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Did Diane Sawyer Start Celebrating a Little Early?

I know it was a big day for a lot of reporters, but at least most of them waited until they’d wrapped up work before starting to knock ’em back.

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  1. I’ll have whatever Diane has been taking! LMAO! Brilliant editing to keep it entertaining!

    Friends of the WHD, I’ve been wringing my hands knowing the the presidency has retained its amateur status for 4 more years. But I saw this article and it lifted my spirits for the time it took me to read it. Enjoy!,30247/?fb_action_ids=3802700061478&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map=%7B%223802700061478%22%3A486941674659222%7D&action_type_map=%7B%223802700061478%22%3A%22og.likes%22%7D&action_ref_map=%5B%5D

    • And this from Reuters, although it reads like The Onion.

      My lede would have been: “A rolling stone gathers no moss, but a “dead Wood” wins.

      Florida Democrat Earl K. Wood and Alabama Republican Charles Beasley won their respective elections but they will not take office.

      Both men died weeks before the November 6 election yet managed to beat their very much alive opponents by comfortable margins.

      Wood died on October 15 from natural causes at age 96, during his campaign for a 12th term as Orange County Tax Collector in Orlando, Florida.

      Criticized for rarely coming into the office while collecting a $150,000 salary and $90,000 pension, Wood initially announced he would step down, only to change his mind when a longtime political foe made plans to seek the seat.

      Wood’s wide name recognition after almost half a century in office scared off several serious contenders. His name remained on the ballot and he took 56 percent of the votes to 44 percent for a Republican who promised to eliminate the office altogether if elected.

  2. Sorry for being extremely off topic, but I just had to pop in and say “hello” to all my fellow WHD readers and Keith. My little neck of the woods lost power on Monday, October 29th and just got it back a few hours ago. While I am certainly feeling lucky to have a roof over our heads, I have to tell you that the last ten days have been some sort of bizarre hell, cut off from the world, and at the mercy of a piece of crap electric company that refused to provide any decent information to the residents of the town and county officials. Over 20 percent of our town still has no power. Oh, and it’s snowing right now, that heavy, wet snow that tends to take down trees and power lines. We feel like we’ve been camping in our own house as temperatures plunged into the 20’s at night and the house was in the 40’s. The nights have been extremely long, dark, and freezing cold. It was like living inside a refrigerator. We threw out a ton of food, of course, and lost sections of a huge wood fence just as we did in that storm last October.

    Being a news and political junkie, you can only imagine the frustration of being cut off from tv and the internet the last nine days of an election that I’ve followed morning, noon, and night for over a year. Thank goodness for our portable radios and batteries, (and collection of flashlights). My husband was finally able to get a generator hooked up a week into it, just this past Monday night. In retrospect, I’m sorry we even bothered wasting the money just so we could watch the final night of pre-election news and then all the election coverage on Tuesday and Tuesday evening. If only things had turned out differently, this nightmare wouldn’t have even mattered anymore as I would have just been so elated today.

    I’ve been wondering about all of you and hoping no one else got hit by the hurricane. As I’ve heard various tidbits on the radio the last week or so, I found myself wondering what you all were talking about here. It still feels like I’m in some sort of strange time warp and it’s still hard to accept this horrible news. I guess we really did discover that we have in fact reached a tipping point in our country. How sad that we missed out an such an excellent opportunity to have a president who really loves this country and could put us on the right track.

    Oh and btw, my dipshit governor Christie is dead in my book. We heard all the news about his photo opp with Obummer. What a joke. I finally realized that big mouth Christie has one very big thing in common with BHO – they are both huge narcissists. Christie might have a more impressive resume, but his act has worn really thin with me. Listening to the radio all week, I can’t begin to tell you how very frustrating it was to hear Christie praising the electric utilities for restoring power to about half of the over two million people in a week. I almost hurled my radio through the window when he said something about how “only” 1.2 million people were still without power (and heat, and hot water) after “just” six days. I’m so over him and I cant wait to vote his ass out next year. I hope he gets kicked out in a primary challenge, but if he doesn’t, I might have to vote Democrat just to get rid of him. I never thought I’d do that but like I said, he is now dead in my book.

    Okay, so sorry for the long off topic rant. Like I said, I truly hope no other WHD readers were affected by the storm. I’ll do my best to try to catch up here in the coming days. Keith, I’m very thankful that your site will continue to be here as a source of news in the years ahead. It helps to know that we’re not the only ones who see things a certain way. Oh boy, I’m listening to Mark Levin rant as I type this. What a long four years this is going to be, and I thought the first four were bad.

    • Welcome back, SnarkEsq. Glad to hear you had only minor damage. Sounds like your family planned ahead for the hurricane, unlike many in the Northeast.

      Talk about a sucker punch the election was. Now comes the blame the conservatives game. Crybaby Boehner, who has been MIA during the Benghanzi investigation, decided to hold a press conference last night to celebrate his win. This morning he’s already selling out Republican principles by offering to raise taxes. You are listening to Levin so I know your share my outrage.

    • Snark, so sorry you’ve had to endure living in the dark, without heat/electricity. It’s as if you were being prepared for elections results.

      • So sorry you lost power it’s a pain and you never get a straight answer
        if you can even reach the power company. Went without 8 days in a
        Oct surprise in KS sucks throwing food out all I saw we’re $$$$.
        Now I’m never sure when I stock up. Glad you’re back on
        the power grid. If you feel better rant on!

        • So glad you are back, what a nightmare Sandy turned out to be, in more ways than one. Not good being cold, no good at all.
          I’m having a very hard time getting over this election, something is not right. I cried myself to sleep last night, heartbroken.

    • Thanks for the warm welcome back everyone. Oh, how nice to be in a warm house, even if the fridge/freezers are empty, the house still looks like an abandoned campsite, and I have ten days worth of laundry to do, plus a ton of other catching up to do. I’m still trying to get up to speed on how this election slipped away from Romney and I hate the thought that this damn hurricane stopped his momentum and helped Obummer turn it around. Of course, Christie had to screw it up also. People died, people lost homes and all their belongings, so many were without electricity, heat, and hot water (and still are), but a photo opp showing his “concern” and “cutting red tape” is what it took to dupe enough voters his way? Yes, it seems the electorate has finally been dumbed down enough. That’s why this PO(tu)S ran a campaign by avoiding the WH press corps(e), and any tough interviews in favor of The View, Letterman, Entertainment Tonight, People Magazine, silly radio shows, etc.

      The only good piece of news that I saw while checking out Drudge and the internet this evening was in connection with the CNBC article about how the ten most affluent counties in the country voted in this election. Eight out of ten voted for Obummer and I’m happy to say that I am in one of the only two counties on that list that voted for Romney. I knew my vote wouldn’t make a difference, but I took an icy cold shower that almost killed me and we had to drive to a different polling place, but we happily voted for Romney. I admit that even with my twelve year old in the booth with me, before I pressed the button for Romney, I gave a big middle finger to Obummer’s name on the ballot. It sure felt good, as I was so hopeful at that moment that the enough Americans would be doing the same in casting their votes. Oh well. As far as that CNBC article, we have no idea how our county is still one of the ten wealthiest in the US because it sure as hell does not seem that way these last four years. My husband lost the best job of his life only two days after O’s inauguration in 2009, and the last four years have been hell for us and so many others that we know. I’m feeling extremely anxious about the future and trying not to, but I have very good reason to believe that it’s going to be very, very bad. I think I might just start drinking what Diane Sawyer is drinking.

  3. Old Diane is a has been like Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar. The MSM has hit bottom with Chris Matthews et al. The next 4 years will be unable listening to them. We haven’t turned on the TV today. I can’t stand to any of them hash out what happened yesterday. I know what happened: the real America that we all know is now gone. I don’t need someone else to tell me differentlyl.

  4. Before I retired, if I ran into a person like this behind the wheel, they would have wound up in the back of my police car wearing handcuffs. Friends don’t let friends co-anchor drunk…