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Amb. Susan Rice Likely to Become Secretary of State

President Obama is planning to brush aside criticism of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and install her as Secretary of State, while possibly offering the Defense Secretary Job to Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), according the Washington Post.

Kerry has long wanted the job at State, but Obama will almost certainly choose Rice, who has been with him since before he became president.

Others, though, are still in the running for the Defense job.

Republicans have assailed Rice for claiming that the Benghazi attacks resulted from protests over an anti-Islamic video, even though others within the administration had concluded that the attacks were premeditated.

But Obama is prepared to dig in his heels, and senior aides claim Rice was merely stipulating¬†“administration talking points drawn directly from intelligence available at the time,” according to the Post.

36 Responses to Amb. Susan Rice Likely to Become Secretary of State

    • Just like the deck chairs on the Titanic. We all now that didn’t end well.
      Liar to liar to liar also incompetent and inept that’s an Obama second
      term alright.

    • benghazi ?

      there is a sex scandal going on, what is benghazi?

      damn this regime is ruthless and also sloppy

      viva the ipadpod whatever

      I hope Benghazi is coming for them I really do

    • Looks like Bill has been giving the Obama administration pointers. Nobody remembers Whitewater. Hell, I had to look up “whitewater” to make sure I had the right name.

  1. JohnKerry to Defense, is that a joke? Of all people to head the Defense Department, he has to be the worst choice with his anti-war, and questionable military record.

    MsRice may be a dedicated public servant with impeccable credentials, but sending a woman to deal with the Muslims is a big mistake. Their attitudes toward all women would preclude any kind of accord on any issue.
    But, it’s MrO’s choice to make and the responsibility to bear.

    And, what position has MrClinton’s name penciled in?

  2. I wish I could say I’m surprised, but I’m not. you know, I actually believed Obama’s new bipartisan leaf cr*p, for about 30 seconds. seems like that was 30 seconds too long. Susan Rice? really?

    but I guess this is her reward for falling on her sword on the Sunday talk shows, where she unblushingly lied, over and over and over again, to the American people.

    if this was a Republican president, sure, they’d be in trouble. seeing as it’s Obama, who was just reelected by what I can only describe as the most intellectually lazy crop of Americans since ther 1980s, it probably won’t matter. the only thing people might tune in for now is the sex.

    and John “who needs medals?” Kerry as SecDef? we are doomed, people.

  3. Rice is higher on the Obama pecking order because she’s lied for him, which I don’t think Joan has (yet). Either way (Rice or Joan Kerry), it will continue the long streak of having a woman as Sec of State.

  4. Gee, when Bam is finished re-organizing his Cabinet, it won’t cost me a cent to take my grandchild to the circus. “Just watch the TV, Mary. See the clowns?”

  5. Kerry as SecDef? You’ve got to be kidding!?! Isn’t he the guy who threw his ill-earned medals over the WH fence? On the up-side, it would get him out of the Senate!

  6. Well, if you are going to have Administration of Liars it’s best that they be well qualified. Rice and Holder — not a shred of credibility between the two.

  7. So now another General involved in an affair? I’m convinced all this is coming out to make our military look bad. Obama doesn’t like our military and wants the public to feel the same.

    • Sure, Obama discredited the military and the CIA in one fell swoop. So who you gonna believe? Obama or military/ intelligence? The government monster is eating it’s own tail.

      • Benghazi cover up. And the same American people who re elected Obama are eating this up. This is the National Enquirer / People Magazine / David Letterman crowd. The truth of Benghazi will never see the light of day. And 4 Americans under that hack hag Hillary and the Revenge President will have died in vain while military and intell are pilloried. And Bill Clinton lives and lusts another day. I have nothing but disdain for this Administration and for all of those who re elected them.

  8. Swapping one female liar for another at DoS, no big change there. Horseface at the DoD? That’s comical. What deep doo we are all in now that the Poser-in-Chief as been re-elected. The chickeeeens are coming home to roast as Barry’s favorite man of the cloth used to say.

  9. im astounded at the ‘transparency’ of obama and his reward system. people who lie for him get promoted! wow, where is the integrity ?