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Dossier Poll: How Should Republicans Respond?

Following Tuesday’s defeat in the presidential election and in the Senate, Republicans are rethinking how strongly they should advocate some long-held positions, and even whether they should abandon certain ideas altogether.

Here’s your chance to offer your view. You can select more than one of the choices below. Let’s hear what you think!

Thanks for participating. I’m eager to see the results of this.

51 Responses to Dossier Poll: How Should Republicans Respond?

  1. i know that this is not going to be very popular but i’ve got to say it. i am a conservative. but i am a pro choice conservative and i have a very good reason. i’m of the age before roe vs wade. i have / had friends that had to get married and some were not happy and then some are still married to this day. the worse and saddest part of my growing up was i had a very dear friend that died from an illegal abortion at the age of 18. i had an argument with a co-worker about abortions. his view was you might be aborting a future president of the united states. my argument was that my friend that had the illegal abortion and died could have been the mother of the future president of the united states. believe me, i understand both sides of this argument but do believe in the bottom of my heart that it is a very personal decision that a woman should make. it is a decision that she and she alone has to live with for the rest of her life. the government should have no part in this decision at all, neither democrates nor republicians.

    • I, too, remember those days. Those were the days when the FlorenceCrittenen Home for Unwed Mothers were everywhere, where orphanages raised unwanted children, and when school girls mysteriously “visited” far-away relatives for about a year.
      I recall a neighbor lady who committed suicide when she found out she was pregnant again, long after her children became adults..

      But that was before the “pill”, before modern contraception was available to all. Except for rape, incest or the life of the mother there is no arguable reason to kill an unborn child, other than convienance or a foolish life-style. If men don’t want the “burden” of supporting a child, they too have means to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

      Regardless of how a woman becomes pregnant, the general public should not be forced to abort the child or to help bring it to birth.

    • I don’t like abortion, but I think we should just keep it legal at this point. Romney tried to run on the economy and not get into the so-called social issues. He wasn’t going to ask for new legislation on abortion, and he was true to his values when he said that he did not believe in gay marriage yet admitted it was a problematic issue

      The Republicans are going to have to find a new demographic to replace the diehard pro-life one because I doubt that as many evangelicals and fundamentalists turned out for Romney because of his ‘moderation’, yet a diehard pro-life candidate will never win the electorate at this point. I think Mourdock of Indiana and Aikin of Missouri hurt the Republican ticket as well as themselves. As for a new demographic, there are many Latinos who do believe in the old work ethic and the family. I think the Republicans need to go after their votes.

    • Abortion is murder. That is the bottom line for me. What has resulted from Roe v. Wade is a continuing disrespect for life. It also has resulted in a decline of taking personal responsibility for actions. I am sick of abortion. I want it stopped.

      • Legalizing abortion has diminished the value our society places on human life. It’s a slippery slope we’re skiing down. It’s a short run to euthanasia of the elderly and infirm when money and medical resources run short. I became pregnant out of wedlock 32 years ago and I thank God I made the choice not to abort my son. He is an amazing son, husband and father.

        • God bless you, gobnait. Our youngest son’s best friend was the product of rape. God bless his mother for not aborting that wonderful young man who now has a wife and infant son of his own.

    • I am pro-choice as well. It just drives me nuts though because it seems the left celebrates abortion as a beautiful thing.

      I don’t think abortion is really an issue – but left keeps screaming that the right is taking away abortion and birth control, and they make it an issue. I think if we would just ignore, they would get tired of trying to make a big deal out of nothing. Wade vs Roe isn’t going anywhere. And if those poor va-vajays can’t afford $10 bucks for bc, they don’t need to be having sex anyway.

      • I agree–R v W should be settled law so far as the Reps go. I know several people who really thought Romney was going to repeal it–yes, my “choice” would not be abortion–but to dictate someone else’s choice to me is pointless and detracts from other issues important to many of us. I remember friends getting horrible procedures done in the projects in DC–taking them to the ER, etc. Then R v Wade more or less compromised it–if uneasily. We need to let it be. If this is the main issue–we lose.

  2. How about just sticking to the issues of a small constitutional government?

    I’m don’t think the federal government should have any place in marriage or abortion questions.

    As such, I guess I can’t answer your poll.

    • I am inclined to agree too. As long as the statement “I don’t think the federal government should have any place in marriage or abortion questions” includes not asking others to pay for what is done in those two issues.

      As a Christian I can never force my values on another human. We all have free will. What we do with that free will is ours to live with. I may not agree with your choices, but I also do not want to be a partaker in them. If a woman gets pregnant and really wants an abortion, she is going to get one regardless. If the federal government needs to stay out of that initial decision, it should also stay out of the financial support of that decision. The same applies to same-sex unions. I will never support either issue, but that does not mean that I do not treat everyone with dignity and respect. That also does not mean that I am homophobic or am waging a war on women.

      We must demand that these issues be dropped from the platform. They are meant to polarize and there is no good to come from any answer one has.

  3. Illegal aliens = liberals who will vote for socialism
    un-aborted babies = raised to be liberals
    gays ~ 90% are liberal

    Be flexible on abortion….at least less liberals will be born.

  4. I, personally, don’t care if gay people want to get married, or how many people want to be in one marriage. I believe in marriage, the sanctity of the family and a stable home to raise children. What two adults do in their bedroom is their business and I don’t want to know, hear about it, or pay for it.

    I would support a “pathway” to citizenship for anyone not born in the US if our border was protected from foreign invasion, that the person is identified, can read and speak English, and has a skill, profession or enough education that will enable them to be self-supporting.

  5. I’m not a Republican. Frankly, I held my nose and voted for Johnson (given the options, voting seemed pretty pointless — still does — and I was going to stay home until someone reminded me of the state income tax constitutional amendment on the ballot). But if the GOP _had_ the frickin’ balls to run someone decent, I might very well have held my nose and voted Republican on the principle that it was a better anti-Obama vote than Johnson. So you need another option in that poll:

    “Don’t nominate a RINO who flip-flops fast enough to drive a 200 MW generator and thinks ‘constitutional’ is a brisk walk to get the bowels moving.”

      • No, I voted for Johnson. Other than doing a write-in, my choices were the A)Dem whose signature legislation was based on the state legislation of the B)Rep, or the C)Lib whose claim to fame is that he’s at least more libertarian than the last LP prez candidate (but so is my dead cat).

        See, clowns like you are why the GOP is crashing and burning. You have a sense of entitlement that would do any welfare recipient proud; you think that the Republicans are _entitled_ to my vote no matter how lousy your candidate. Instead of whining that someone _dared_ to vote for a candidate other than yours, why not try acquiring some real principles and earning my vote?

        In decades of voting, I came to realize that the Dems and Reps are essentially two branches of one big party, who differ only on how fast they’ll expand government and which individual rights they’ll violate _first_. So choosing between D and R prez candidates is no real choice at all, and there’s no point in doing so. If you don’t like that, try fielding a candidate who read the Constitution _without_ looking for loopholes, and can remember his position on any given issue from one day to the next. Because let me tell you: I’ve tried voting for the lesser of evils, but I can’t tell which — Dem or Rep — is the lesser evil anymore.

        • Agree the two parties have become a choice between statist and neo-statist. Unfortunately, this was not the election to stand on your morals. Romney was the last guy I wanted as the nominee, but he did step up to the plate and select Paul Ryan as VP. Honestly, I would have voted for an orange juice can on the Republican ballot, just so we could stop the hemorrhaging. We let our founders down by allowing a Marxist to win re-election. Now he thinks he has a mandate to destroy US.

  6. There are several problems here. 1) Republicans problem on Abortion is not being clear AND allowing others to be unclear. In general, most Republicans are NOT opposed to family planning; like condom use, waiting and contraceptives. However sloppy arguments have people thinking that being opposed to Abortion (55 million babies dead to date) means being opposed to contraceptives. This is somewhat amazing because nearly every State and County Republican has probably voted for a budget that has included in the Health category, some funding of family planning services. Republicans might create their own ‘Planned Parenthood’ corporation to compete for the federal and state dollars Planned Parenthood currently gets. Money PP uses to fund their overhead for abortion services.
    2) Illegals are not really as serious a problem when compare to the real emigration issue. There are plenty of citizenship paths that already exist for people to become citizens of the US. The real problem is that we don’t care enough about securing our borders and restricting emigration. The single most important reason Republicans lost the Presidency was because of the changing demographics due to Ted Kennedy’s 1964 emigration law. The law opened the door to the entire world to flood America with anyone who wants to come, regardless of their beliefs and culture. Its affect has been leveling the US values, culture and standards to lesser world standards. Some examples, in 1964 whites were 90% of the electorate, now they are just over 60%. There are more Muslim Smolians in MN than in Smolia! We now have close to 350 million people in this country and at current emigration growth, we will have 1 BILLION by the end of the century, the majority under 30 years of age. It is LEGAL emigration creating the real problem for Republicans.
    3. As for Gays, statistically true gays are about 1/2 of one percent of the population and as long as they are not having sex on the courthouse steps, no one really much cares what they do. It is they who want us to care about them and they are mad because most people really dont.
    4. Republicans real issue should be that the Government is spending 40% more than it takes in. It is Entitlements that is swallowing the federal budget and it must come under control or it will destroy everything. The worst of it is that what isn’t money borrowed from China, comes by way of the Federal Reserve printing press.

  7. Conservatives must stick to the principles of truth, fairness, and equality for all. We will NEVER be able to (and should never) pander to the degree of the LEFT. I believe our focus right this moment should be exposure of election fraud – to the point that if enough is exposed, the legal consequences would rule. Next, we absolutely MUST PREVENT VOTER FRAUD. Nothing we do will matter if we don’t do this.

  8. This makes me furious! I’m a Christian constitutional conservative. I belong to the Republican Party because they used to represent my values. It’s not my business what other people do in their private life, but I believe it’s also not the business of the federal government. I don’t want to pay for their private life either. As far as illegal immigration, protecting our borders is one of the few enumerated powers We The People granted the federal government. If the Republican party gives up on that, they violate their oath to the Constitution.

    Take a look in the mirror GOP and you’ll see the reason why nobody likes you. You are weak appeasers to the left. You would have won this election if your campaign included discussions on constitutional principles. You didn’t do that. The last few weeks the campaign talked about reaching across the aisle. That was all it took for the sunshine patriots, who don’t see any difference between the two parties, to sit this election out. Damn you GOP, you are your own worst enemy.

  9. Funny how after economically crushing debt levels, a recalcitrant rising jihadist middle east, and No coherent energy policy are just too unsexy or visceral to consider.
    When the music stops and its time to find a chair, the fun will be just be getting started.

  10. 1. Roe v Wade is settled law. Personally I support abortion freedom in the first trimester, after that, only for the life of the mother. I think that is a defensible position. If you were raped, by all means get tested more than once in the first month or so.
    2. I have long been against expansion of gay rights due to the extremists in the ‘movement’, i.e., special gay studies in elementary school, etc. But gay marriage is here with all the same rights as hetero marriage regarding children etc. We should get over it.
    3. Illegals should have a path not to citizenship but to a legal status. That means they don’t get the vote. For full citizenship, go back and get in line.

        • Neither the executive branch(president) or the legislative branch(Congress) can repeal a decision by the judicial branch(Supreme Court). The only way that Roe vs. Wade can be repealed is if the Supreme Court overturns its own decision. That is not going to happen. I do wish people would learn how the three branches of our government work and what each of them does and can do.

  11. The question poses a trap for conservatives. We should not be pondering the agenda set by the Left – they should be answering a laundry list of social/economic questions from us. The liberals have dominated and controlled the narrative. Why? It’s like giving the keys to the car to 14-year olds.

    Immigration: If and only there is a valid identification (ss#) for employees/employers. No off the book hiring. I want immigrants to pay their “fair share” like the rest of us.

    Abortion: Those in favor can pay for it. I am willing to pay only in the case of rape, incest, and danger to mother – and not as a means of birth control. Added note: I know some of us say, “go f__k yourself, but it doesn’t get you pregnant. The impregnated and impregnatee a/k/a “baby daddy” need to start shelling out for their choices. I am sick and tired of paying for other life styles.

    Gay marriage: Typical liberal crap from the same “idealists” that have no problem co-habitating as a life style, think G-d and the Ten Commandments are so old school. It’s not a social issue, they want the economic benefits. Fine. Let them have it. Let them pay alimony, child support and whatever else comes along after divorce.

    • re: gay marriage

      I know this will sound crude but why should I care how people ‘get off’ and why should the government be involved?


  12. Last I checked, I’m pretty libertarian on social issues, the government stops at my front door, safe, legal and rare, and we already have a path to citizenship through LEGAL immigration <—-enforce that :)

    This is a pretty good year to be an Independent, isn't it ?

  13. What ever happened to personal responbility? Why should anyone be forced to pay for the indiscretions and addictions of others? Abortion, contraceptives, drug rehab, marital counseling, gambling, etc. These issues belong to individuals, not the govt. And don’t get me started on illegal immigration and the biggest scourge of all – anchor babies. I don’t even recognize my beautiful State anymore – Mexifornia. Sad.

    • It’s not mainly about paying for those things, imo, but about what’s legal – e.g., republicans trying to force certain testing and obstacles to abortion.

  14. Okay, I know I’ll sound racist but here’s my take. Don’t mess with anything, we didn’t lose the race for any conservative views. The Obama voters by and large are not interested in our views, they want FREE STUFF.

    Romney scared the b’jesus out of them ’cause they thought he’d take away the free stuff and make ’em work like the rest of us. They don’t have the intelligence to look beyond their own self at the country. Benghazi meant nothing because it didn’t happen across the street. The budget crisis means nothing because they still get their checks (for now), free healthcare is more free stuff, not a nightmare the smart people know it is.

    Conservatives can tinker all they want but until they address issues that directly effect the stupid people they will not win another election.

    • I guarantee the Republican Party is not run by the Conservative faction. Conservatives have absolutely no say in what policies the RINO elites decide to pursue. We’re working on that, but the RINOs won’t let go of their control easily.

      We need conservatives who can talk about the beauty and wonder of our Constitutional Republic, and who can inspire young people to reach for their dreams. We need real conservative candidates, not just the next establishment guy in line. Also, if they keep putting social justice issues above the more important issues like defunding Obamacare, debt/deficit reduction, foreign policy (Fast and Furious, Benghazi), and protecting our borders, they will become extinct. The conservatives will abandon this failed party, just like the libertarians appear to have done in this election.

    • And just what “free stuff” is on offer from Obama? Health care still isn’t free, and the rich sure as shit held their hands out for some Federal largesse when their incompetence crashed the world economy, you’ll agree (that would be TARP, for those of you who, like Romney, forgot all about it).

      In fact, it is the rich who continue to demand perks from the government, whether it is in the form of extending the Bush tax cuts, or a tax holiday for repatriated overseas earnings. When it comes to asking for handouts, no one outbegs the One Percent!

  15. Your poll questions go the the heart of a true conservative. How can one stop being or move away form a peronsal value system of who he/she is? Why does one have to choose in order to compromise to something they’re not. Why can’t a conservative be respected for who they are with out being vilified? My values define me, my family, and the choices I make. They define the freedoms I value and the type of country I want to live in. They were and are the foundation of why America developed to be the country the world has strived to emulate. Why lower the bar to become less than what we have been and can continue to be?

  16. Well, I guess I’m a hard liner. But you don’t negotiate with terrorists…or three year olds…or liberals. (But that is kind of really redundant isn’t it.)

  17. Many great responses…so here goes. As for Abortion, this doesn’t make it past the “do nothing” test for me. If a woman is pregnant and does nothing the natural progression is the birth of a baby. Correspondingly, an action designed to stop the natural progression will stop the birth of a baby. Time to step off the euphemism treadmill and call abortion what it is…abortion. It’s not “family planning” or “women’s health” it is the abortion of a natural progression that results in a the birth of a baby. Logic aside, I do feel bad for all the victims who think killing is the last option available to them to resolve a problem be it war or abortion. These are bad things in a society regardless of the motive or justification.
    As for “gay marriage” see the reference to euphemism treadmill above. It is homosexual behavior. While laws are outdated in many civil areas around “domestic partnerships”, I do not think anyone should have special “rights” for a behavioral choice. It isn’t about “gay rights” it is about a behavior. If it were a natural selection, then there might be a gene to determine predisposition to “gay”. If so, then why not find the gene? Because if a gene is found, some portion of the population engaging in “gay rights” will not have the gene and we are right back to a choice of behavior. Now about the behavior, I don’t give two hoots as to what some folks do, but let us first start by calling things what they are and then have the conversation. Liberals, progressives, socialists, Marxists, communists, are running fast on the euphemism treadmill confusing issues and with the last election in mind, it seems to be working.

  18. Republicans will go nowhere by becoming democrats. This poll is a bit misleading. If anything I would put “agree on path to citizenship” but what does “agree” mean? Agree to the liberal solution?

  19. If we alter our stance, we become liberals at worst and RINOS at best. What’s the point? We already have enough of those hanging around playing pretend.