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Quote of the Day || November 7, 2012

“Now I want to bring us all together, Democrats and . . . those who lie, only like rich people, detest Hispanic immigrants, want to send jobs overseas, love oil companies, enjoy war, hate the middle class, wage war on women, like to throw old people off cliffs, favor letting people die instead of giving them health care, and want to put African Americans back in chains.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

36 Responses to Quote of the Day || November 7, 2012

  1. I woke up to the news about the election result. It´s mindboggling. After four disastrous years he is given four more . There must be a lot to analyze about the new structure of the American voters. However, when the victory celebration is over and the workdays are here again the President faces so many problems that he can not duck from. For example, he has to make those unwelcome cuts in the welfaresystem, hard for a man who most of all wants to be popular. Now he truly owns the disastrous economy, there is no one to blame.
    I feel a little depressed and empty and I can imagine how you all feel here. But I hope to read some inspiring words here soon, the fight must go on. Because, even if he won again he still is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people, as Clint Eastwood so brilliantly said. And Benghazi must be investigated.

    • I feel sick and depressed. Nothing will be investigated, nothing will be changed for the better. The Commie Comrade will continue as before…only as MooChow said, Barack is not nearly satisfied enough, he wants to do so much more – more destruction of America, and he won’t stop until he has to in 2016. So I am very sure he will “double down” on his efforts to finish off our great country, with a lot of help from his friends. By then the left will be so entrenched in the core of America, we will never see daylight again. I am stunned that he was re-elected.

      • Why stop at2016? Since the mess O got from Bush is so terrible, it’ll probably take a third term of going forward far enough to fix it. I think the US voters would be delighted to vote for him again, especially when things get worse, because that will be all the proof they need of just how bad things are thanks to Bush, and how badly we still need O to stay in office to fix things.

    • I thought of you last night, Swedish Lady–I thought–aw, we failed Swedish Lady! Not to mention ourselves. I think your comment on the changing demographics is good–by 2050, we will be a white minority country. This is already playing out as the country becomes black and brown. I do think NPR had it wrong though–they had some guy form a hiphop magazine who said the GOP missed on saying Hispanic unemployment under Obama was high–he said Hispanics blamed that on Geo Bush. Or maybe he wasn’t wrong. There will be a lot of blaming going on in coming days.

      • A smart friend, a professional, who does not follow politics, remarked to me, “At least Roe v Wade is safe.” She is beyond child-bearing yrs, has no kids, but to her, that was the ballgame. I said Romney was not for that, but would not have tried to repeal it. She said, “Let’s not talk about it.” Endy story. So more and more, I am seeing the neg ads saying anything they wanted, true or not, left a mark.

  2. The only words I have are profane…and this is too nice a site to utter them. The election results make me wonder if we shouldn’t institute a voter’s IQ Test instead of thinking of doing away with the electoral college. These election results truly indicate that we have too many dumb fools allowed to chart the course of this great nation. And the proof is what they caused to happen for the four previous years.

  3. Aw, poor little Keithy whose projected EV map was slightly less risible than the fatboy at Unskewed Polls is having a temper tantrum about the real world result. Love that bit about how Romney 300+ to Obama 200 something was from the gut, but NOT a guess.

  4. I simply can’t understand how this country, for the second time, placed a man like this in the White house. In ’75 when I joined the Marines, Obama couldn’t have passed a simple National Agency Check due to his association with Frank Marshall Davis (a known Communist.) Now he sits in the most powerful position our country has to offer. He will slash our military, kill our coal industry, cut our nukes by 2/3, and bankrupt us paying for his social programs. Devaluation of the dollar is a forgone conclusion. Considering what is occurring in Greece (where guns are tightly controlled,) what do you think Watts, East LA, East St. Louis, and Detroit are going to look like when the money runs out and forced austerity is implemented?

  5. I think Bill O’Reilly put it best last night when he said the American electorate has become a majority of “people who want stuff”. Sadly, like spoiled children, they fail to realize that someone has to PAY for their “stuff”. Obviously, like most of you, I am not happy about the results but I don’t plan on driving myself crazy over it.

    • You are into something important there, Rick W. The more people depend on Government, the more “free ” things do they want. That´s Europes problem. It takes a long time, it requires a financial collapse, to change this. Seems like O wants to make the US more European.

    • Re: “Spoiled children”

      You know the country is in trouble when you are at a large store such as Target, Wal Mart, or whatever and you walk pass a woman as she looks down at her 6 year old and she asks…”Where do you want to eat, honey?” When I was 6 years old my parents never asked me. They were parents. Adults are not taking responsibility.

  6. Oh, and I wonder what Republican key note speaker, Governor Chris Christie, is thinking today. What´s his responsibility in all this ?

    • I’d like to pile on Christie, SL but, lets be honest. If people were stupid enough to be swayed by a photo op (and the resulting chaos of FEMA inabilities), they are more stupid than we ever thought.

  7. Under reagan 65% of the population took care of 35% of the population, and it worked. As time went on we got to 60% taking care of 40% in late Bush 2006. Under obama we have hit 50/50 in Obama one and in Obama two you will see that 40% of the population will pay the bills for the free riders. Translated this is forward put in action.
    As for the corporations they will now respond to the Democrats plans for Obama two. Likely more jobs leaving and unemplyment start at 9.5-11. He may lighten up with no suckers needed but Jarrett will be at the wheel and she wants to hit the enemies hard.

    • The illegal alien invasion was just beginning in the 80’s when Reagan amnestized 1.5M of them. It was the beginning of the end. Federal Immigration laws were tossed out the window. Today, borders are wide open.

  8. Let the impeachment proceedings begin, Benghazi will not go away as the story unfolds to indict the Obama administration who willing fully began a program of recruiting Libyan rebels and arms to supplement the many forms of Al Qaeda in Syria. All unlawful.

  9. According to FOX, Obama’s victory margin was 2.5M. Coincidentally, the illegal amnesty/2 year work permits for illegal Dreamers amounted to at least 2.5M hispanics. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that hispanics put this third world usurper over the top. He governed by giveaway for 4 years! He championed class warfare and pitted the haves and have nots against each other. How many votes for Obama were cast by illegal aliens? We will never know. It is legal to be illegal in the USA.

    On a side note, there were mysterious voting irregularities in our family. For the first time in 40 years, I did not receive a ballot at the address where I have resided for the last 35 years. I tried unsuccessfully to re-register twice and was not successful until I re-registered online. My 25 y.o daughter, also a registered Republican, never received her ballot and was forced to vote by provisional ballot when her name did not appear on the voter registry. We are in CA.

    As of last night at 7:00 PST, I stopped watching election returns. Didn’t watch Obama’s victory speech or Romney’s concession speech. My early New Years resolution is to never, ever listen to or watch Barack Obama again. He doesn’t exist in my mind. The sheeple who voted for him deserve the country they are going to inherit for themselves and their future generations. I have no sympathy,

    • A friend tried to vote yesterday but was told he’d already voted. He insisted he hadn’t and finally they gave him a provisional ballot.

      Obama is not only the food stamp president but with all his free programs and amnesty to illegals, it’s logical he won. Those people were not willing to put an end to their gravy train.

  10. Jesus Christ is My president, nobody else. Doesn’t Obama and everyone else know who he has been set up to be?
    Christ +Jeremiah 45 + Ezekiel 20:29 + Babylon + Nebuchadnezzar + Osama= Osama Resurrected as Obama in Revelations 13 + Daniel 7,8 + New York as physical Babylon in Rev. 17,18= Daniel 9 to 12 + Joel + Malachi + Jude + Jeremiah 45 to 51 = Rev 14 to 21
    Obama has been set up! He was tricked into believing that if you spend millions of American’s money, conscience and wealth to show that you support the following, you too can be president. Gays, greed of banks and elite, anti-Christian nations countries and religions, illegal aliens, terrorists, self proclaimed Christians, enforcing all to believe with the power of your faith to be accepting of fear of idolatry of faith in disease, death, scientists, doctors and hospitals having more knowledge and power over the Power of Jesus Christ’s Blood and Spirit that is in and around us All. Now look what you are president of, King of Babylon. Before destruction, comes pride and great shall be its fall says the Lord your God, in Jesus Christ’s name. LET GOD’S WILL BE DONE AMEN!