As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama to Hold a Rare Press Conference

President Obama will hold a news conference in the East Room Wednesday, the White House announced today.

Obama has held only one full-dress, extended press conference this year. The last time he faced White House reporters was for a brief, impromptu session in the briefing room in August. Before that, he took a few questions in June after meeting with foreign leaders in Mexico.

What’s more, Obama rarely takes questions in venues other presidents have used to speak with the White House press corps, refusing to answer reporters’ queries following remarks or meetings at the White House.

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29 Responses to Obama to Hold a Rare Press Conference

  1. I always believed that Obama’s attitude is that he expects the American people to just shutup, not ask questions, and to accept whatever he decides to do. He doesn’t feel beholden to the American people; he thinks that he knows what’s best and the American people just need to shutup and submit to his infinite wisdom and elite brilliance, so press conferences are unnecessary.

  2. Not to worry, the lapdog press will still be drunk from the election results (see, Diane Sawyer) to ask el Presidente any tough questions. After all, what’s the point? He’s already been elected to his second term so what would be the point in weakening or embarrassing the President at this point? That would just put at risk his second term agenda.

    Besides, there are Republicans in Congress for the media to bludgeon – why waste time on Obama?

      • I agree – they aren’t stupid – they are acting willfully, knowing full well they are “advancing the cause” and, my guess is, they are very happy about the roll they play in doing so. Look at the glee in which they club conservatives and Republicans.

  3. Anything resembling a real press conference with President Revenge is laughable. And now that the election is over can he please get off the stage. He’s all over the place — it’s downright creepy. And he lies all the time, so what’s the point of all this Kabuki. I guess it just makes all the takers feel better or something.

    That said, I was comforted to know that both the WH and the State Department’s ever so forthcoming and helpful Victoria Nuland deny that Valerie Jarrett has any role whatsoever in the secret talks with Iran.

    And of course, this WH always responds to things that are not true.

  4. Two reminders for those of you trying to connect the dots or remember where some of the dots are hidden.


    Senator Clinton said to General Petraeus in 2007 regarding his testimony about the Surge.

    “You have been made the de facto spokesmen for what many of us believe to be a failed policy” in Iraq, Clinton said. “Despite what I view is your rather extraordinary efforts in your testimony both yesterday and today, I think that the reports that you provide to us really require a willing suspension of disbelief.”

    George Soros/MoveOn ad – General Betray Us?