As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Remarks on Fiscal Cliff

President Obama this afternoon will make his first remarks at the White House since being reelected. I imagine the White House staff will give him a rousing welcome.

He’ll talk about the deficit, likely offering up some idea about where he stands as the negotiations over the “fiscal cliff” get underway.

The remarks are scheduled to begin at 1:05 pm ET.

The remarks have concluded

16 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Remarks on Fiscal Cliff

  1. posted at 12 noon: If I was at home instead of at work, I would be settling into a chair with a bowl of popcorn.
    For the 70% of the Latinos who supported me, I just want to say as a nation:”Estamos sin dinero.”

  2. This a m I watched youtube with Ronald Reagan. He was asked if he took some responsibility for the deficit. Yes, he admitted, for years he had been a democrat.

  3. So…how will “Pres.” Obama explain his ‘Neo-Socilaist’ agenda, and this “fiscal cliff” B.S. ???

    The “USA” will become a ‘socialist’ Nation over the next 4 years under Obama (re: the “Govt.” will run/approve everything at some point…)

  4. Has anyone told him the campaign is over?
    Right down to the staging and repetiion of campaign speehes.
    I feel like my lunch is coming up!

    • Yeah. This morning I heard that at his victory speech or somewhere he had a tear? The comentator said “he was obviously moved because he had won”. Pul-leeze!! I think he was sad because he can’t campaign or base any travel on it anymore. Gee, maybe he’ll have to stay in the WH & do some work.

  5. Well, the Revenge President feels that he has his mandate from the blacks, hispanics, women for abortion and contraception, and assorted catholics and other takers and hypocrites and therefore higher taxes are part of his plan to avoid the fiscal cliff. So, the takers are in control of economic policy and the market responded accordingly.

    There is a lovely dinner invite of gruel and stale bread for the CongressCritters scheduled. It will be interesting to see who gets to enter and exit from which door.

    *I am a Catholic and 50% of us went to the freebies and religious liberties and freedoms be damned. Oh yes, the Jews also voted for Obama and their vote approval comes into play as the muslim appeasing Revenge President increasingly isolates Israel. Oh dear, Iran did shoot at our unarmed drone prior to the election. Well, no matter that’s for another day. Enough “presidenting” for now. Besides soon we will be jetting off and the Valerie can sort this all out while he is gone.

  6. Obama has now made clear that he continues to have a great distaste for the give and take and grind of budget and tax negotiations. The market and others will quickly conclude that “Taxing the rich” is not going to do anything meaningful to address our dire financial situation. He will just blame the House GOP and the media saps will join the chorus. I wonder, as well, if he is taking this tack, thinking as Senator Murray has already advocated, that we should go over the cliff and then ask the GOP to vote for tax cuts for the middle class? I suspect this is his plan in the end.

  7. Am I missing something. The Left excoriated GWB the 8 years he served and another 4 years he served as an excuse for Obama. Now the Left wants to keep some of the cuts and tweak and tax the others. Are they saying QE1 and her evil step-sisters QE2 and QE3 didn’t work?

  8. Why can’t a spirit of cooperation ever be sometimes one person gets their way, the next time the other one does. It’s always some bastardized mess in between. I remember when writing screenplays with a partner–we would argue over a scene and it could never be my way–it was either his or some third way. Just rambling…but I don’t think these people are cut out to horsetrade and compromise. It’s not in their DNA.

    • Compromise to the progressives (RINOs included) is to agree with everything they want. If you don’t agree with what they want, like higher taxes and amnesty for all, then you are a hard right extremist.