As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || November 10, 2012

Obama’s tax bludgeon . . . Wall Street Journal
FBI probe led to Petraeus resignation
. . . Washington Post
Rove suddenly in the hot seat . . . Politico
RNC’s Priebus leaning toward second term . . . Politico
Coal CEO lays off 156, blames Obama reelection . . . Washington Post
Carney evades questions about Obama and Benghazi
. . . Daily Caller
Obama faces pressure on Keystone . . . Fox News

6 Responses to The Obama Morning News || November 10, 2012

  1. There’s nothing like a juicy sex scandal, a government coverup of a screwup, and one armed agency investigating another armed agency to start a new Presidential term.
    Throwing in the fight over a non-existent budget, massive debt overrides, higher taxes for everybody, a slew of crushing business regulations, and the IRS peeking into everyone’s medical records and we have another historic term for MrObama. Yay.

    • Sure do hope the useful idiots who voted out of hatred for traditional American values enjoy the utopia they are creating for us all. As long as they have their welfare checks, food stamps, and free abortions all is well – until the rest of the world refuses to buy our debt any longer and the money runs out. That is when the music stops and the bread and circus crowd starts looting and pillaging.

      • I hug my children tighter these days. Thinking seriously about buying a pistol, shot gun and a long rifle. One of my patients gave me a great mini-seminar on what works in the personal safety dept.
        If my government can’t keep an ambassador safe within the walls of his own consulate, what does that say about the average American?

        • We live in Texas where gun ownership is almost a rite of passage. It’s always good to be prepared for emergencies, Quintis Arrius. If you do buy a gun, please be sure to go to a shooting range and practice. If the need to use your gun ever arises, you’ll be glad to know how to hit your target.

    • That just about sums it up, srdem. In an odd way, it seems like we never had an election – it was so, well.. so fast and furious. The only challenge the Kenyan wunderkind is going to face for the next 4 years is how to keep himself in perpetual motion so that the slings and arrows will not find their target. Mark Levin refers to his antics as ‘Catch me if you can”! And that’s exactly what we’re going to do! Tally Ho!