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Video || Obama Sheds a Tear During his Final Rally

At what he says will be his final campaign rally ever, President Obama got emotional Monday night, tearing up as he spoke in Iowa, where his march to he presidency began with a victory in the 2008 Democratic primary there.

Obama had just visited his first presidential campaign field office, which was located in a building behind the stage where he was delivering his remarks.

It’s possible, though, that his internal polling is showing him something that may have also prompted a few tears.

45 thoughts on “Video || Obama Sheds a Tear During his Final Rally”

  1. Rejection hurts; Obama knows his goose is cooked. He has no one to blame but himself, that hurts too, although he placed the blame everywhere except where it belonged, on himself.

    The tears of a clown.

    1. “The tears of a clown.” – Jeff1000

      GREAT, Jeff! and SO apt!

      “Now if there’s a smile on my face,
      it’s only there tryin’ to fool the public,
      but when it comes down to foolin’ you;
      Now honey, that’s quite a different subject.
      But don’t let my glad expression
      give you the wrong impression.
      Really I’m sad.
      I’m sadder than sad.
      You’re gone and I’m hurtin’ so bad.
      Like a clown I pretend to be glad.
      Now there’s some sad things known to man,
      but ain’t too much sadder than
      the tears of a clown” – Smokey Robinson

      There is ONE thing sadder than the tears of a clown, though. That’s the fact that we were EVER conned into electing this hollow man in the FIRST place! Remember, he’s a symptom, NOT the disease, and those who perpetrated him on us are VERY patient and VERY persistent. Obama is simply their best effort to date.

      Keep your blade sharp and your eyes peeled. Even if we win today, we will be assaulted again tomorrow.

      1. Thanks cincycinco, I’m just not sure how Smokey might feel about someone misappropriating his lyrics about a lost love; I doubt he’s a conservative :-).

        1. I never knew the man personally, but seeing as how he’s dead, of COURSE he’s a Democrat NOW, whatever his leanings in life!

          Let’s pray Obama loses HIS one TRUE love tonight, the only thing he TRULY cherishes, outside of his small and angry self of course. His JOB.

  2. Wait, how come the media and the Democrat blog trolls aren’t lancing into HIM for crying like they did John Boehner?

    Poor dear, let’s help him get it ALL out tonight! Since he is as hollow as the Tin Man in head and heart, though, maybe Axelrod needs to keep an oil can handy…

      1. Looks like they won and do not have to wait until Spring let you know that they are survivors. They were able to put a stop to the right’s madness November 6, 2012.


      Hey, Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos were exiled to Honolulu, of all places!

      Obviously, Hawaii is sympathetic to puffed-up, tin-plated dictators and their angry, uber-materialistic wives! How very appropriate that the Obamas pretend to be from there, and may be invited to return today! Let’s make that happen!

      Watch out, though. Michelle Antonette may use her husband’s political corpse as a springboard for her own ambitions, just like Imelda!

      She and Imelda both have very expensive taste in shoes, but at least Imelda got ATTRACTIVE shoes with the people’s money. Michele Antonette can spend $500 US on a pair of sneaks and STILL look like a hobo!

      Maybe Imelda can help MA’s style in exile? Who cares, as long as they GO to exile!

  3. Good! Let him shed tears and feel the pain that the families of our 4 dead in Benghazii have suffered.
    But since he abandoned them, I seriously doubt that any tears from him are genuine.

  4. This is what just naturally happens when you “speak from your loins.”

    (At least it’s what happens every time I speak from MY loins, I’m just assuming it’s a universal reaction….)

  5. He is so pathetic. He is crying because he will miss his adoring (but smaller) crowds. I hope after today (please God help us) we won’t have to hear his voice or see his face for a VERY long time.

  6. Final campaign rally? We thought that about Clinton back in ’96, and still can’t get rid of him. Just think, if Obama loses, he will still be able to run again in 2016, or will have been “rehabilitated” by the press to the point where he and Bubba are the faces and voices of the Democrat party.

    This ain’t over yet folks. Win or lose the man will haunt us for a LONG time.

    1. I could not believe, could not BELIEVE, Clinton saying Romney was such a liar–Clinton lied the lie of all time about what he did not have with that woman! His temporary ally Obama would not know the truth if it walked up and shook hands with him. This is all so stupid and cynical, I wonder how we even kept the country going this long!

    2. Totally agree–I fear that we will never be rid of him. The worshipping media will consult with him about everything and I’m betting he will be more than happy to talk to all who seek him out. He will still think he’s entitled to be relevant! He will be worse than Jimmy Carter about weighing in on things–and he’s still young so it WILL go on forever!

      1. How many fools will pay thousands of $$$ to listen to him read his teleprompter? His ‘base’ couldn’t afford it, and I doubt the stars will come out after he loses.

  7. He cries only for himself. He is the most malicious, vindictive, divisive, totalitarian, megalomaniacal Marxist agitator to ever be elected to the highest office in the land. He is a clear and present danger to America.

  8. Michelle Obama: ” After the election there are going to be years and years of payback”

    If he wins today, that payback will probably begin tomorrow! And guess who will be paying for it! What an ungrateful, wretched witch. How about paying the taxpayers back for the hundreds of $$$Millions you stole from us to live a lifestyle you never deserved!

    1. Isn’t she gross? What a marriage they have — competition, payback, jostling by Meesh to be first (remember her ramming her name into the gutter of the book that they signed on one of his muslim apology tours. She couldn’t stand to put her name second or below his.).

  9. Shedding tears worked for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primaries so Obama thinks they will work for him. I imagine the MSM is playing them up big.

  10. Barry’s all choked up because his favorite toy, Air Force One, is soon to be yanked from him.

    My, how he’ll miss that plane! It’s a real tearjerker of a tale.

  11. Watch the video again closely.

    Notice he will pull his hand from his pocket and wipe a finger under his outer lower eye 3 times. Each of those times it appears to become uh, shiney.

    There are no tears in the corners of his eyes. How many of you can shed a tear out of the outter corners of your eyes? Tears come from the tear ducts of your eyes which are located in the corners next to your nose.

    It’s Vaseline.

    Watch it again.

    1. Well I’ll be! Watched it, and noticed also the ” tears ” are only from his right eye, looking at him face on. And don’t tears run down the cheek and just not hang there?

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