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The Obama Morning News || November 8, 2012

Donors cast blame at Romney’s campaign . . . Washington Post
Demographic shifts raise concerns for GOP . . . New York Times
How Obama came back after the first debate . . . New York Times
Boehner: GOP open to new taxes . . . Washington Post
Strong showing by Latinos aided Obama . . . Washington Post
Obama Cabinet shuffle to begin . . . Politico
Romney blasted for not campaigning as conservative . . . Daily Caller
Republicans mull how to “recalibrate” . . . Washington Times
Herman Cain wants a third Party . . . Fox News
Anti-Muslim filmaker sentenced to prison . . . Associated Press
The meaning of Tuesday’s GOP defeat . . . John Hinderaker

5 Responses to The Obama Morning News || November 8, 2012

  1. I have now spent the last 24 hours plus looking and reading the articles and comments about what went wrong in this election. My oh my – aren’t the armchair quarterbacks out there about everything Gov. Romney did wrong or didn’t do that he should have. Here’s my take – after all the money spent, nothing changed because in my opinion it turns out people weren’t as engaged as those of us who consider ourselves informed voters thought they would be. It wasn’t a pivotal election. All this blame about Romney not getting as many votes as McCain – well Pres. Obama fell far short of his numbers from 2008 – what in the world make anyone think Romney would have higher numbers if overall it was down. Because so few states matter any more, those states are the only places where there was a perceived “enthusiam” to get out an vote because that is what we were being shown on the internet. I now believe that there really weren’t any “true” undecideds. That the outcome was preset – unless a bomb landed on US soil – nothing was going to be different. President Obama was given a pass on virtually everything that has happened the last 4 years – it’s all George Bushes fault. Romney could have been out then spewing the Benghazi crap, making all kinds of promises to the poor for free stuff, open arms to illegals, free college, etc. – I believe the outcome would have been the same. I don’t think a different candidate would have been any different than Romney. Had Marco Rubio run (I believe as many it would have been premature), he would have been just as equally destroyed by the Obama campaign as was done to Romney and like it or not – it is very hard to respond to that drumbeat because people don’t want to engage in the facts and circumstances. Wrongfully, I believed that things had been so bad that the American people were ready to listen to dialogue about our financial issues and how they can be resolved – nope – still want sound bites and slogans. No real serious thought about what we are facing in this country. It takes time to do this. Sound bites and slogans don’t do it. No Mr. Matthews – it isn’t about there not being enough “angry white men”. There is no mandate – the voters continued their divide. I believe there are many who want things to be different, but if it is going to affect their pocketbook – well they just aren’t going there. As I said yesterday in another post, my attorney boss was more concerned about the interest rates going up if Romney won as he attempts to refinance a “second home”. The electorate in general is more interested in reality television, cell phones, the social media – whatever is quick to satisfy. I am not a twitter person – but I find it an extremely rude outlet when I see some of the tweets that are posted. It is like a play ground mentality – nah nah nah – my guy won and yours didn’t.

    Bottom line – I am proud I voted for Gov. Romney and yes disappointed that he didn’t win. But he has much more going for him than many in the media (from both sides). He has a wonderful wife, family, grandkids to return to and most importantly he is a DECENT man. Our country would be much better off if there were more of him.