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Obama Headed to New York Next Week

President Obama Thursday will visit “the New York City area” to get a first hand look at the failure of government to provide adequate power, food, and gasoline to the battered city in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Well, the White House puts it a little differently:

On Thursday, the President will travel to the New York City area, to view the storm damage, talk with citizens who are recovering from the storm and thank first responders who put their lives at risk to protect their communities.

Obama has largely avoided the media outrage that attended George W. Bush’s handling of Hurricane Katrina.

Obama staged a pre-Election Day photo op at the Jersey shore with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie before the full extent of the wreckage and suffering became apparent.

The president’s appearance – featuring slobbering thank you’s from Christie – set up a storyline that FEMA is responding briskly and successfully to the hurricane, a notion that stuck in people’s minds through Election Day and has helped insulate Obama from outrage.

George W. Bush, who failed to visit New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina – partly out of concern he might interfere with the rescue effort – never recovered from charges that he was inattentive to the crisis.

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    • He’d just say “it’s not as ‘Shovel Ready’ as we thought.”

      No, wait, how about “Give the guy a break! He’s been shoveling BS furiously through the whole election cycle!”

      Or, (speaking to the shovel), “That’s it. I’m going to dinner with Michelle and the kids. Call me when you have this cleaned up.”

      What about, “I thought I could clean this up, but George Bush lied about how much of a mess Sandy left behind”.

      Maybe, “I’ll clean it up when Republicans do as I say and stop making the mess…”

      Notice that in no case does he actually do ANYTHING with the shovel. Nothing in his background ever involved any muscle of his but his mouth.

      Which is probably a blessing. Would YOU want this guy cleaning up around your devistated house? He’d probably shovel filth INTO your living room, not OUT of it! Oh, wait, that’s what he does on TV anyway…

  1. Watching AndersonCooper/CNN tonight. Everybody BUT MrObama is catching grief over the slow or incompetent repairs and service to the victims.
    The victims are cold, hungry and angry at everybody.
    IMO, no one is telling them the awful truth; their homes are unliveable, will not be repaired and they should make arrangements to move somewhere else. They’re sitting and waiting, just like the victims of Hurrican Katrina.
    I could get all snarky and say that depending on their precious liberal government and not themselves is part of the problem, but I won’t

    All the President’s trip there will do is cause more confusion and slow whatever needs to be done for those victims.

    Just wondering here. MrCooper was pointing out how dark it is in the affected areas. The streets and homes are without any lights at all 11 days after the storm. Can’t they find alternate portable lighting for the streets and lanterns for the homebound? Maybe bringing in hundreds (thousands) of camping stoves so that the victims can have a hot meal or a cup of coffee like campers have available..
    What’s the holdup on supplying these people with the barest of things to make their lives less miserable while they’re waiting for real relief.

    • I saw parts of the report and heard that LIPA (Long Island Power Authority) ran out of electric poles. Thought Cuomo was gonna throw a clot “how does an electric company run out of poles, they’ve got two things they need to have on hand POLES and WIRE!”

      The pitchforks are loaded. They won’t let Obama anywhere near flaming nostrils and tempers.

    • “All the President’s trip there will do is cause more confusion and slow whatever needs to be done for those victims.” – srdem65

      No, that’s not ALL it does. It allows Obama to glorify himself some more, and gives a fawning media yet another chance to exault him for how “Presidential” he looks.

      Priorites, srdem65, priorites!

  2. CNN again; the big story…Bengazi, the coverup and the General.
    It looks like nobody is buying the story, they’re wondering why the FBI was investigating the CIA and who’s to blame.

    Next week’s press conference should be very very interesting.

    • Maybe they’ll do a two-fer and throw in a few questions about Fast and Furious or the crappy job FEMA has done. Nah…just kidding.

      This is really the litmus test for the MSM. We’ll see how long they stay on the story after day one and who and how many will be thrown under the big bad Obama bus.

    • Okay, I have a theory here. I am having a hard time articulating is but stay with me?

      I think that is the set up; the FBI wants us to think that they had suspicions of nefarious activities in the CIA over the months leading up to Benghazi 9/11 (perhaps rogue “criminal” activity, which could be true but I dare say the president sanctioned it) and find fault at that level, buffering the president. By stating that the affair was discovered while the CIA was being investigated, they get to reveal the “investigation” without actually making an official announcement or charges. This sets up in the american psyche that something was going on before the attack and that the president was on top of it, ordering the investigation – he get to be the hero. Of course nobody is buying the story; they don’t want you to. They really WANT you to know about the “investigation” so that the public is prepared to hear that Benghazi was all the CIA’s fault and the massive cover up was from them. The president blames the video because he is in the dark because the CIA planted that story to cover up their illegal, rogue activities that resulted in the attack. Heads roll, case closed, president not only survives but is elevated to superhero.

      BTW I just read that the affair happened and ended a year ago…

      • I’ve got an easier theory –

        Valerie Jarrett’s Revenge Program.
        If the “affair” ended a year ago and the FBI considered Patraeus a risk, he would have been gone as fast as ….Gen. Carter Ham.
        AND, do we know why Gen. Ham was relieved of his command – NO.
        Will we ever get real answers to real questions – Absolutely not.

  3. QOTD:

    “Brownie, you’re doing a heckuva job” – Oh, did I say brownie, gees, wanted to stay blackie or is it African American …oh hell, they won’t let me talk til I take a vacation.”

    – Joe Biden

  4. Why can’t he load AF1 and his military jet convoy with relief supplies for the victims! He’s as useless as a screen door on a submarine.

    I must have missed it, but did anyone hear him mention the victims of ‘Sandy’ this morning before he started in on his “I Won” tax tirade this morning? His first official appearance as the newly minted ‘bipartisan’ POTUS, and he looked and sounded like a rabid Rottweiler! Very traumatizing. I miss Mitt’s modulated voice and pleasant disposition.

    Here’s hoping Benghazi turns into Obama’s Waterloo. Dr. Krauthammer had an unique take on the Petraeus situation: Now that it’s a sex scandal, the media will be all over it! He’s spot on!

    • I heard someone in the horribly affected areas asking for donations of
      food, appliances and clothing just the basic stuff like you could get
      at Walmart or Target. Remember Mitt got blasted for his trip to Walmart
      for donations.

      • More wonderful photo ops.

        Yes.I remember how Mitt got blasted on this very blog by a drive-by poster and all it took was one Google search to show that Mr. Drive-by was just emo-ing his Romney hate without any facts.

        I wonder how they are going to position this visit — a loving President Daddy gets very angry at the failure to have done stuff while he was busy winning the election? That would work for many Obotomy victims.

  5. The very same New York that both Peter King and his Democrat counterpart (forgot his name) called for the US military to help? And let’s all hope that Valerie has had President Revenge’s bomber jacket cleaned and pressed. I am sure that his mere presence will provide all of New York with power — not to mention bread and circuses.

  6. I have an idea about AF1 and AF2.

    The House controls the money given to fly both of them. Why doesn’t the House say that the WH will have to come to them to request funds for trips? They will have to explain the reason the planes are needed. Trips will have to be approved by a House committee that controls the use of both jets. This control will stay in place until the following 3 things happen:

    1. There are budgets for 4 years running;

    2. The deficit reaches at least $6T; and

    3. Unemployment reaches 6%.

    Until that time, AF1 and AF2 will not be used unless there is a benefit to the citizens of the United States.

    I am sending this to my conservative GOP Representative.

  7. These are all great stories:
    Some years ago in NC, my family and I were forced to move into my office building for 5 days due to a widespread power outage caused by a freak ice storm. I witnessed first hand how tempers and attitudes can change very quickly.
    Obama is going to get a nice New York Raspberry for this one. Media or no Media. HE is the president, he is in charge, he wanted this job. Maybe he can send out a pic of his hands with the words “I” and “Care.” He is useless unless he is mocking or blaming.

    • “Useless”? It depends on what he’s being used FOR.

      If your purpose is the division of the peoples of the United States and the end of American Exceptionalism and America’s role as the only real superpower, than he’s QUITE useful, isn’t he?

      If you have a jihad in progress and don’t want it to even be defined as such as you merrily slaugher for Mo, then he’s REAL useful!

      If you’re too lazy to get a job, an education, or take any responsibility for your own life, than he’s the most useful prezzy EVER!

      If you have a sexual deviancy or are extremely promiscuous and want the Government to force others to accept your perversion and even pay for the consequences both before and after, this guy is SUPER useful for you!

      If your main criteria for President is that his skin be a similar hue to yours, and you “vote your race exclusively”, than THIS GUY is for YOU!

      In other words, Quintis Arrius, while I agree that he is useless to the disaster at hand, I must point out that there is not where his utility is SUPPOSED to lie. To the groups mentioned and anyone else who wants a weak and divided America, “useless” could not be further from the truth! He’s there to get his face out there, to look Presidential, to provide a self-congratulatory media another opportunity to magnify him again.

      For THAT purpose is his trip “useful”. As I pointed out to srdem65 above, your priorites are not Obama’s priorites – and, sad to say, he “won”. As I’m sure he’ll be reminding us very soon.

  8. He won’t be going back to NJ now that he got the poster boy for big government Republicans to kiss his ring right before the election. On this trip to New York maybe he can get Nanny Bloomberg to lift his ban on food donations to the burgeoning homeless shelters. Then again, maybe that’s the tyrants way of curing overpopulation – starve ’em out.

    • As someone who endured ten days with no power, heat, or hot water, and NO answers from my electric company provided to me or to my town or county officials, yet heard on my battery operated radio about Christie slobbering over BHO, I have to say that Christie is dead in my book.There was NO reason to agree to O’s little photo opp and it certainly wasn’t about getting money from FEMA. If FEMA had been slow with the funds, Christie would have been out there screaming and getting lots of attention like he loves to do.

      Listening to his comments over the last couple of weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion that Christie is as big a narcissist as O. That trip was all about Christi making sure he gets as much national press as possible out of the storm. He was competing with Doomberg and Cuomo, so having Obummer in NJ certainly guaranteed maximum spotlight on Christie.

      It was extremely frustrating sitting in a cold dark house and hearing Christie praise the electric companies for restoring power so quickly. WTH? Almost a week in, Christie said something about there initially being 2.5 million people without power and now after “just” six days, it was “only” 1.2 million without power. He’s a jackass. Even Cuomo started to blast the electric companies’ slow response by that time.

      Btw, almost two weeks in, certain areas of my town and surrounding towns are STILL without power. And I do not live anywhere near the flooded coastal areas. We’re just talking downed trees and wires.

      I will NEVER vote for Christie again and I really hope he loses next year. His tough guy shtick has worn very thin with me. I’m tired of his act, and that’s all it is, just an act. He’s all talk, no action and I’m over it. Last week, I noticed a few comments he made, such as how he’d talk to the electric companies “in my usual charming way” and other crap like that which leads me to believe he loves the big mouth reputation he has and the national press he gets with that big mouth. Again, all talk, no action.

      Oh, and the final straw was hearing how he gushed and wept over Obummer giving him the opportunity to talk to this idol Bruce Springsteen from the phone on Air Force 1 while BHO and Springsteen were campaigning together. Give me a break. We don’t need the equivalent of a teenie bopper Justin Beiber fan for governor. What a flipping disgrace.

  9. They may throw dung at Obama this time in N.Y..Those people are begging for blankets to cover up with. It seems that the houses that have the power on now need electricians to work on the lines before they can use it. Our state sent hundreds of electricians up but they would only let 367 stay and work, the others were not UNION so they were turned away. I hope the people find out about that…………………….that is awful. yea, throw dung at him. I would….and send Michelle some back for her garden, we all may have to eat from that garden.