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Obama to Use Massive Campaign List to Press Agenda

President Obama plans to use his massive campaign organization to assist him in his battles with Republicans as he seeks to drive forward his second term agenda.

In an email Thursday to the Obama 2012 campaign’s massive list, Campaign Chairman Jim Messina indicated the organization’s role will shift from advocating Obama’s candidacy to using mass action to press for his policies.

How we got here must guide where we go. If we’re going to accomplish the things America voted for on Tuesday, you’ve got to be even more involved in getting them done than you were in giving us all the chance.

We’ll be in touch soon about how we can get started on some of the President’s top priorities in his second term.

Obama used his 2008 campaign infrastructure during his first term to try to further his objectives. But the apparatus today is far larger and much better organized than in 2009 and 2010, when it helped the president barely tug Obamacare over the finish line in Congress.

The campaign has developed detailed profiles of its supporters and has an excellent idea about who it can tap to participate in rallies, contact lawmakers, and organize others in support of Obama initiatives.

Messina’s decision to immediately let supporters know they will be enlisted for further action suggests that the first order of business for them could be the looming battle over tax increases and spending cuts needed to avert the “fiscal cliff.”

But the organization could have an even more powerful impact during what is expected to be an emotional 2013 battle over immigration reform. Obama’s massive Election Day support from Latinos and backers of his immigration stance will no doubt be translated into direct, populist action next year.

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  1. Good luck “Mr. President” steering the United States of Titanic away from the looming iceberg that’s going to sink your bankrupt ship of state.

    Businesses are firing and laying off left and right; the stock market is tanking and going even lower today; the fiscal cliff is looming. Man the lifeboats! What!? There aren’t enough lifeboats?

    • “Titanic”? Not quite the right metaphor. THAT captain made a mistake, acknowleged it, and considered it no less than his duty to pay for it with his life and go down with the ship.

      This is more like the “Costa Concordia”. Veer wildly off course to impress your freinds, wipe out in waters you had full information could not support your ship, abandon your duties to the ship and the people you have a sacred duty to protect the second it goes bad, hide as long as you can, then blame everyone else when they find you.

      THAT’S more Obama’s speed.

  2. My suggestion is to allow the tax hikes to play out including the sequestration.( Will of the people.)
    And in return?
    47% across the board minus defense cuts in govt spending. (popular percentage) Very Alinsky-like, ridicule the opposition at every turn.
    It would achieve an overall 4% decrease in the growth of our deficit immediately. MATH: we spend 43 cents more than the 1.00 the govt takes in. Therefore 4% less we add to the debt.
    47% less WH staff, Mooch vacations, EPA regulators, IRS agents, SSI staffers, Obama phones, Trips on AF One, Czars(who really do the work), Pell grants, Grants to universities, etc.

    • You forget Republicans still control the House. Ergo, the public will be informed that, to the extent there is anyone to blame but George Bush, it’s the House Republican’s fault. Mid-terms producing a full Democrat house ensue…

  3. It’s time for the Tea Party to get it in gear.

    On applied for my Social Security benefits yesterday as a result of the election. I figured I might as well get some of my money back before it’s all gone. I’m sure my Navy retirement will be next. God help us.

    • “It’s time for the Tea Party to get it in gear.”

      Dear God! When it will stop?!?!! The TEA party destroyed Romney’s this time. Destroyed it. It force him to run so hard right in the primary that he never recovered. Had he run a center/right campaign of a pragmatist, he would have most likely won.

      God your people are so clueless it’s starting to scare me. Even Newt admitted the GOP has to embrass a immigration reform policy. Remember when in the primaries he talked about a form of GWB’s 2004 immigration platform is something he would push for? He got booed. Do you really think that didn’t stick in the minds of Latinos voters this time around especially when Mitt spent ZERO TIME talking about immigration reform or even pushing for some of the Latino vote.

    • So sorry we civvies let you down, Just2old. I weep for all the brave men and women who serve this country honorably only to see it fall to despotism.

      A few years back we cashed out our 401K’s and paid off all our bills except the monthly mortgage which I double-pay at every opportunity. Next on the list is cashing out our savings, converting to gold and silver, and waiting for the crash. God have mercy on us all…

      • Thanks Susan. As an added bonus, hurricane Sandy caused our finished basement to flood. We’ve been trying to sell the house so we can take care of our bills for over two years. This flood may have been the straw that breaks the Camel’s back! The good news is we have our retirement house in Springfield, MO. My brother-in-law there has an arenal. We may need it in the not too distant future.

  4. Keith was right on yesterday when he said we’d been out-community organized by this campaign. we’d better be very very vigilant and pro-active.

    • *Sighs* You didn’t lose due to organization. Your lost because Obama got more votes because he appealed to more demographics, not just angry white men and married women!

        • Romney allowed himself to be defined by running too hard to the right during the primary campaign and the GOP convention platform.

          I totally agree that Romney deep down is a pragmatic kind of guy and would have govern in a style similar to GB senior. But in order to beat the loons in his own party like Bachmann and Santorum: he add to run too far right and it cost him the election.

          • Romney didn’t make up those complete lies–why try that one? Just sayin’. To deny he was a slavering plutocrat, didn’t chitchat with the trashman, tortured his dog, killed a guy’s wife with cancer, loathed Big Bird, wanted women to die in alleys, etc–would be too stupid… Uh-UH…Nuh-HUH…back and forth. The whole thing was stupid enough.

  5. ‘Taking it to the People’ is a repeat of the last 4 years – only it will be intensified 1000-fold. Evidentally, Obama has not received the meme about working with Congress. He can’t go one day without his ego trips. He never intended to occupy the Oval Office. It’s going to cost us Billions more for AF1 so that this megalomaniac can strut his stuff. He should be forced to use the Big Black Bus this time around.

    Boehner’s first piece of legislation should be putting constraints on Obama’s use of AF1 and AF2. He’s already heading for Burma and no one knows why! Doctor Krauthammer needs to perform an intervention. Megalomania is a serious mental illness and could be grounds for his removal from office.

  6. Most of them are probably pretty much illiterate so it won’t matter that much.

    However, it may happen that Soros really truly does take over our country and ruin it like he did the UK.

  7. Good luck marshaling his “troops” who care more about “free stuff” than they do about individual responsibility. What does he have left to offer them for their support?

    “In a nation of children, Santa Claus wins.” ~ Rush Limbaugh

    • What does he have left? iPad Minis, iPhone 5s, debit cards, latest Nikes… name it. You know, Susan, the essential things in life to his supporters.

      • They will soon discover that all that fancy electronic stuff and $400 sneakers don’t make for good vittles. Shoe soup can’t be very appetizing.

  8. Had the GOP supported GWB’s immigration reform back in 2005, this issue would have been off the table. But go ahead. Keep standing for your “principals” as you get wipe off the map.

        • Enjoy being a superminority party. That is all I have to say. Because Latinos are the fastest rising voting bloc and you are going to lose that vote just like the African-American vote. There was a time when Republicans could get a strong percentage of the African-American vote. Hell, George W. Bush got over 40% of the Latino vote 8 years ago. Romney couldn’t even break 30%. At this rate, GOP candidates will be polling in the single digits.

          I guess you rather see a map full of blue and not move an inch then compromise and see a map where you can win again..and by big margins too.

      • These are difficult issues that won’t be resolved quickly. Neither side since GWB has wanted to work on this. The illegal immigration issue in California has had enormous financial consequences in our schools and around our state.

        As for comments about the Tea Party – I believe it depends on where you live what negative affect the Tea Party has had. In our area there is an active Tea Party – but they are not socially geared – they are fiscally geared and are made up of people who have lived in the area a long time and in most cases are well educated. I get routine e-mails from them and their primary focus is working at the local level and moving on from there – i.e. changing the status quo that is smothering our communities with irresponsible spending. They have regular meetings and during this campaign season hosted forums for anyone who wanted to come and speak.

        I seem to recall that when George Bush was elected the first time and then re-elected – the left could not contain themselves; their party was destroyed – they had their hardliners too and still do.

        Why is it that fiscal conservatives are expected to be the compromisers but liberals are not????

        What has happened in this election is disturbing – With all the “if only, if only, if only.” Shame on those who normally vote and simply didn’t go to the polls.

        In spite of everything that is on the internet and all the handwringing – I come back to this – it was not a pivotal election for too many and those who get “stuff” in lots of different forms simply didn’t want to give them up and those people aren’t just the uneducated and uninformed. We see people around us who don’t like what is going on but they also don’t want to share in any of the sacrifices to turn this mess around.

        Lastly – blast all you want but I strongly believe that Mr. Romney is a Decent man who I also believe really cared about this country and would have been a great president. Were there missteps – of course – there were on both sides.

        There simply is too much money in our campaigns. Someday I would like to see a campaign that is based on dialogue and not sound bites and slogans.

    • JustSaying, I don’t know which state you are in, but I am in Kalifornia and we have already been ‘wiped off the map’ because of massive illegal immigration. Did you hear – the largest voting bloc, Hispanicsm just voted for a sales and income tax hike! Why? Most of them do not pay taxes, they received earned income tax credits and are the largest receivers of taxpayer largesse.

      The Reagan amnesty in the mid-80’s was supposed to be the LAST amnesty but because the existing immigration laws have NOT been enforced, we have surpassed critical mass.

      There are ‘Do not feed the Pigeons’ signs all over the country to keep them from performing bodily functions on public property. We need to do the same with illegals – stop feeding, clothing, educating, and medicating them and they will go home. Mitt was right – they will self-deport if we stop the bennies.

      • Girly1 speaks from experience.
        Here in the Southwest we know who these illegal aliens from Mexico, and SouthAmerica truly are; they are illiterate, uneducated, had little or no medical or dental care, and have no skills necessary for modern industry. They are farmers, laborers, desperate for anything and prefer to work ‘under the table’. They are partly responsible for our terrible economy and our high unemployment. They have placed a burden on our government services for the needy and give nothing in return. If they have jobs, they’re not buying goods, no refrigerators, no autos; they send their money back to Mexico.

        Giving amnesty to millions of people who can’t or won’t find a job, but will rely on government assistance is insane.

  9. Sean Hannity has come out and said he evolved on immigration reform therefore he will support a compromised plan.

    Is he now a RINO to you people?

  10. Ulsterman Report – Is linking to your site, he has been writing articles from insiders and yet all those that follow his site, congratulate that of the insider for all his help in trying to get rid of Obama. When it was those insiders that helped to place this Domestic Enemy in the WH in the first place, got to wonder if those insiders should ultimately be held accountable, lets be honest, they deserve whatever fate they will now receive for what they have done. As for Ulsterman, the guy is such a hack, he is in bed with the same power-players that should hung for treason, just like the Domestic Enemy in the WH.

    • Justme – I don’t believe for a moment that Ulsterman really had an “insider” feeding his site. Seems clear to me that he created his “character” from the other side of his split personality.

      • Sadie, iam starting to wonder that myself. As these so called insiders are so full of crap, we should believe anything that came out of it. As well, if you bring up relevant issues on the blog or the FB page you are banned.

        • As my mother used to say “consider the source”. I don’t interact with FB. If I have something to say, it will be here or on a few other sites. Each of those sites are run by someone who is credentialed and educated. Although I have bantered back and forth with a few “less worthy” here and elsewhere, it was for my own personal amusement. There is no room on a tombstone to list your greatest achievements on the internet.

  11. this may sound cold and heartless but the people wanted this guy and i think that the republicians should say ok you voted him in again so we’re going to let him have his way and let all tax cuts expire, ss taxes expire, sequestration play out and let these people see how bad it really can get. once they start seeing how it really is and they can’t find even a part time job maybe they’ll figure out that it doesn’t work. all their benefits will have to be cut off because no one left will have a job. but hey at least they’ll have free birth control pills.

    • ^^^ THIS! I keep looking at the hurricane Sandy victims begging for help and all I can think is “You (or at least your area) voted for Obama; better call him or FEMA (when they aren’t closed due to weather!) because my give a damn is busted.

      Through our church, I donated to a conservative couple whose house burned down. I will continue to donate to the Salvation Army and Crown Financial (a conservative organization that helps people learn to budget and spend according to bibilical principles), but I will be very, very selective in my donations and spending in the future. If you’re in an area that voted for Obama (including in my state, Maryland), don’t expect money from me.

      • That’s OK. Obama will come for your money eventually, and then he’ll donate it for you as HE sees fit.

        Enjoy your choice. Just don’t expect it to last very long…