Powell. I don’t know where Powell is going but he is going to be part of the Obama Team this time around. Because he is such a man of principle I am sure the Administration will benefit from his vast knowledge and expertise everytime he tells President Revenge, “Yes, Mr. President”.

  10. He needs to define a strong middle class. That is a great question to ask from the WH press core.
    He could use numbers but he is not good at anything above 7th grade pre-algebra (his word on Jay Leno)
    He could define it in terms of freedom from want, freedom from hunger, etc but he would come off like Norman Rockwell.
    “Strong middle class” is becoming like the term ‘Family Farm”-less real and more of an ideal.
    The MSM has helped buy the idea that Romney was bad, now they must prop up the idea that Obama is good.
    Upcoming photo-op will be when the Won visits NY. It’s not gonna be pretty.

  11. I spotted the two comments below at another site. I think they offer two great suggestions for day-to-day messaging.


    Anytime someone solicits me on the street, this is my response to them. Whenever I get a mail solicitiation (like the one I just received from the local PBS station) I’m sending it back with a sheet of paper that says GET IT FROM OBAMA. If Americans want to transfer control of my money to the goverment, then that’s where they should be going for their handouts.

    I was in a supermarket on Thursday and some short hispanic woman asked me if I could reach a loaf of bread for her on the top shelf. I asked her who she voted for. She was a little taken back, but after a few seconds answered “Obama”. I told her “then call the government to help you get the bread down” and walked away.

    NOTE: A friend suggested that instead of walking away from the lady asking for help – get the bread for her and tell her “a conservative helped you.”

    • They don’t care if a conservative helps….they want to destroy the ideals of conservatives…I would have walked away too….after saying “The call Obama to help ya”

    • He’s addicted to the limelight – campaigning is just party of it. He can’t go one day without lights, cameras, action – the smell of the greasepaint, the roar of the crowd. Every day is ‘Obama Day’ in the USA!

  12. I think that it is mid-December when the final tally of electoral votes are accepted.
    Voter fraud accusations in many states are arising.
    In Cleveland, there were districts that went 109% for Obama, go figure.

  13. Yeah…SURE he wants to travel around the country to get “support” the LESS days he spends in the WH..the LESS leadership he has to try to FAKE! SOMEBODY IMPEACH THE SOB!

  14. BO will never get my support on anything that he proposes. I do not consider him my President. He is just living in the White House. My Presidewnt is not morally corrupt, lazy and totally disfunctional.

  15. Barack Hussein is going to need all the support he can muster from the mindless, Bengahzi, Syria and Petraeus will hang around Obama’s neck all through out his next term. He’ll be so busy conferring with White House lawyers that anything he attempts to accomplish will be mired in the sticky mud that is Benghazi.

    I encourage everyone to watch John Batchelor, this story has some very strong legs and they’ll only get stronger as time goes on…

  16. My fellow Americans. As we remember and honor the service and sacrifices of many a brave soldiers, we must also look at ourselves and ask : Is there a skunk in the White House? As a Veteran myself, I believe there is a skunk, a rat, and a weasel
    It’s your guess as to who is whom.