In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Catastrophe for Conservatives, But Not the End

The reelection of President Obama is a catastrophe for conservatives that will set the United States on a track from which it will be difficult to derail. But the task for the Right is not impossible.

Obama’s victory is not a catastrophe, as some will maintain, because conservatism can’t prevail in an presidential election. The Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, is not a conservative, and he failed to assertively articulate conservative ideas.

Rather, it’s a catastrophe because Obama’s left wing agenda will now be ensconced more firmly than ever, and some portions of it may never be dislodged.

Republicans lost the presidency, failed by a mile to retake the Senate, but retained the House. So conservatives will have to fight a rear guard action to resist further movement to the left, an engagement in which they can be partially, but not fully, successful.

Obamacare is now here to stay. The United States will move inexorably toward socialized medicine, and the quality of health care for all will begin to decline irrevocably.

Federal spending, which stands at its highest level since World War II, will stay right where it is and perhaps increase. Dependency on government will become better established as a way of life. Government will intrude in ever more creative and pernicious ways into the daily lives of Americans, as Obama rules by fiat to the greatest extent possible and issues regulations affecting myriad aspects of our lives.

As more people become acclimated to receiving government largesse, fewer will be open to conservative ideas about self-reliance. Businesses will find it more difficult than ever to operate as the burdens of rules and paperwork weigh them down.

Some within Republican circles will argue, in effect, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” That Republicans must moderate their message to appease a public that has rejected conservative ideas.

But Republicans just did moderate their message. They ran Mitt Romney as their candidate.

Conservatives will have to think not how to water things down, but how to sell their program to people who have failed to embrace it. They need to bring Hispanics, Asians, and African Americans into their tent. Not by making their philosophy more appealing to them, but by appealing their philosophy to them.

Republicans have to be unafraid to explain the tough choices facing America, the sometimes hard solutions conservatism offers, and the brighter future these solutions will bring.

America will become a more dependent country under Obama. But the evidence of decay will mount. And the demand for sweeping change will return.

And then, with patient confidence that Americans – all Americans – have the strength and intelligence to embrace messages that aren’t popular with the media or cool with Bruce Springsteen, conservatives must make their case.

Americans respect leaders who have principles and stick to them.

Republican candidates at the presidential level who followed Ronald Reagan have never really understood the value of standing for something. And they’ve never respected voters enough to present the conservative case. They think voters just want to hear the sappy news that government will take care of them. Republicans have to take the time and have the patience to explain why this doesn’t quite work.

The American spirit of initiative, self reliance and private charity will be depleted over the next four years. But it won’t be gone. And that’s why Obama’s reelection is a catastrophe, but not the end, for conservatives.

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  1. As I suspected, it’s just Bible prophecy coming to pass.

    Daniel 11

    36 And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done.

    God has this thing where He likes to remind Man that Man is not in charge, God is. He uses tools like Obama to make such huge messes that only God can straighten them out, so when God DOES straighten them out, you KNOW it’s God. Sometimes, Man gets out of hand and denies God, and gets so full of himself that he needs a celestial smackdown. God tells us all about this in His book (such as the above), so we shouldn’t be surprised when it happens.

    Romney wasn’t the problem. It’s God’s will that we be taught a sharp lesson about human hubris at the hands of this particuar man, so it’s going to be VERY unpleasant for us all while our fellow citizens cause God to humble our nation to teach that lesson. Keep your families safe and your powder dry, it’s going to get much worse – but it WILL get better – in God’s time.

    This isn’t the Bible hour or we could go through many other examples; but the short version is, this is God’s plan, and it will develop as He sees fit. Obama is a small candle with a short wick in the great scheme of things, and God will reward his deeds in due time and in full measure. Vengance, or “revenge” as the President would have it, is NOT in the province of Man. He will be dealt with – by God – once he has served God.

    Remember that even Satan serves God’s puposes, whether he knows it or not. So, too, does Obama.

    1. Cincy –
      What a great post! I am reminded that the Bible is full of examples of leaders that were extreme tyrants. They were put in place and allowed to stay in place in order to teach the people a lesson.

      There are very strict warnings against those who would turn their back on Israel. This isn’t just the “land”, it’s the people of Israel. I wonder what it will take to get our attention?

    2. It’s great to see how much good religious fanatics on both sides of the world are doing us all. In this country they cost us the elections of competent people capable of helping us to defend ourselves against the religious bigots who want to kill us. I am sure God is really all about mentally defective people who cling to 2000 year old ideologies to find answers to today’s problems which results historically in people murdering each other in God or Allah’s name. Christ was the gentlest, most inclusive, most forgiving person to have walked the earth. He taught acceptance and forgiveness and love and charity. For you idiots to spew your venom in his name is blasphemous. You are about as Christian as the Ayatolla. Thanks for helping to get Barack Obama get elected so that everything you believe in has even less of a chance of happening.

    3. He will be dealt with – by God – once he has served God.

      Or, “Go will punish him for serving God’s will…after he has served God’s will.”

      Still wondering why you brainiacs lost?

      1. D.R,

        I’m sorry I didn’t make this clear enough for you. EVERYTHING serves God’s purpose, willing or not, knowingly or not. As such, Obama serves God’s purpose just as much as Satan – the ultimate rebel against God – does. Whatever reward Obama has earned will not be for his unknowing and/or unwilling service to God, but for his intentions and actions as they pertain to God’s will. Happily, I am not Obama’s judge, nor do I say even that he will be punished. It is NOT mine to rule. I say only that God will deal with him as he deserves. No more. No less. As he will with you, and me, and every one else. Scoff as you may, even you, Death Ray, serve his purposes, and will be dealt with according to God’s will.

        If you take this as some sort of insult to you or to Obama, that’s YOUR conviction, not mine.

  2. Oh please, this is not a catastophe. It reminds me of neo-conservatism 10 years ago. Remember when everyone thought that the country had been put permanently on a course set by the neo-cons?

  3. “Conservatives will have to think not how to water things down, but how to sell their program to people who have failed to embrace it. They need to bring Hispanics, Asians, and African Americans into their tent. Not by making their philosophy more appealing to them, but by appealing their philosophy to them.” How Keith, HOW?? You make the mistake of thinking that the majority of the people in this country are intelligent enough and educated enough to relate to these principles, while the Dems are using public education and the entitlement state to DUMB DOWN the population in order to create a MAJORITY VOTING BLOCK that will NEVER relate to conservative principles. All they will relate to is handouts and government largesse. I fear that it is too late to EVER make significant inroads with urban African-Americans because they are a microcosm of what I am talking about….for years they have been brainwashed and enslaved by Democrats into the entitlement mentality that Dems espouse and they are too far gone to recover. Latinos are a different story. They are gettable but they are only gettable if Republicans MODERATE a bit to get their attention and then work the conservative principles of hard work and family that are still part of their culture. It has to be done IMMEDIATELY though before the Dems enslave them too. Moderation is worthwhile if it means getting this group on board. It is the only chance Republicans have. If you keep insisting that moderation is a sin, you will acomplish NOTHING. This election was the writing on the wall. You better read it and read it correctly. If you can’t beat a President a record like this one has, you are in BIG trouble. That doesn’t mean “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”…it means you need to GET SMART, GET SNEAKY and do what you have to do to enlarge the tent and win some elections and THEN try to harden the principles when your tent occupants are more open to them.

  4. There was no catastrophe for any true conservative. Candidates who want to butt into people’s personal lives are not conservative. People who want to spend money on neocon foreign adventurism without paying for it are not conservative. People who are fixated on wasting millions on the border to no benefit are not conservative. The GOP lost an election that it should have won and I hope it learned sometihng.

    1. ^^ THIS! The Dems learned to stop fighting the 2nd amendment (how much did you hear about gun control this election?). The GOP needs to learn to stop fighting gay marriage.

      My feeling is that most voters know that $1 trillion deficits can’t go on forever.

  5. Sir, you are wrong. Our country could survive 4 more years of Obama. What it cannot survive is an electorate who would put him there after the abysmal failure of the last 4 years. The republic is lost. It is over. The rabble have won.

  6. As a upper (only in the global sense) middle class religious white male with a wife that works part time out of our home in a very small business of her own, and has done the heavy lifting of raising our five children, while I work in Chicago – who speaks for me?
    It is apparent to me that the US is no longer the country that my public (pre-education union salary/benefits) high school history teacher/father taught me about. I now realize that 1/2 the country is jealous of what little success I have had and want to take a greater share of my hard earned income for their medical care, food stamps and pensions. My religious upbringing means that I am pro-life and pro-traditional marriage. Who speaks for me?
    I now believe that I am in the minority in this country and will be for the rest of my life. I did take advantage of unemployment insurance (which I had paid into for over 20 years) when I was out of work a couple of years ago. But my type is a pariah that has no benefit programs, no set asides for admissions and does not want to hear from me. I live in Obamaland but who speaks for me?

    1. God bless Dave. The founding fathers still speak for you. It’s just that they’ve been temporarily silenced by ignorant temporary politicians and the riff-raff majority. Hang in there.

  7. It’s fascinating from the other side of the pond that you make a link between socialized medicine and declining quality of healthcare. I wonder if there’s any point at which the evidence would lead you to change your mind. Say, for example, if the USA spent twice as much on healthcare and had poorer outcomes than the UK with its socialized NHS.

    Oh, that’s almost true already…

      1. Well for one thing you spend dramatically less of your GDP on misguided unwinnable wars and then go and waste the money you save on foolish things like healthcare and education. And as an American of Irish descent I find it kind of hard to say nice things about England, unless of course they are true. Oh, and thanks to Tony Blair for having our back during the first 9/11 and standing with us when things got tough. What goes around comes around and Great Britian has been a great ally.

  8. Keith,

    As usual, you are right on target. I never thought that Romney could or would do more than articulate a moderate position rather than being a clear advocate of the superiority of conservative ideals in the “Marketplace of

    Being a black conservative, it was not emotional appeals but clear spokesmen of the Conservative thought like Cal Thomas, Jack Kemp and Ronald Reagan. But it was because I was able to separate the ideas from the spokespersons who often used the language of Nixon’s Southern Strategy (including, at times, Reagan) to decry the issues of importance to urban citizens of every race.

    Unless and until conservatives are able to articulate reasons for blacks and hispanics to vote for them, and reasons why THAT is in their best interests in national politics, the results of last night will be the same going forward in presidential elections. The changing demographic map makes it so.

    Keep on doing what you do so well. Thanks for everything.


  9. Obama’s “left wing agenda”? The most controversial policy put forward by Obama was the insurance exchange set up by the Affordable Care Act — a idea that originated with the Heritage Foundation. Is regulating some of the practices of Wall Street so that investors are less likely to pour the nation’sl working capital into speculative bubbles that are doomed to burst — leftist? Or is it simple common sense in the service of self-preservation?
    Conservatives have never been able to see Obama for what he is — a centrist, a preserver, a fixer — not a radical. Instead they see a socialist, a communist, or who knows what. But appreciation of reality is the the conservatives’ long suit these days.

  10. This is the most steaming pile of BS I have ever read.

    Romney chose far-right-wing darling Paul Ryan to ensure that he “meant business” as a conservative. Ryan and other far-right-wing House members would’ve ensured that Romney governed as hard-right as possible, even if it was his inclination to drift to the middle, which I actually doubt that he’d ever do as President. So don’t sit there and tell me that Romney didn’t win because he wasn’t conservative ENOUGH, because it is absolute boolsheet. Romney lost because this country is no longer a Republican paradise of wealthy white men and their pampered wives, with a bunch of religious fanatics and angry disenfranchised white boys thrown in the mix. It is a microcosm of diversity, much as you hate to admit it, that is NO LONGER ruled by white men. And that’s the real issue sticking in your craw…that white men no longer hold the reins of power in this country. Well, deal with it! This country is NOT far-right like you and your ilk dream it is. It’s not really even center-right anymore, but rather just CENTER. Moderate. And if you think Obama is a “Marxist” or “communist” you REALLY need to read some history books NOT written by charlatan kook David Barton.

    So you all go off and lick your wounds now and try entering a horse in 2016 that could appeal to ALL people, not just the rich, the powerful, the white, and the ignorant.

    1. People who voted for Romney wanted someone to govern, not rule. You wanted a ruler? You got one. Please remember that rulers take away your freedoms and choices.

    2. Agree with you on Marx. Obama has some kind of totalitarian streak but not Marxist. Marx believed work was man’s natural state, and I think he would have called those on the life-long dole ‘parasites’ just as much as he thought the capitalists were. Marx did not believe in a welfare state. “Some of those jobs, Candy, are never coming back.” P.S. A married woman with MS and breast cancer in her past and having raised 5 sons, no, I wouldn’t call that pampered.

    3. Why not spout your ignorance on the Huffington Post. Even though we haven’t drunk the Kool-Aid, we still know what it does. We don’t need your further evidence; we’re all set, thanks.

  11. The morning after and I am still gobsmacked. I feel as if our country has been invaded. The United States as I know it will be no more. Jobs, opportunity and security will be a thing of the past.

    I am not optimistic or hopeful. At this point, I hope conservatives can only stop the bleeding. Our freedom is being eroded.

    Sad, sad morning.

    1. It is–but I am not going to let the ignorant, scatological or just plain mean people (like that one, Michelle?) get me. Nope. Not getting me! Time to redouble our efforts.

  12. Y’all miss the point. We tried your way under Bush. Cut taxes for the wealthy, and watch the jobs roll in. What happened was predictable for those of us who actually create wealth. The game players used the Risk evaluation model (which they didn’t understand), made millions creating the housing bubble, and then needed the Federal government to step in to stop the entire ecconomy from freezing..I’m sure you’re a big fan of Mellon, but he diddn’t do so well.

    As major business schools have shown, Wall Street is a parasite on the ecconomy. As a the best new study in leadership (with rigorous statistical analysis has shown) the well filtered leader is not much different than the other candidates, and contributes minimal additional value. So, the top guy getting more money than the bottom half of the company’s employees all put together, gets it because the folks at the top have gamed the system, apppoint each other to boards of directors, etc.

    BTW, I’m a real small businessman. I know where the source of jobs is, it’s not me, its the customers. I am very fortunate that I have unique skills, so I’m in demand at a nice price. But, I’d be happy to pay the little in higher taxes that I would need to, because folks who work for a living are a small fraction of the top it wouldn’t be much, to restore the imbalance. I realize you believe in an Ann Rand world, but it’s fiction.

    1. It’s Ayn Rand. Nice rant, but spell check. BTW, the real estate bubble began with Clinton. I remember conservatives warning that the bubble would burst and cause chaos.

      1. Bush was no friend to conservatives. I blame him for destroying the brand and confusing everyone about what we stood for. The Patriot Act took away our privacy, staying in Iraq to nation build rather than getting in and back out when the shooting stopped. Running up the national debt thus giving Obama cover. Letting the Federal Reserve game the interest rate to drive down the interest rate and fuel the bubble like a gian ponzi scheme which only had one possible outcome when it reached zero and the game ended. For sure Barney Frank played his part but Bush and the big money guys used the big government reach to orchestrate it all.

  13. Wow, well written article. I personally hope for the best. However, on a certain level, most of what is said in the article is most likely true.

  14. Hooray for all of you who won! Now, when your boss lays you off because he can’t afford to keep you, when your doctor says he can’t see you anymore because of healthcare mandates, when your children tell you about STDs and how to use a condom but can’t tell you who the first President was, when your energy and food bills spike…remember to cheer as loudly as you can. After all, this was what you wanted.

  15. With your talk of Obama’s left-wing agenda (he is quite centrist)…you sir, are a rambling and misled man. I would bet that Reagan would have voted for Obama over the Romney of the primaries (i.e. the radical right scarecrow)

  16. Let’s get serious. Romney did not lose because he was moderate or moderated.
    He lost because he overdid appealing to the base in the Primaries…on taxes, on immigration and on abortion. The base (in the country and in the Congress) are simply wrong on these issues.
    On taxes: A man of less wealth might have been okay in insisting on extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy….and on reforming taxes. But Romney was too wealthy to make that case. And the case is simply wrong: the wealthy paid higher taxes during the Clinton and Reagan eras – with no negative impact on job creation.
    On Immigration: Americans as a whole do not find self-deportation a rational response to millions of Mexicans fleeing here for better opportunity. But Hispanics definitely reject that and they cannot be disregarded in many battleground states. Romney could have enunciated a tough path toward citizenship that required illegal immigrants to pay substantial fines to pay for the processing of paperwork that proves they have committed no crimes, have learned English and have been here for years….while allowing for some version of the Dream act for their kids. Now, complete amnesty will happen instead. The racists have carried the day in the GOP, but they have harmed the party for a generation.
    On abortion: Romney was right: Abortion should be illegal except in cases of race, incest and to save the life of the mother. He could have appointed justices that would have overturned Roe v. Wade – without having pledged to do so. Now, Obama will appoint justices that will make that impossible. Right to Life is simply wrong, morally and politically. We should stand for choice ….before conception. But with rape and incest there is no choice. And anyone who objects to abortion to save the life of the mother is simply an idiot who should never have had one.
    Of course, had he taken these positions, Romney would not have been nominated.
    The Republican base lost this election – not Mitt Romney.

    1. Right on. You nailed it. I know because we got Bill Weld elected Governor of Mass by driving the social conservatives from the party. And then we got fiscal sanity into the state. There are a lot of moderate voters who want fiscal moderation and smaller more responsible government but if you force them to choose, which we Republicans have done, between their social values they will vote their social values. Like my daughter just quoted me “Republicans are Mad Men in a Modern Family world”. Amen to that. The future is going to be doubly punishing to the hardcore. Now the demographics are against them at the same time independents like myself abandon the party as a bunch of retrograde social hasbeens.

  17. Keith, I think you owe your readers an explanation of why your predictions of a Romney win were so wrong. That column wasn’t an opinion, it was supposedly an interpretation of facts. Are you interested in being an analyst or just a Karl Rove lookalike. You owe your readers some kind of clarification.

  18. Right now I don’t care about healtcare or the economy. Americans will always find a way to deal with that, whatever it takes. What I’m really scared of is war. And how people seem to have no clue that there is true evil in the world, and history isn’t just something that you read in a book or watch some stupid Oliver Stone movie with your bucket of popcorn then go home to your cable television to escape again. Americans have been taking their safety for granted. It can be snuffed out far easier than we think.

  19. “The reason America has the trillion dollar war monger Obama as president today is because of immorality and materialism in America.” That quote is not from some right wing blog or neo-con writer, but from today’s Pravda online English edition (

    The writer, Xavier Lerma, points out some things that many people just plain choose to ignore, and we as a country have chosen to ignore these things at our own peril.

    To the Obama supporters that troll this blog, congratulations on your man’s win. For the rest of us, I hope and pray that the marketplace of ideas and dialogue does not get shut down in the name of national security or some other poppycock.

    1. Why would they need to shut us down? We are now officially irrelevant and the demographics will make us less and less relevant. We are now like the hippies still trying to live in the sixties after everyone else had moved on. They have a vision for a post-capitalist America which through our own incompetence and unyielding ideological purity put ahead of pragmatic politics. Elections have consequences. Ideological purity brings a price with it. Now we are going to pay it. The demographics were different in Reagan’s time. The religious right that carried him to victory does not hold sway anymore. Does not exist in sufficient numbers. So now what? Stand on the sidelines and pretend it is not so? We are sacrificing our ability to win elections due to our commitment to issues like abortion and gay rights that are not even in play. How stupid is that? To alienate huge and growing populations of voters over ideologies that aren’t even on the table? Trade nationalized healthcare for gay marriage? Was it worth it? In Mass years ago we elected people like Bill Weld and Mitt Romney as Republicans in a Democratic state because we drove out the right wing of the party. I was part of that movement. Instead the Republican party nationally pushed him to the right in the primary making him seem like a flip flopper and less electable. Then they hung the weight of those wack-job Republicans preaching 18th century attitudes towards women.

  20. Obituaries: Today we mourn the loss of Decency, Honor, Patriotism and Class, all of whom were killed while driving on the freeway to Freedom by an out-of-control Chicago-bound bus, which crossed the divider at high speed. The bus driver, who was smoking a large blunt at the time, was not harmed.

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  22. Due to Obamacare the health of citizens will go down, so you claim. What about the millions who, prior to Obamacare couldn’t even get health care, because they couldn’t afford it. What about the people who lost their homes and everything they owned as they owed money to hospitals etc due to the incredibly expensive care. The USA is the only western country who has such poorly available health care. All other countries look after their citizens health with available care. Plus even if we have HMO health care, many times care is refused, including cancer and heart care, as the HMO deems it nor needed, or too expensive. So the person dies. That is good health care?

    1. I guess we’ll see in a few years, eh? Just remember that it is now the government deciding what treatments the chronically ill will have, what meds they’re allowed to have, how long they are allowed to be treated, and if their lives are worth the cost of any new treatments.

    2. At least prior to Obamacare you had the ability argue your case to your health insurance provider, and all the people you claim that had no health care is the big lie, the justification for enslaving the people. With the government as your lord and master you’ll have no recourse but to swallow what the government decides your life is worth. Welcome to tyranny disguised as compassion.

  23. I for one will not be gracious to Romney in his defeat. He is just the latest member the Viagra wing of the Republican party to loose the Presidency, following in the footsteps of McCain, Dole and Bush Sr. Rather than be gracious in his victory in the contest for the Republican nomination, Romney was vain, venile, vindictive and vicious towards the Tea party wing of the Republican party. The fact that Governor Palin was forbidden to set foot on the convention floor is a disgrace. Romney’s refusal to support TEA party candidates as he expected the TEA party to support him ensured that the Democrats retained control of the Senate.

    Either Romney and his minions should just get the Hell out of the Republican party or conservatives need to form their own party.

    1. Not to worry. We are on our way out. Just remember to have the last one out turn that light out that is at the end of the tunnel. I am that fiscal conservative, social liberal that you have convinced is not welcome by “true republicans”. Good luck with that.

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  25. No, it’s the end.

    I am 53. I have nothing left inside me to give any more. There is no fight left in me. I am empty.

    Over half this country just wants to take. By the time all of the people left who have to work to do all the giving just give up, it will be too late to save this country. People like me will be dead, and the goverment will have so much control over us that there won’t be any way to go back to the America that was once so great.

    1. Kind of amusing here at work in Chicago — most of my co-workers are shocked at my demeanor today — wondering why I’m not on suicide watch…

      Well, not like this was a surprise — for the past 3 years, I have told my conservative peeps here that the re-election of O-bozo was a LOCK.

      My rationale for that: Demographics & Incentives.

      We passed the tipping point between takers vs.producers (or social libs vs. social conservatives) some time ago — that balance will not be restored. The Democrat brand has done a wonderful job of partnering with those groups and pandering to them all.

      Is it (any of it?) sustainable?

      We have our views. They have theirs.

      Interesting times ahead.

    2. I am a registered Republican here in NH and campaigned for all the people who lost. Their opponents did not run on fiscal issues they ran on social issues. People will vote their moral ideology ahead of fiscal issues. If my sister is gay (which she is) do you know how hard it is to listen to gay bashing in the Republican party? We did not lose on the fiscal issues. We lost on the fact that no matter how hard we try to hide it, we are no longer relevant and we needed to choose between the legacy of the religious right and it’s moral agenda and the fiscal needs of the country. The Democrats saw that opening and they blew a hole in it and we lost. And will lose worse from now own. Young people and minorities voted stronger than ever. And the Latino population is growing fast. The wins of the 2910 election gave me hope that the Obama Presidency was just a novel anomaly due to his race and speechmaking ability. Last night decisive win both nationally and here in New Hampshire proved that wrong. If in this economy with his debt creating policies and business restricting agencies he can win by that wide a margin against the most socially liberal Republican candidate possible then the Republican party is doomed. It only gets worse demographically from here. I am joining the libertarian party. If I am going to waste my vote again it might as well be with a party that mirrors my stay out of my bedroom, stay out of my pocketbook ideology.

        1. Thanks. I think the only hope for Conservatives is the Libertarian Party at this time. Their core ideology is definitely far more conservative than either the Republican or Democrat party. I have an idea that I think might help them grow their base. Everyone fears voting 3rd party for fear of wasting their vote. Otherwise I would vote Libertarian. I would like to set up a vote exchange so that every Libertarian oriented registered Democrat can be matched with a registered Republican so that the Libertarian party gets 2 votes but neither the Democrat or Republican party gets an advantage so neither vote is thrown away as it was used to take a vote away from the opposing party.

          1. LOL That could work, actually. I think part of the problem, too, is that folks don’t know what a Libertarian is. John Stossel is an excellent example of a Libertarian; fiscally conservative, wants small government, different educational system, supports small businesses, and is all about rational laws and lower taxes. I like to tell people it’s “live and let live, as long as no one is getting hurt”. And, yes, I’m a Christian Libertarian, but then I have plenty of other Christians who tell me my church isn’t a “real” religion because we’re far too liberal.

      1. Joe OSullivan is mostly right. Just for the record I am a Catholic, Pro life conservative who has been voting Republican since Reagan. The sad thing about most of the comments here from both sides is that they show a lack of understanding of conservatism, the constitution and Ronald Reagan. Reagan was a true conservative, but he was also a pragmatist who worked with democrats when necessary, raised taxes a number of times to fix problems and compromised on social issues for the good of the country. Look at the exit polls my friends. We are a center-right nation when it comes to the economy, smaller government, fiscal issues and sometimes foreign policy. However we are a center-left nation on social issues. The constitution is not the rigid document some conservatives suggest, but by design a living, breathing set of principles designed to protect individual freedoms, protect the minority from the majority but also to protect the majority from themselves. That’s why it is changable, yet very hard to change, and why it protects religious expression, but does not promote it. Religious expression is a very personal thing and Republicans/conservatives don’t have the right to force their views on others who don’t believe. That is a statement of ideology, not tactics. Todd Akins, Richard Mourdock and Sharon Angle are examples of republicans who are bad for the party, far right single issue ideologues who drive away moderates who agree with Republicans on most issues. While we must stand up for our moral and religious principals in our own lives and communities, we cannot force our views on others and allow the Republican party to be hijacked by those types of extremists. Romney was a good candidate who may have lost due to circumstance; exit polls show undecideds broke for the president with the response to Hurrican Sandy a prime reason. But if our party was more moderate socially, if we were less rigid and judgemental, it woudn’t have mattered. Exit polls also showed most people agree with us on goverment, they want smaller government that is less intrusive into our lives. But that belief cuts both ways, most people dont want government in their bedrooms as Joe said. We ignore this reality at our peril! I’m not leaving the republican party Joe, but I am going to work to make it more inclusive.

  26. Its kinda funny. The people that voted for Romney, poor rural whites, are exactly those that BENEFIT from the handouts. The rich and succesfull all voted for Obama.

    Now shush with your stories about impending socialist doom. Western Europe has welfare states. Look at Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands. Countries a lot richer than the US, while not leaving the poor starving in the gutter.

    1. But at least those poor rural whites have the dignity, self-respect, and pride to not want all those government “benefits”. The rich and successful liberals don’t have to worry about tyranny until their riches are finally confiscated by the government, plus they’re drunk on Kool-Aid dreaming about a seat at the table of the ruling elite, but alas, it won’t work out that way. Ever hear of Venezuela?

      To try to compare small nations like Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands with the United States is too ridiculous to even pursue.

      BTW, the stock market has plunged 345 points on the Dow. Any idea what the market is saying?

    2. I was a rural, poor, white person for most of my life. We take care of our own. There wasn’t a starving family or child because we understand that disdainful thing known as work, and believe in the idea of self-reliance. We garden, can, farm, fish, hunt, and barter with each other. If we know a family is going hungry, you’d better bet there will be food and clothes left on the porch for them.

      If the rich are voting for O, then perhaps you need to stop and question why, especially if O is supposed to be “the great savior of poor people”, who will tax the “nasty, mean, uncharitable” rich to support the “starving, ignorant” masses. And yet those “poor, white, rural” folks reject that idea.

      You, sir or madam, need to talk to these people to understand them. You have made yourself sound very much like a snob.

      As for the countries you mentioned…if you like them, live there. This country was founded away from Europe. We have far more people to support than the small countries. Socialization on a large scale such as the U.S.’s is unsustainable.

  27. I have held my nose and worked with the Republican party out of economic concern and interest. In my mind conservatism is about staying out of my bedroom, staying out of unnecessary foreign engagements, and staying as much as possible out of my pocketbook. I looked aside while Republican’s attacked my gay sister and friends, when they invaded countries an began nation building, when they sponsored the patriot act and invaded my privacy further than ever. While I am pro-life as a conservative I ask myself is it worth further losing a seat at the fiscal table to push a social agenda?

    Today I go to my town hall here in NH and change my status from Republican to Independant. It was clear from last nights mandate for Obama both nationally and here in the state that the Republican Party is nothing but a socially conservative pig with a bunch of fiscally conservative lipstick on it that has a snowballs chance of ever being competitive as the demographics of this nation mover farther and farther away from the parties socially conservative core. Put a fork in it. It’s over guys.

    1. Joe,

      There was no mandate, as you call it. Obama won with little over 26% of eligible voters in the US voting for him. That, to me, is not a mandate, but a well oiled political machine that has a propagandist MSM in its pocket. The real job ahead for any conservative is not foisting some social agenda on the populace, but rather to awaken the voters to their responsibilities. Until the apathetic are turned on their heads, and realize that by sitting on the sidelines watching, they have allowed a small minority to rule the rest of us, nothing will change.

      I think most conservatives do want the traditional views of marriage, and the respect for life, but I also know that the majority of conservatives that I know really do not care one whit what one does in the privacy of their own home, as long as it does not interfere with their own lives.

      1. The problem is that conservatives, while they may claim to support the right to do whatever you want in your own bedroom, are still opposed to doing what you’d like outside of your bedroom. A homosexual relationship is fine as long as it stays in private, but as soon as they want to be treated equally in the eyes of the law, they’re asking too much.

        1. That’s not necessarily true. I’m a conservative and like I tell friends of mine that are homosexual, I am ok with altering laws to ensure they are treated equally in the eyes of the law as long as we don’t have to redefine marriage in the process. Many homosexuals are ok with this. Institute civil unions with all the rights and they are fine. The extreme will not stop until the definition of marriage is redefined. That is where we have an impasse.

          In times of disagreement and need, I have yet to see any of my conservative friends stop and ask a person their political party or sexual preference. I may not agree with another person’s position but I have always treated them with respect and dignity. Not so much so on the other side of the coin. It’s an all or nothing proposition. I realize this is not all, but it is a growing number and they have as much responsibilty toward extending tolerance as they expect extended.

          1. Redefining the term is what is “fair.” Saying they can have civil unions but not marriages is the same thing as “separate but equal.” That philosophy has been declared by the Supreme Court to be not equal in the eyes of the law.

            The simple fact is, conservatives refuse to allow gays to marriage because they see that as a denigration on the whole institution. And you don’t understand why they find that completely demeaning?

          2. Seperate but equal? We are seperated but equal in many parts of our lives. Look at the plethera of denominations, seperate but equal. Political ideology, seperate but equal.

            If a civil union provides the same rights as a marriage why would it be necessary to redefine marriage. Why can’t the two agree to disagree and still accomplish what is important to us both?

            Seperate but equal you say? So gay pride parades as an example. If there were a straight pride parade and the people acted, dressed and carried on like those in the gay parades do in many cases, I doubt the law would look the other way. Seperate but equal you say? A gay person is free to contribute their money to organizations that fight against traditional marriage. Yet let a straight person contribute their money to an organization that fights against homosexual marriage and they will boycott your business (to no avail this time). Yes, seperate but equal.

          3. “Marriage” and “Married” are now religious terms. Thousands of years ago the words were used outside of the “One God” church (think Greece). However, just as the word “Gay” has been absorbed into the homosexual community, and no longer has the same “happy” meaning it did just a few years ago, the word “Marry” (and all associated words) was absorbed into the religious community. You don’t want the church involved then stop insisting you have to use a religious word. Civil Union seems to work fine in other countries. And for the record, I actually support same-sex unions.

  28. “Conservatives will have to think not how to water things down, but how to sell their program to people who have failed to embrace it. They need to bring Hispanics, Asians, and African Americans into their tent. Not by making their philosophy more appealing to them, but by appealing their philosophy to them”

    I dont even know what this means, but how to argue with giving away “free” stuff. This country has fundamentally changed for the worse and it it’s not coming back.

  29. Keith Koffler – you should be nominated for the Pulitzer for Conservative Values. Excellent posting this morning. Your best in my opinion. And, today your message was just the tonic needed by so many. Thank you! I have followed your site recently, but today became a subscriber of the WH Dossier.

  30. Mr. Koffler’s narrative is delusional, particularly considering what happened in the Senate races (which Mr. Koffler conveniently seems to neglect), where ideologically pure (and unelectable) conservatives winning primaries actually cost the Republican party a chance to take control of the Senate… to think that if Mr. Romney were just more conservative he would have done better is straight nutty…. He lost because he had to run as a Conservative in the primaries and only made it close by running away from those policies in the last month of the general. Had he continued running as the Severely Conservative candidate he pretended to be in the Republican Primary he would have lost by a much larger margin.

    There’s a reason national Republican candidates are forced to run screaming from conservative memes after primaries are over and it’s time to run for the entire electorate…

    And the rest of this article is just warmed-over Fox News talking points that most Americans just don’t buy and have no bearing in the real world.. like the inevitability of poorer Healthcare or economic decline just because a Democrat won… there’s simply no real-world US historical or other-nation-analogous evidence to support these talking points…. and that’s why the more Republicans insist on running for ideologues who believe this stuff, the more they’ll lose in National elections. The 2010 mid-term was an aberrational spasm, not some kind of norm that we should expect the country to return to.

  31. “They need to bring Hispanics, Asians, and African Americans into their tent. Not by making their philosophy more appealing to them, but by appealing their philosophy to them.”

    Bravo! Thank you for these words – I have been looking for it in print all day. It rings true! We must not cave philosophically or play ID politics like the other side. Our philosophy is the prescription for what ails us.

  32. 2008 raised the question ” has the Republic’s equalibrium between responsiblity and irresponsiblity reached it’s tipping point?” 2012 raises the question ” can the Republic ever regain its equalibrium?” There is no question that the forces of Obamunism have prevailed in the re-election and that the past four years have accelerated imbalance and that the next four years will even more greatly accelerate towards greater imbalance. There will come a point where imbalance is insurmountable and equilibrium is forever unattainable. I sincerley hope that is not where we end up, but living 55 years studying the human condition I fear that is exactly where we are.

  33. Don’t be so certain regarding Obamacare. The Supreme Court upheld the statute on the basis of the power to tax and spend. HOWEVER, the Court could not rule on the constitutionality of such taxation until it is actually levied. That will happen in 2014. Now, unless one or more conservative justices retire or die, the opportunity will again arise to strike down Obamacare as unconstitutional, this time on a much more solid basis. While I am not optimistic, I have not thrown in the towel.

  34. Uhhh…………., as a foreigner, just let me get this right.

    You’re saying that Romney lost because despite Romney’s leaked tape saying he didn’t represent nearly half the country, despite his failure to effectively condemn nasty anti-women candidates in his own ranks and so on, his fault was that he wasnt right wing ENOUGH to tempt the mass of Obama-haters out to vote?.

    Seen from ( socialistic, dependent, liberal, largely Godless etc etc etc..) Europe, have you any idea how sad, opportunistic and cynical the whole campaign looked?.

  35. Disappointment? Yes, that is what I am experiencing this morning. Will I suck it up and carry on? Doing my piece? Of course.

    I’m not confident unemployment will decrease, at least not in the next several months. Labor numbers continue to be adjusted and the unemployment after adjustment remains steady. As more and more businesses adjust to account for ACA, I don’t see unemployment improving anytime soon.

    A previous commentor stated that these businesses will just have to spend money and invest. Many businesses are already doing that. Unfortunately, due to the rising cost of almost every consumable, people have less money to spend. Without customers spending money on their products and services, many businesses will have to lay off employees.

    Prices in food and energy is already high. That is unlikely to change as well. Trips to the gas station and to the grocery store will continue to eat into any discrestionary spending. Initiatives in green energy and EPA regulations will continue to have an impact on the economy and individual output of monies.

    Our benefit enrollment package arrived and again this year our cost increased. I’m sure I’m not alone. Yet another venue affecting take-home pay.

    Yet, I carry on. I continue to work. I look at those around me and wonder. It is akin to the message I have for my children. “You may not like the fact that I am making you purchase your own vehicle. However, in the long run you will appreciate my motives. If I purchase your car, you will not have anything invested and will not take care of it as well. If you, through your hard work and initiative, purchase your own vehicle you will take much better care of it.” I look around and see so many of that 47% and that message seems so relevant.

    If we want some type of Universal Healthcare provision, I’m all for it. It just doesn’t make sense to undertake it at a time when so many in our nation are not working, or contributing to the coffers.

    My thoughts are all jumbled today. It’s not all doom and gloom for me. However, there is a stark new reality that I really didn’t think would prevail. We have a lot of work ahead of us if we are to reign in this out of control government (on both sides of the aisle).

  36. Conservatives lost because they’ve been inventing their own reality for the last four years, and then acting as if that reality is true. When you see individuals do this in their lives, the result is depression and despair. You need to demand honest reporting from your news sources, learn to accept the scientific method as the best account of the way the universe works, stop the prejudicial reaction to those demographically increasing non-white portions of this country, and stop believing the convoluted thinking that comes out of your corporate-funded thinktanks (as evidenced in the above article). If not, you’ll enjoy many more evenings like the one you experienced last night.

    1. RR
      A time is coming when your will cry like a baby for someone to defend you from the people you voted into office. However no one will care enough for you to lift a finger because those who “invent reality” will simply tilt other windmills.

    2. Do you know what was trending on Twitter last night when Obama won? F— white people. All over Twitter. Tell me again about the “prejudiced reaction” Republicans have.

      1. Yep, because racism against whites doesn’t exist. You know, we’re all evil devils. Anyone with white skin wants to keep them down. We won’t talk about the American Indian/Irish heritage that means me, with my white skin, was oppressed as well. Heck, 1/2 of my blood is still flippin’ oppressed, the half that took in escaped slaves. But you know, I’m evil. I was done doing PC years ago; I chose on character, not color, just like *gasp* MLK hoped we would do. Now it’s flipped, and racist blacks gleefully toss around these sorts of threats and scream “racism” if they are called on it. How many times have the Civil Rights leaders turned in their graves by now?

  37. It may not be the end of conservatism (although I’d be willing to bet that conservatism will not be ressurected anytime soon) but this is the end for me. The country of which I am a citizen died last night. I, and a lot like me, have no country now and no prospects of one. So take what is left and have a ball trying to fix humpty dumpty.

  38. It’s the end for me. I used to believe America was a nation that had its small fringe of kooks on both sides, but that most Americans were decent, loved America, were too proud to take charity unless absolutely necessary, wanted to emulate success not destroy it, and were making progress in racial harmony. I no longer believe any of that. I now believe that most American voters make their choice for president with the same deliberation they use to choose who to vote for on American Idol. As a woman, I’m especially ashamed of the ditzy women voters who chose free contraceptives and unemployment over having jobs that paid enough to buy their own BC. Embarrassing that supposedly smart women were played so easily by creepy Axlerod and Messina. I’ve done well enough to get by and I will, but I’ll stop sharing what I make with the charities I’ve always supported. America voted for government to take care of them, so I’ll give them what they want. This is America now–slick packaging is more important than substance, lies don’t mean a thing as long as they come out of a celebrity’s mouth, it’s cool to tweet f— white people all night long interspersed with death threats toward Republicans, America is to blame for all the world’s problems and we should be deeply ashamed, and those who have never paid a dime in taxes or held a real job deserve a share in your success because of, you know, roads and things. I held my business in a wait and see mode for four years, but I’m not going to do it for four more. It’s not worth it, although I feel bad for our employees. I wish you all luck. I’m doing what I need to do for myself and my family to survive. I recommend you do the same. America isn’t coming back.

    1. So you’re going to stop giving to charity and make poor management decisions with your business… because Obama won?

      Yeah, that makes sense.

      1. Crafty
        Of course it does not make sense to you, you have never had to shoulder the burdens of managment.
        He is going to do the logical thing. Take life a little easier and make the people like you who voted for obama earn their own living or starve trying. I applaud him.

        1. And, as market forces dictate, her business will suffer and someone else will hire those employees to fill the demand…

          I seriously doubt this business owner has been hiring employees out of charity.. she’s been doing it because it’s good for her business.. if she starts making decisions now that are based more on hurt feelings than good business, it is only her that will suffer.

          As well as the innocent people that were helped by her charitable givings, I suppose.

      2. I’m not alone. America had a clear choice last night regarding what we want to be as a nation and the majority of voters chose big nanny government control, higher taxes, crushing debt, business-killing health costs, and regulations meant to cause bankruptcy. You may think it’s a “poor management decision” to close a business that can’t withstand Obama’s policies, but then again, I doubt you own a business. I would rather get out now with enough to keep my family afloat than lose it all piece by piece. As for the charities, look to Dem politicians who have set the example–they give very little to nothing from their own wallets to help others, relying instead on taxpayer dollars to take care of the poor and downtrodden. That’s what America voted for last night. I’m just giving them what they want.

        1. “the majority of voters chose big nanny government control, higher taxes, crushing debt, business-killing health costs, and regulations meant to cause bankruptcy.”

          Nanny State? The majority of Americans see big nanny government control in policies like the Patriot act and Republicans who try to use government to try to control what adults choose to do with their own bodies or in their own bedrooms.

          Higher Taxes? The majority of Americans fear having to pay higher taxes to pay for tax cuts for a very slender, yet powerful majority of Americans.

          Crushing Debt? The majority of Americans remember that the most fiscally responsible Federal government in our lifetimes was led by a Democratic President, and that Republicans have a habit of cynically running deficits to try to starve the beast or passing tax cuts for the wealthy while simultaneously starting trillion dollar wars.

          Business-killing health costs? The majority of Americans have watched their health-care costs increas annually by amounts that are multiples of inflation for decades now and are vaguely aware that other countries with socialized medicine consistently get better outcomes at lower cost… and they also LIKE medicare and medicaid.

          Regulations MEANT to cause bankruptcy? I’ll just let that sentence stand on its own for how ridiculous it is.

          1. Was it ridiculous when Obama said it? He said companies could build coal-powered plants if they wanted, but they would go bankrupt doing it because of the regulations he would impose. You are a low-information voter. Obama not only continued The Patriot Act, but increased its scope. When is the last time a Republican passed a law making it illegal for you to have any kind of freaky sex you want to have with anyone over the age of 18 who consents? Crickets. The Dems look for voters like you who can be riled up by “Republicans want to take away your sex life.” Guess what? We are too busy having our own sex life to give a damn what you do in your bedroom. We just don’t want to pay for the BC you use when you’re doing it. You don’t want to have to pay more taxes so a slender minority gets a tax cut? You mean the slender minority who pay 70% of the income taxes right now? That slender minority? You don’t have to thank us, but you can shut the hell up about how greedy we are while you enjoy the services while letting us pay most of the bill.

            I would point out the stupidity in the rest of your comment and how you really don’t have a clue how life works outside the Dem talking points, but I have a business to run. At least for a little while longer.

          2. OK.. Well I wish you the best of luck in your business, but recommend you relax on the cynicism of those who happen to vote differently than you.. they don’t “want” to bankrupt anybody, they don’t want and aren’t trying to get free hand-outs, they don’t want to pay higher taxes… they just believe that the platform of the Democratic party is better for the country… and for good reason. BOTH parties have a compelling platform. BOTH parties platforms have merit. That’s why our elections are so close.

            And the voters of neither party are what the ugly caricatures of fringe characters (present company included) claim the other side is. They’re just Americans voting for what they think is best for America. Republican voters aren’t money-grubbing, war-mongering, racist fascists… And Democratic voters aren’t entitled lazy people voting for gub-mint hand outs and punishing the wealthy.

      3. Giving to charities is to help people who need it. If the government is taking care of you, you don’t need my money. You’re already getting it through my taxes, you don’t need any more than that.

        Unless you’ve owned a business, don’t pass judgement on her management choices.

    2. JLD: by far the best response I have read on here all day!

      There are not enough wealthy people in this country to sustain all those who want the government to take care of them. Middle class….watch out the increase in taxes is coming cause the money has got to come from somewhere. Please someone tell me..when is enough enough? Where is the money going to come from for all these plans and programs? Where????

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  40. The day you turned conservatism over to the RELIGIOUS right, you lost. You will keep losing until conservatism frees itself from this pernicious influence. Am I crazy enough to vote for a party that puts a so-called “human life” plank in its platform? No! The conservatives will continue to ignore that it was WOMEN who lost the election for them. And of course you will continue to pretend that your policies regarding women approach sanity. This nation is supposed to separate church and state. That the Republican party has dragged sectarianism into American politics is shameful and they will NEVER get my vote as long as they persist in this insanity.

  41. Wow, do you people even attempt to socialize outside of your little circle of hard core conservatives? I live in a very conservative area, most of my friends are conservative, my family is conservative, but if you actually make the attempt to talk to people who aren’t in that circle (you know, the majority of the population), you’d probably find that it wasn’t that people disliked the moderate Mitt. They just simply didn’t know if that’s the Mitt they would get.

    At the end of the day, the Republicans lost the election because of an inability to understand where this country is headed demographically, and if your answer is “get more conservative,” they’ll lose even worse next time. I’m a youngish voter who believes in personal freedom and fiscal responsibility – but if you believe in personal freedom, in the mind of the majority of young voters, you necessarily must support gay rights, marijuana legalization, and other similar socially liberal positions (as well as less chicken hawk foreign policy). In short, until the Republican Party realizes that there is a real cultural change happening here, instead of trying to restore 1950s social policy and 1890s wealth distribution, they will continue to lose elections.

    So, it’s either become more moderate, or make an honest decision about which of your principles are politically possible. If fiscal responsibility is the number one priority, you may have to ditch some of the lost causes to avoid throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The Reagan coalition is just falling apart because it’s becoming more and more difficult to find young voters who are willing to put up with the social conservative and neoconservative wings of the Republican base. The country becoming more and more Hispanic masks what’s really happening – a youth vote that overwhelmingly supports social liberalism. Gay marriage is the Jim Crow of the 21st century.

    1. Libertarians. That’s who you’re talking about. That is another political group. If you are suggesting the Republicans merge with the Libertarians that’s another issue.

  42. I am afraid your diagnosis is far too optimistic. You see that the country is seriously sick, but you believe that this is just a severe bout of flu. To me it looks more cancer, and stage IV at that.

    If this election points to anything, it is that the multitude of rent-seeking groups in the populace may have now, in aggregate, reached a critical electoral mass. And this electorate will keep in office those offering more handouts. Nothing, not even economic hardship, will be able to change this reality. Look at Nevada or even at Florida: they just voted the way they did despite horrific levels of unemployment! Dependency of the citizen on government will now pervade all spheres of life. We will follow the worst of European patterns. Do not expect us to evolve into a Germany or a Sweden. We are too diverse for that and do not have the same kind of cohesion. If we are lucky, we will develop into a has-been like the UK.

    In the short term a Republican House can perhaps slow these processes down domestically. But, realistically, it will have no influence on the foreign policy. Expect our retrenchment to accelerate. Expect further betrayals of our allies, including our abandonment of Israel to face a nuclear Iran alone. And, with our economy shackled, expect us to fall behind China by the end of this presidency or soon thereafter.

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