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Obama Schedule || Sunday, November 11, 2012

9:00 am || Hosts a breakfast for veterans; East Room
11:00 am || Participates in a wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery
11:15 am || delivers remarks at Arlington National Cemetery

All times Eastern

34 Responses to Obama Schedule || Sunday, November 11, 2012

  1. My TV is off. I can not bear to watch and hear this person dishonoring our Great Veterans.
    My heart is broken over this election and for our country.

    • Me too. Veterans most likely voted overwhelmingly for Romney and the Republicans, and this guy who is selling our country down the drain gets another photo op today.

    • I can’t watch him, listen to him, or read about him. I am so sadden about the election and the direction our country has taken. I am truly frightened, particularly now that both my husband and I are retired.

      • We are in this together and we are everywhere. My husband and I too are retired, living in a huge house that we can not sell, high taxes and insurance, savings gone fixed income….spooky. We were talking just prior to the election about being able to finally sell the house and all that is in it, build a small house (on a lot we own) and be able to live adequately…all out the window now. We are frightened and everyone that we know feels the same…the tear just keep on coming.

  2. And nothing ever changes…another very light week for the PO(tu)S:

    Schedule for the Week of November 12, 2012

    On Monday, the President has no public events scheduled in observance of Veterans Day.

    On Tuesday, the President will attend meetings at the White House.

    On Wednesday, the President will hold a news conference in the East Room. The President will also meet with business leaders at the White House to discuss the action we need to take to keep our economy growing and reduce our deficit.

    On Thursday, the President will travel to the New York City area, to view the storm damage, talk with citizens who are recovering from the storm and thank first responders who put their lives at risk to protect their communities.

    On Friday, the President will meet with Congressional leaders of both parties at the White House to discuss the action we need to take to keep our economy growing and reduce our deficit.

  3. He couldn’t have sounded more bored or disinterested as he gave his “remarks”.
    He found a way to thank himself, and “Michelle and DrBiden” for helping the families of military personell. He talked about one of our heros losing his legs by way of an IED as if the soldier had lost his bus pass.

    If there are any veterans reading this: we all honor your sacrifice, your loyalty and your sense of duty to us and our country.
    God Bless You and the United States of America.

    • I was in the USN back in 90s (after the Cold War, post-Desert Storm/pre-911; my only “war” was Bosnia, we didnt qualify for a combat medal). No one cared about Veterans or Veterans Day back then

        • I had two ex husbands who served in Vietnam when I went to the
          airport to pick him up all got off the plane but he wasn’t there. I finally got someone to check he was sound asleep in the back row.
          Wonder if they’d ever found him very sad.

    • “If there are any veterans reading this: we all honor your sacrifice, your loyalty and your sense of duty to us and our country.
      God Bless You and the United States of America.”

      Amen, srdem.

  4. Really, the only part of Veterans Day that this bastard cares about is that he gets to take (another) day off tomorrow.

    As far as watching him on TV, I couldn’t do it. Four years of watching him and listening as he reads off his teleprompters is more than enough. I just can’t handle eight years of this community organizer loser, so I’ll be tuning him out and only reading about how he’s systematically destroying the country each day.

  5. I so admire the Brits on 11-11they refer to it as Remembrance Day. Prior to the day everyone wears poppies even people on TV they are everyplace. Go to the Telegraph and there are some touching pictures. My cousin lives in
    London and she said they had a special prayer for the Americans who served.
    All the past PM’s were there saw Blair. It’s quite special and very touching.
    Last year through the UK poppy folks I was able to have a cross in my late
    uncles name placed with all the others very special. So I salute all of you who
    are serving or have served we will never forget rest assured. God Bless.

    • Beautiful photos, Lizzy! So happy you were able to have a cross dedicated to your Uncle. How special!
      As a child I remember ‘Poppy Day’ here in the States when Veteran’s Day was called Armistice Day. Everyone wore a paper poppy pinned to their chest and the Veteran’s cemeteries were awash in red – symbolic of the blood shed In Flanders Fields (and elsewhere). It was a common sight to see disabled Vets, school children, and the Scouts selling poppies. It’s wonderful to see the Brits (and Canadians) carrying on this tradition!

      • Yes my uncle was a pilot of the B17 Prop Wash. He fell in love with
        England and was an avid Anglophile the rest of his life. His bomb group
        457th had reunions up until a couple years ago the Brits still love them
        and the darling old guys were treated like rock stars at least Glatton did and they loved it so sweet.

  6. While I trust most that post heres judgment and intelligence, I caught something you all didnt mention or catch…He kicked the football.The I killed Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda is decimated line..The Iman didnt care, this was nothing but a campaign stop for him.Absolutely disgusting.

    • Missed it because I don’t bother to watch his revengeful speeches any longer. In my opinion, his eyes reflect the four men he allowed to die in Benghazi.

  7. In my work with training service dogs to possibly work with disabled vets, I come in contact with a number of active duty/retired military types. I told one I met Saturday how surprised I was with the election results. He started to say something and then his lips kind of quivered a bit. “I have no opinion, Sir. I’m sure you understand why” (He’s on active duty) I replied “It was unfair of me to bring it up. Godspeed, Dude”.

  8. …” Take up our quarrel with the foe;
    To you from failing hands we throw
    The torch ; be yours to hold it high.
    If ye break faith with us who die
    We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
    In Flanders fields.
    Lt.Col. John McCrae , WW I, Canadian contingent in France.
    The torch is a little dimmer, but still burns in our hearts.

  9. compare his self serving speech to that of President Bush….
    ” Laura and I are honored to be here. We’re honored to see this majestic place. I love the fact that parents can answer a child’s question about “Why fight?” with this answer: These brave souls fought for freedom, they fought for liberty, and they fought to guarantee the rights given to us by our Creator, and that has been the history of our Armed Forces — brave folks, the mightiest defenders of those unalienable rights.

    So on behalf of a grateful nation, I thank our veterans for your service, for your commitment. May God bless you, and may God continue to bless the United States of America. (Applause.)”

    Did you see where he gave credit to God and not to Self…. that’s the difference..