As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Carney Briefing – November 9, 2012

The briefing has concluded.

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11 Responses to Live Stream || Carney Briefing – November 9, 2012

  1. I’m glad there was no drinking game (that I’m aware of) that required a shot for every mention of “tax cuts for 98% of Americans” – you’d be plastered about 7 minutes into this briefing.

    Also, did I miss something – keeping the current tax rates in place does not equate to a tax cut – cutting them from the current rates is a tax cut. Is the White House seriously considering CUTTING tax rates or just keeping them flat and telling us all they cut our taxes?

  2. Oh and the plot thickens. Gen Petraus resigns over extramarital affair. Very
    interesting thinking this reeks of Benghazi and of all those involved in the
    coverup he’s the one who falls on his sword? Really? Perhaps he does
    have something to hide and it must be good. Rats deserting a sinking ship.

    • I don’t believe his reason for resigning. A man of highest honor, unimpeachable honesty, the head of the CIA has an affair?
      Nah. It’s the mess in Bengazi.

    • Something just seems weird about all this. Will he still be required to attend the Benghazi hearing on the 15th? Or does his resignation give him a pass on that?

      • Another thing… When did this affair happen and why are we just learning now, after the election? I seriously doubt it took place this week. They buried this story just like they buried the story about Iran firing at our drone, just like they tried to bury the Benghazi story. What else don’t we know?

        • I don’t believe it for a minute the media would have outed him before
          but as they are in the tank for Obama they do his bidding so kept
          quiet till after the election. Where are the up and coming Woodward
          and Berstein’s? Stinks. When will the next shoe drop? It won’t
          be any of Obama’s hand picked untouchables thats for sure. I bet
          Hillary hurries up her departure.

    • There is definitely something fishy here. And I just heard, on the radio a Brett Baier tweet that said Petraeus would not be available to testify before Congress on guess what — Benghazi. And I also heard that Hillary will not either, although I don’t know the source. None of this is surprising. This Administration is shameless in its cover ups and its thuggery.

      And as I have said before re. compromising with President Revenge, step aside — let this be a full on Democrat Agenda, let him be responsible for every ill that befalls this nation. Let him and the democrats personally drive this country over the fiscal cliff in his big old Obamabus. He doesn’t have the courage to do that. He’s a windbag and bully.

  3. Keep your eyes on FOX contributor, General Brennan. He appeared on Greta several times immediately following 9/11 and insinuated that Benghazi was a coverup at the highest Administration level, i.e. Obama. He also said that the CIA was not involved in any cover-up. Suddenly around a week or so ago, he did a 180 on the Greta show. He said there was no evidence of a cover-up in the Oval. Even Greta was speechless.

    Turns out, Gen Brennan is best friends with Petraeus for the last 40 years. His name was even mentioned on FOX today as a possible replacement. If anyone knows ther real story on Benghazi, it’s Brennan. I always thought he was a straight shooter, but it sounds like he has been silenced.

    Obama might end up rueing the day he lusted for a second term.