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Obama Schedule || Thursday, November 8, 2012

President Obama is sleeping in again today, waiting until 11:15 am to take his national security briefing. The press pool is being told not to even arrive at the White House until 10:00 am, a sign that the president won’t be up to anything serious before then.

11:15 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

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  1. I imagine we’re in for a lot of daily schedules like this from here on out. The Accountability President has no reason to feel accountable to anyone anymore.

  2. Keith:

    Saw this on Market Ticker:

    Lots of over leverage happening in the market, similar to Lehman levels in 2008. This guy thinks that margin calls will happen and the financial houses don’t have the cash cushion/capital to make good. Not 3 to 1, not 30 to one, but 200 to one.

    Would love it if you could get some political sources to comment on this. Are we going down, as in way big-time melt down by year’s end re: over leverage, combined with tax cuts expiring, health care taxes kicking in, payments on the debt due, massive unemployment still???

    • Jennifer, I am not a market guru, but I read
      and they haven’t a word on the topic. No doubt the market is in for a bumpy ride. It was suggested to me months ago, to get out of the market for 6 months +. I can’t, I depend on the dividends to supplement my income. I just asked my advisor to limit my risk to the EU. I have no doubt it’s gonna get ugly, how ugly and how long – wish I knew. I just know that the price of oil is still based on the US$, the day that changes, all bets are off.

  3. So, are we taking bets yet Harry Reid is going to kick the can down the road again with Barry?I actually heard one of them tonight saying a budget isnt really necessary,lol.
    Of course,Thats to be expected from a party that elects a guy hiding from embezzlement charges in the Mayo clinic, and another that got her education funded by claiming to be a Indian..
    We will be in Mali and Syria soon followed by Iran and Israel..most likely in the next 6 months..Good thing Barry watches Homeland

    • “We will be in Mali and Syria soon followed by Iran and Israel..most likely in the next 6 months.” – Jeff

      With what? The military is already overextened and demoralized, and will be decimated by the sequester. All according to plan, in all probability.

      Maybe we can send Homeland Security? Or maybe, now that Obama has more flexibility, Uncle Vlad will be MORE than happy to “help out”, with Syria, at least!

      • It is already approved with NATO..just you have to look on non MSM sources to find out what Barry is hiding.. You think MSNBC is going to mention it and ruin their narrative..wake up

  4. Last night , on CNN, I heard Boehner say to Obama ” This is your moment, we want you to succeed.” I am not sure everyone agrees on that and I hope he will be a really tough negotiator when they try to find that “common ground” together.
    I read somewhere that “demography is destiny” and I am very interested in election analyses on that subject. The US has changed a lot and will soon cease to be a country were the majority has European roots. How will that affect the country and the politics ? I can tell you that Europe changes a lot too. We are swamped with immigrants from mainly the Balkans, Mideast and Africa, we have mosques in many big cities. It strains the welfaresystems. When the welfaresystems break, the country is forced to go fiscally conservative. If you are lucky to have reasonably prudent politicians, they go fiscally conservative in advance. But look at Greece, demonstrations, fire and violence. However, in Greece it was the Greeks themselves who broke their economy based on borrowed money. The US is heading in a dangerous direction.

  5. Be thankful at least we held the House because they are all that stands
    between Obama and a free reign. The house is the only check and balance
    we have.

  6. Now that the Campaigner-in-Chief doesn’t have an excuse to hop on AF1 every morning and fly off for his daily ‘fix’ of motorcades and stadiums filled with screaming teeny-boppers, it will be interesting to see how he plans to feed his ego every day. A ‘popemobile’ might to the trick – a heck of a lot cheaper. too.

      • Can’t you see it……..”DROP AND GIVE ME FIFTY YOU WEASEL!”, with Michelle in leather, whip at the ready.

        I will not be surprised if Moo starts her own exercise TV series soon. Propriety is out the window for the next four years.

        • Propriety flew out the window four years ago and and will not return in the foreseeable future. We can expect more of the same – Barry with his feet up on the furniture, Mooch holding sack races in the White House, more vacations, more celebrities, more rappers, more sycophantic gushing by the MSM. How will we endure it?

        • No, can’t see that. Barry doesn’t really seem to like girls.

          Look for him to visit Cincinnati a few more times, though. Maybe now that he has more flexibilty, his bromance with our Mayor can take full flower? Although the Mayor may have some questions about him snuggling with Christie…

          As for Michelle, though, the TV series I can see. She’ll probably set up treadmills in the East Room, right where the potato sack races were. For OTHER people, of course.

          Or maybe a reality TV show centering on the White House? How about an episode of “extreme makeover”, where we lose those stupid columns, knock out some walls and redo the floor plan to something more light and airy, and go with a nice, basic exterior color, maybe a dark red?

          It’s ALL good with the O’s!

          Hey, that would be a nice name for their show!

    • Valerie said this term obama would spend more time out in the country. I think af1 will be fired up routinely as he surveys the land and stops to issue proclamations to his subjects.

  7. What? He’s actually going to take a National Security Briefing? And Jarrett must have sprouted wings and is flying circles in the Oval Office, too.

    No doubt The Mooch is busy getting her vacays all lined up as well.

  8. He doen’t really have a job anymore. No more campaigning. President Jarrett needs to find him some work. Is it too soon to make the late night talk show circuit again?

  9. Nothing will change. prezbo will continue to sleep in, play golf, fly around on AF!, blame Bush, the GOP, Fox News and Talk Radio. It is what it is. But hey, he´s coooooooooool.

  10. Since Americans voted for free stuff and revenge I decided to severely limit my viewing of the destruction of America. I thought fnb would provide some info without too much thuggery. First face I saw was trumka. Even the faces of this administration are unbelievably greedy and evil. No good will come from this.

    • Short of a lobotomy, how do we get to be like the people they interview on the streets–they show them a pix of Biden and say, “Do you know who this is?” and they say…pause…”Jimmy Carter?”

      • No. They’ll see the picture and instinctively not like it, but won’t know who it is. You’re right there.

        They then will think about it for a minute, realize it’s some political guy, fail to engage any further, and then defaut to the response that has been Pavloved into them for White political guys they instinctively don’t like.

        The exchange, then, would go like this;

        “…They show them a pix of Biden and say, “Do you know who this is?” and they say…pause…”George Bush?”

  11. He can sleep, rest, golf, party, vacation, smoke and watch TV for the next 4 years as far as i’m concerned.

    Just as long as he leaves us the f alone.